Uses of Cultured Butter | Benefits of Cultured Butter?
Cultured butter is made using the process of fermentation where live cultures are added to cream. Once fermented it is then churned to make butter. In regular butter, the cream is directly churned to make butter. Growing up, cultured butter was made is most households. Making yogurt is a daily process and every morning, the topmost cream of this yogurt was collected in a separate container. Once it reached a sizable quantity, this cream was churned to make butter.

Benefits of Cultured Butter

If you have researched on foods for our health, one of the top most things that you would read about is consuming fermented foods to increase our (good) gut bacteria. When the cream is cultured/fermented, the live bacteria helps our body in aiding digestion. They help improve our immune system. Provides more nutrition than regular sweet cream butter. Ayurveda considers Ghee to be a healing food - but only when it is made using cultured butter. I find ghee stocked in stores mostly made using cream.
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How to Use Cultured Butter

You can easily use cultured butter wherever you normally would use regular butter.

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