Before you start OPOS method of cooking, make sure your pressure cooker is standardized. This is done so that it works the way it is supposed to, in order for the timings in the recipes to work. OPOS follows precise instructions and it becomes necessary to understand your cooker as the first step. Heat 1/4C (60ml) water in your 2L cooker on high so that you get the first whistle between 1 and 2 minutes. Please refer to the video on how to do it.
Important Points:
  1. If your timing is less than 1 minute, decrease heat.
  2. If it is over 2 minutes, increase heat.
  3. Electric/ ceramic/ glass top stoves are sluggish. They need to be preheated for 5 to 20 minutes before you place the cooker.
  4. Handles heating up? Getting a burning smell? Are the flames are coming up the sides of the cooker? Use a different burner/buy an induction.
  5. At times, if the timings don't match irrespective of doing main steps correctly, check to see if there is steam leaking on the sides. It means a faulty gasket. Gasket should fit correctly and should not let the PC leak steam. Either wash, stretch and refit the gasket or time to change the gasket.

Standardizing Cookers other than 2L ( ex. 3L, 4L, 4.5L etc)

I own different sized cookers and I am sure you do too. So, how do we go about using them for OPOS?

1. 3 Liter: You will mostly find OPOSers using 2L and 3L interchangeably for recipes developed for 2L cookers. The capacity of a 3L is approx 1.5 times of 2L pressure cooker and while recipes can be scaled up by a small margin, there is no standardization unfortunately in place for 3L cookers. Depending on the recipes, I tend to err on the side of caution and add minimum of 3-4 tbsp of water along with 1-2tbsp of fat/oil in the base and use the recipe accordingly. Try a simple recipe for the first time around with the scaled up recipe adding a little more water in the bottom (for flash cooking or any recipe that doesnt use much water) and based on the result, scale back on the water next time around.

2. 4 Liter and 4.5 litre: For using 4L and 4.5L, repeat the standardization technique for 2L cooker but with 1/2C (120ml) water with long whistles between 3-4 min mark.

Disclaimer: OPOS has not yet developed recipes exclusively for 3L or 4L cookers and keep in mind that they need NOT work the same way as a 2L cooker. Also, 4.5L cookers are predominantly used in OPOS for starches, dals, any legume, thokku (pickles) and jam type of recipes that rely naturally on the inclusion of some form of liquid.

What type of gas burner works best?

[Image source] There are wok style burners where the flame rises only on the sides. Then there are those where the flame comes from the center as well as the sides. This later burner works BEST for OPOS cooking. I have only a wok style burner, but after completing my OPOS lessons and understanding not only the technique but also my pressure cooker, I have managed to adapt my burner to OPOS cooking. So, I would highly recommend starting out with an Induction stove if you have only wok style burner.

Standardizing for different heat sources?


Understanding and taking care of your pressure cooker

The OPOS® methodology has been created and copyrighted by Mr. Ramakrishnan of One Page Cookbooks fame. The above content and video belongs to him and has been reproduced with permission

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By Durga on Jan 21, 2021

Hi, I have a 4litre cooker which I tried to standardize using the method u mentioned above. For making OPOS sugar syrup, should I change the quantities or can I use the standard 2litre recipes? Please let me know. It will be very helpful. Thank you

By Aditya Pai on Aug 11, 2020

Hey, any article on how to convert a 6L pressure cooker recipe to a 2L one?

By Disha Shengale on Oct 4, 2019

Nice tips on standardizing pressure cookers.

By B.SRIRAM on Jul 25, 2019

Ramki sir, we met two months or so back at Mitr-SCAN,Kalashektra road which body is of parents of spl children.Your demo helpoed us switch to OPOS from earlier micro wave cooking.My daughter Aishwarya aged 38 is autistic.She is trained and does work on OPOS for daily needs of her (and her parents) Poriyal,Sambar,Kootu,Gongura chutney,Tomato 'sauce' (as she calls the side dish for Chapathi).she has written the recipe in Tamil in her diary.We read your recipes carefully on flashcards which came with pressure baker 2 lts magic pot. Working on expanding the scope everyday.

By Swathi C.H on Jun 25, 2019

Hi How did you adapt your burner to opos cooking? I have the same kind of stove and I’ve tried to standardise for atleast 8 times but I’m not able to. Would love to know how you did it. Thank you Regards Swathi

By Baggiya on Mar 11, 2019

Hi, it's so nice to see standardization technique for 4 lr cooker. I wanted to try OPOS recipe ofor long time. But I couldn't try as I have only 4 lr cooker with me. Finally I found your post to standardise 4lr cooker. So happy. Thanks for that. I need a clarification. I see that u doubled the water level and time of 2 lr cooker. Is this only for standardising? After that, can I follow same quantity mentioned for 2lr recipe or do I need to increase the quantity? Pls let me know.

Nope - the timing and qty will be too little for 4L if you use the 2L. Also the water is too much for the 2L qty. The 4L is still relatively not vastly explored and is now only used for starches, dals, any legume, thokku (pickles) and jam type of recipes that rely naturally on the inclusion of some form of liquid like I already mention in the post--DK

By jimvj on Jan 28, 2019

How would this change if I have a 4 liter pressure cooker? Thanks