I don't have a 2 liter stainless steel cooker/ induction stove! What Should I do?

Buy them - else you need to figure out the right timings.

My cooker does not whistle!

Get it checked. Most Indian cookers whistle.

How can I scale up the recipes?

Most recipes serve 2 (otherwise mentioned in the recipe). When you scale up, cooking time varies, but whistles remain the same.

How to check my cooker?

Add 1/4C water to your 2L cooker. On high heat, first whistle comes in around 1 minute. On medium heat, it takes around 3 minutes. On details on how to do this (namely Standardising your cooker), please check out this link - What is OPOS? for a video.

Food is overcooked/ undercooked? What happened?

Reduce/ increase cooking time.

Food is burnt!?

Reduce cooking time/ add more water. Use standard equipment. Do not cook beyond 5 minutes for no water recipes.

Food has a raw smell!

Use roasted spices/ OPOS ginger garlic/ onion pastes.

Recipes do not work for me !

Check your cooker. Cook at 600W/ 1200W settings as per the recipe. If using gas/ electric stoves, check timings by heating 1/4C of water in your 2l cooker.


  • Pressure cooking is always with whistle on, right from the beginning.
  • Do not use an inner vessel/ add water, unless the recipe calls for it.
  • Preheat electric stove tops before cooking and remove cooker after cooking.
  • Safety first! Understand a recipe before attempting it !
The OPOS® methodology has been created and copyrighted by Mr. Ramakrishnan of One Page Cookbooks fame. The above content and video belongs to him and has been reproduced with permission

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