The classic Parmesan is NOT Vegetarian. But Vegetarian Parmesan is available in few select stores. Vegetarian Parmesan Cheese
I get mine from Whole Foods where it is made from Vegetable Rennet. Also look for words like Microbial Enzymes or Non Animal Rennet in the ingredients. Vegetarian Parmesan Cheese
It can come both in Grated as well in wedge form. I am currently using BelGioioso Vegetarian Parmesan for my needs. Vegetarian Parmesan Cheese

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By vinny on Sep 20, 2014

the name parmesan is a protected name so I dont understand how they can call vegetarian cheese parmesan?its made with calfs rennet?

I have no idea about the name being protected, but this one is made using non-animal rennet --DK