Brown rice is the rice that's obtained when the husk is removed. It's the most intact grain with just the indigestible husk discarded. The picture above (image courtesy) shows Rice husks, the outer covering of rice that's removed using a process called Winnowing where wind is used to blow away the husks from the rice. No other processing is done to the rice thereby keeping both the bran and germ intact hence most nutritious.
Hand pound Rice (kai kuthal arisi in Tamil), on the other hand is a rice whose husk has been removed by using a stone grinder or a stone apparatus similar to a mortar and pestle. The picture below (image courtesy) shows women pounding the rice using hands (hence the name) that helps to seperate the rice from the husk. In this process there is some breakage due to manual pounding and some bran gets removed as well. It is minimally polished (low glycemic index, similar to brown rice) but still retains most of its nutrients. In short, Hand Pound rice is right in the middle of White rice (fully polished) and Brown rice with white rice (high glycemic index) being the least in the nutritional profile.
In short, if eating Brown rice does not appeal to your senses, or if you are just starting the elimination of white rice from your diet, you can start with Hand pound rice. In the US, I find hand pound rice readily available at my local Indian grocery stores by the same name. In your location, you might find a different brand. If unsure, ask the store person for hand pound rice.

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By Gayatri on Oct 17, 2020

Hey DK, Is there a post on your blog on how to cook Handpounded brown rice?

I don't have a separate post as such to cook this rice, but I have a recipe post that uses this rice. Pls see if this helps: Karuppu Ulundhu Sadham

By INDANI venkata lakshmi on Jul 6, 2018

May I use this rice for diabetic diet? And I want to know the nutrional value for 100 gms uncooked rice. It would be of great help to know how much we are eating as a part of diet.

I am no doctor, so cannot vouch for it. But logically speaking, diabetic diet insists on going refined free. This is almost wholegrain next to brown rice, so it should be OK. Please do reconfirm with your doctor. --DK

By Vikas Kumar Gupta on Dec 20, 2017

this s how we are making real hand pounded rice 3 woman work 1hr to get 1 kg rice see our video

By Vikas Kumar Gupta on Dec 5, 2017

24mantra is not hand pouunded its machine processed ...One can not produce in very large quantity of Hand Pounded Rice. Few groups of woman in Village- Hansuli, State- Chhattisgarh are making Real Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice. Visit this website to know more 9755662720

Do you have proof for your claim? Can you show any justifications for it. Please do share it --DK/p>

By Dr.R.Soundravally on Jul 30, 2017

may i please know the nutritional content in hand pound rice per 100g?

You will have to check the bag it comes in Soundravally --DK

By Ritika Gupta on May 17, 2017

I Ritika gupta start dealing with hand pounded rice. we are producing hand poumded rice by humans only and not by any machines.. so that all the rice nutrients will not get lost. secondly this rice is beneficial for high Cholesterol, high sugar patients and also helpful in weight loosing..We are trying to bring back our ancient india. if any one want to try this ancient hand pounde rice contact me on- +918938900240