Homemade Indian Mango and Coconut Milk Icecream Recipe without Ice cream Maker
Sometimes I think I never learn. Experience does teach you stuff but well - I just don't seem to learn from mistakes. Like, take this instance. How many times should I have to experience that taking photos while kids are around is not a task to be taken for granted. How many times has it taught me that, the more appealing the food, the less time I have for taking a picture? And if its going to be something like Ice cream, do I have even one small chance? And even if, these kids were patience personified, would the ice cream b e patient enough to pose for me on a hot day without melting? Nope! Well this is exactly what happened. I should have taken a picture before the kids arrived but the lazy me was busy doing other work (lazing of course!). Remembered that there is something called taking final picture of a dish for a blog which she runs called Chef In you.....and rushed to take a picture. With the kids surrounding me and the heat getting to the icecream,  it was sure  getting next to impossible, this is the best I could do! Phew! Thanks for listening to my excuse for the lousy picture :)
Homemade Indian Mango and Coconut Milk Icecream Recipe without Ice cream Maker
We all have our "first dish" memory right? I have mine when it comes to every aspect of cooking - like my first cake, my first bread, my first flatbread etc. And this was my first Ice cream. Making this was a thriller since I had assumed that one needed an ice cream maker to make yummy ice creams. Well - not really!  Agreed it has advantages but its not the end of the homemade ice cream world if don't own one. To test the theory out, my first ever try was this Mango and Coconut Ice cream from the Indian Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Every summer, when the markets are bursting with the sight and smell of mangoes, I make this! This is your solution to buying the store bought ice cream containers. Nothing beats the feeling when you know exactly what ingredients have gone into a dish and how fresh the fruits were. Somehow I always get the feeling that people enjoy it even more when they know its home made. Homemade Indian Mango and Coconut Milk Icecream Recipe without Ice cream Maker The richness of coconut mingled with fresh and sweet tasting mangoes goes so very well with this. Its creamy, slightly sweet (the sweetness diminishes when in frozen state) and the coconut -mango flavors come together in your mouth. Its a must try! It sure makes a generous portion although I found out soon that it really did not look like one once 3 kids and 2 adults have eaten their fair share cos I had none leftover ( hence the lousy photos! Nothing was left to take better photos :)) But better lousy photos than lousy ice cream - what say? ;)
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 4 people
  • 2 medium ripe mangoes
  • 2 tsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 cup coconut milk (I made fresh, but store bought will work perfectly)
  • 1 cup milk
  • 3 tbsp cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp fresh coconut (grated) (I have used frozen with good results too)
  • 2 egg whites ( use Pasteurized eggs - see this article)
  • 1/2 cup cream (I used heavy cream)
Note: This recipe uses Raw eggs (although pasteurized ) for making this ice cream preparation.   See this article for more info .If you are still not comfortable, you can instead make Mango Kulfi Icecream recipe instead.
1. While you can use Store bought Mango pulp for this recipe (decrease sugar accordingly since I personally find them too sweet), I like the puree made from fresh mangoes. Peel the mangoes and make a puree of the pulp with lemon juice. Keep aside.
2. Mix together coconut milk and half the milk in a saucepan. I used a wide/deep nonstick skillet.
3. In the remaining milk, dissolve the cornstarch. Add sugar and salt.
4. Add this to the coconut milk mixture and cook over low heat,
5. stirring constantly, until a thick custard is formed.
6. Add the scraped/grated coconut. Mix and set aside to cool.
7. Add the mango puree
8. and mix well.
9. Pour into a lidded bowl and place in the freezer until half frozen.
10. Beat the egg whites
11. until soft peaks are formed.
12. Beat the cream
13. Transfer the mango mixture to another bowl. It will be half frozen.
14. Add the beaten egg whites and mix until smooth.
15. You just want to slowly fold it gently until well mixed.
16. Fold in the beaten cream
17. and mix well.
18. Transfer it back to your freezing container or bowl and freeze this mixture for three hours. Remove and beat it again until smooth. Return to the freezer until well frozen
19. Before serving, run your icecream scoop under hot water. Scoop the icecream  - I find warming the scoop makes it easier to scoop the ice cream out.
Place it in a bowl or on a cone - whatever you prefer. I used a multi colored cone and topped the ice cream with a small mango piece. Unlike me, you really don't want to be persistent about trying to take a decent picture cos if the day was as hot as I had, you will find the icecreams melting in matter of minutes!!!! Wasting this absolutely creamy mango coconut icecream is a sin! Homemade Indian Mango and Coconut Milk Icecream Recipe without Ice cream Maker

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recipe courtesy sanjeev kapoor

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By Kirtida on May 5, 2014

do not wanna use eggs. how to make it softer without eggs

By Vicki on Mar 15, 2014

Hi folks!!! I know that it is 4 yrs later (2014), but listen carefully... you do not need eggs to make your custard. In the Caribbean we use custard powder which is really vanilla flavored cornstarch. You can use plain cornstarch... wet with a little COLD water, add boiling water, stirring constantly to avoid lumps, if lumpy... blend or simply strain out lumps... add to recipe while stirring. We (in the Caribbean)never use regular milk nor sugar. We use only evaporated and sweetened condensed milk.

By Rima Maity on Jun 28, 2013

can any one tell me the recipe for making whipped cream. i want to use it for decorating cake ( icing the cake). last time i tried with "AMUL fresh cream (it is of liquid consistancy) ". I used the hand mixer to whip it , then added powdered sugar and conti. whipping. However i could not reach the desired consistancy. it was still .... liquid! Please help me out fast . I want to make the cake tomorrow afternoon itself. In case of any other alternative , plz feel free to suggest 6 years ago

By preeti soni on Mar 28, 2013

:oops: i more question sir as u r using churner is using a blender makes a differnce ?though i love yr recipe and i m very much interested in cooking so pls help me out thks regards preeti

By preeti soni on Mar 28, 2013

:-P hello sir with warm regards and a big thks for yr recipes only probleem with my ice creams is that they are not soft in texture as yours is looking, taste is good but a little hard so pls help me out

By preeti soni on Mar 28, 2013

:-P hello sir with warm regards and a big thks for yr recipes only probleem with my ice creams is that they are not soft in texture as yours is looking, taste is good but a little hard so pls help me out

By Sal on Jul 2, 2012

To prevent salmonella use the egg whites sold in the little milk cartons as they are pasturized and safe to use. Other wise use more whipped cream.

By karishma on Jun 28, 2012

Can i do this without eggs,if so how...looking forward to ur relpy..thanks..:)

By It’s In Season: Mangos | Pepper Scraps on Jun 21, 2012

[...] Homemade Mango Coconut Ice Cream Recipe without Ice cream Maker [...]

By preeti on May 14, 2012

hi...what id the cook the egg white in the double boiler...would it spoil the taste in anyway???????????

By Seba on Nov 16, 2011

Can we replace the mangoes with any other pureed fruit?and the coconut milk with normal milk if we don't want the coconut taste for other ice cream flavours? or this only works if it has coconut and mangoes?

By Rachel on Oct 1, 2011

love how detailed your pictures are, they really help in the process of making something!

By angel on Jul 20, 2011

i just want to ask, what kind of milk i'm going to use so i can make mango coconut ice cream :lol: thank you

Coconut milk and regular milk. I mention it separately. Is this your question?

By Rupal on Aug 23, 2010

Lovely and helpful vegetarian and eggless recipes!!!!!!!!!!Keep it up :wink:

By Ann on Aug 6, 2010

:) Awesome post - thanks for all the detailed pics. I got myself a box of mangoes, and they are all superripe, I have to do something with all of them before they go bad, and I chanced upon this post. I am so trying this!!! I've never made ice cream at home before - this will be a first!

By fingera on Jul 17, 2010

wow i love the pic

By RV on Jul 9, 2010

So does this ice cream contain raw egg whites? I don't get it.

I think its pretty clear - yes it indeed does. Please do skip it if it makes you uncomfortable :)

By Shoba Shrinivasan on Jul 8, 2010

Lovely recpe as usual...I am a coconut freak so I end up mixing coconut in everything I make... Shobha

By Ankit on Jul 8, 2010

Does using applesauce instead of eggwhites work in this case? What's a good egg-replacement for this recipe? Thanks!

By CurryLeaf on Jul 7, 2010

WOW Love icecream I love the pics Divz.Too Perfect. :-P

By sheba on Jul 7, 2010

Now, This Im making....REGARDLESS of the fact that its pretty cold here...

By PJ on Jul 7, 2010

Delightful combination Divi..Looks very tempting :)

By Soma on Jul 7, 2010

coconut & mango sounds awesome. this weekend i did one with coconut pineapple and strawberries. Imagine me having kids always around me while taking pics:-)

Yeah that sure astounds me! Guess you have the practice...I am not used to that - will sure for in future ;)

By Dolly on Jul 7, 2010

Can we substitute egg in this Icecream :( I like icecream a lot... Last week bought coconut + Pineapple icecream an it was delicious. Wanted to make this, please help me :)

Well the real ice cream (the soft and creamy ones) include eggs unfortunately. I havent tried making this one without it. But you can use my other ice cream post - Mango Kulfi ( http://chefinyou.com/2010/05/mango-kulfi-recipe/) as a guideline and try this one too....I dont see why it will not work! Wonderful ingredients always yields delicious eats :)

By Prerna on Jul 7, 2010

Wow! what a great recipe.. I'm definitely going to try this probably soon 'cos I have some mangoes & coconut milk sittig i my pantry.

By Priya on Jul 7, 2010

Feel like having some, truly tempting icecream..

By Tweets that mention Homemade Mango Coconut Icecream Recipe without Ice cream Maker | Chef In You -- Topsy.com on Jul 7, 2010

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