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Krishna Jayanthi is round the corner - August 11 (2020) to be precise. This Indian (Hindu) festival is celebrated with lots of pomp and grandeur every year in our household. Its the celebration of birth of God Krishna who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. To know more about the festival see here.

This day at our house

The birth of Lord Krishna is especially very endearing to me since I so love to draw those little feet with rice flour on the floor - which was a task that I was bestowed with in my house and now after marriage I continue the trend. I dunno why, but there is something so satisfying drawing those little feet with your hands drawn into a fist and dipped in the flour-water mixture. See those little feet in the pic below near the rangoli? It signifies that the little Krishna comes to your house on this day to eat all those yummy food you make for him. Its drawn from outside of the house into your prayer room.
I remember how our American neighbors here were intrigued with the rangoli I had drawn and also the feet. They came to look into our house and at the little feet going all the way from our door to the Pooja room. There was some pride when I did all that explaining about the festival and my childhood memories with the festival. Anyways - lets move to another important facet of the festival and that which is more pertinent to this blog - yes! Guessed right - Food! Though there are 'must have' foods which form integral part of the festival, many household do make many many more. There is no rule that only this and that should be made. More the time you have, more the prasadams. Here are few recipes we make for this festival.

Uppu Seedai recipe | krishna Jayanthi recipes

Vella Seedai recipe | krishna Jayanthi recipes

Mullu Murukku (Chakli) Recipe | krishna Jayanthi recipes

Krishna Sweets Styled Ghee Mysore Pak (Soft) Recipe | krishna Jayanthi recipes

Maida Burfi Recipe | krishna Jayanthi recipes

Poha Sheera Recipe | krishna Jayanthi recipes

Rice Flour Chakli Recipe | krishna Jayanthi recipes

Akkaravadisal (Rice Pudding with Jaggery | krishna Jayanthi recipes

Low Calorie Appam| krishna Jayanthi recipes

Rava Ladoo | krishna Jayanthi recipes

Pal Payasam (Rice Kheer) Recipe  | krishna Jayanthi recipes

There are few others that we also make during this day. SEE ALL KRISHNA JAYANTHI RECIPES. Each region making another addition to the mix :). While some make it as a part of the customary tradition, I know of a special someone who loves to make as many sweets as possible just to be able to give to her loving grandchildren. The fact that she "must" test them out by taste testing before giving to others, has got to be mentioned ;). Love you grandma - Miss you on this day. Miss your Badam Halwa and Pal Kova which you would lovingly bring to all of us when you came to visit us :) With fond memories and exciting upbeat celebration mood in the air, here's wishing all my fellow Indians Happy Krishna Jayanthi (Gokulashtami).

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