Easy Courgette Soup Recipe | Courgette Recipes
I know soups are probably not on your mind during summer but well, in my kitchen (and our dining table), its a whole different story altogether. The need to eat a more liquid based food becomes a necessity. Seasonal produce become the highlight for such soups. Enjoy it cold or hot, as per your preferences. Zucchini is in season and I found the Farmer's market showing off both Green and white Zucchini. White zucchini are in fact pale green and not really white. I don't find a big difference in the flavors between the green and white zucchini, although the white zucchini's skin tends to be thinner than green.
Easy Courgette Soup Recipe | Courgette Recipes
I used both the varieties for this creamy Zucchini soup which is not really brimming with cream as the ones you would normally get in the restaurants. Just 1/2 cup cream was more than enough for us. We enjoyed it for dinner and I got to enjoy the leftovers the next day during lunch where I paired it with a slice of bread to make a light lunch for myself.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 4 people
  • Yields: Makes a light lunch when paired with loaf of bread
  • 2 lbs ( abt 900 grams) Zucchini/ Courgette, see Tips
  • 1 Onion, chopped
  • 1 tsp dried Oregano
  • 3 cups Vegetable Stock/Water
  • 1/2 cup Cream, see Tips
  • Fresh Oregano to garnish
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
1. Zucchini: I used 1 lb White Zucchini and 1 lb regular Green Zucchini

2. Cream: The original recipe suggest using 1-1/4 cups light cream. But I used 1/2 cup heavy cream and it was creamy enough for us.

3. Optional Cheese : If you are not a strict vegetarian than you can use Dolcelatte ( rind removed and diced) or Gorgonzola Cheese in the soup and as well as garnish. But since these use animal rennet, I have skipped using them in this recipe and we loved it without the addition of cheeses.
1. Trim the ends of Zucchini and then slice it uniformly.
2. Heat 2 tbsp of butter (or use part oil-part butter or as per your preference) in a large saucepan. Add the onion to it. Saute for few minutes and then add the dried Oregano.
3. Add in the sliced Zucchini and salt.
4. Let it cook for about 10 minutes or until it is slightly soft.
5. Add 3 cups water (or vegetable stock if using)
6. Close the lid (half cover - not completely) and cook for another 15 in gentle simmer.
7. Process the soup with a hand blender or if you are patient enough, transfer it a little by little into a food processor and blend into a puree.
8. For a gourmet touch, you would probably want to process it into a smooth puree and pass through a sieve into another clean pan. But I like to keep the skin of the zucchini for its nutrition. Hence skip the process and just do it with my hand blender.
9. Add the cream and stir over low heat until hot but not boiling.
10. Season to taste with salt and pepper. At this point you can add more stock/water if you think the soup is very thick.
Ladle into heated bowls - season with more pepper and cream if you like and garnish with some fresh oregano. Combined with a load of bread, this would make a hearty but light lunch. Easy Courgette Soup Recipe | Courgette Recipes

Recipe Reference

adapted from vegetarian cookbook

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3 Member Reviews

By Shehrebanoo on Sep 25, 2012

only one word for this soup....DELICIOUS. since I am a non veg I used chicken stock.

By Sarika on Jul 16, 2012

Wonderful,filling Soup.......Thank you for such an easy recipe! It turned out pretty good sans fat as I used 1/2 cup of  2% milk instead of Cream.I am going to try to make soups with different vegetables the same way.

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By Nat on Sep 24, 2015

I was in Milan a few weeks ago and had a very similar soup with the addition of a scoop of buttery, garlicky bulgar Wheaton the middle. It was heavenly!

By selena on Jul 11, 2014

Yum. I added a bit of curry powder, garlic powder and Tony Chachere's to kick it up a notch... turned out really nice! :wink:

By Jean on Jan 19, 2014

I'm not used to cooking by weight. How many cups of chopped zucchini should I use? I'd really like to try this. Thanks.

Its a tough question to answer. Zucchini vary in sizes and depending on how thick or thin you chop the number would vary drastically! I checked online and one site mentions "One pound of zucchini (three medium about 7 inches long) equals 3 cups sliced or 2 ½ cups chopped.". So do use this as base to tweak this recipe to your taste. Hope this helps --DK

By Hannah on Jan 19, 2014

I just made this recipe after looking for what looked like the soup at a restaurant I like. The photo on this blog was the closest I had found to what they serve. What it made tasted nice, though not the same but I was unable to follow this recipe to its directions. I wasn't able to weigh how much zucchini I used which I think was mainly where I went wrong. I think I needed more zucchini to liquid ratio to get the texture I was after and less cream (used more than recipe called for asy soup was too thin. Lesson learned. Next time I will buy a scale and weigh the zucchini. Over all though this recipe is nice even when you deviate from It. I would make it again but would try to follow it exactly as directed.

By Raymonde on Nov 8, 2013

recently, i made several cream soups and instead of saute the vegetbles,etc., I just throw everything in the roaster and cook it until veggies are tendered. I find it works reallly well. Tomorrow, I will try your zuchin i ceam soup.

By Dana on Sep 28, 2013

Hi, this looks delicious but how many cups is 2 lbs zuccini

By Soren on Jun 5, 2013

Ah my favorite "cream" soup! Thanks for the recipe! Just for saying, even the fancy "gourmet" places in NYC tend to keep the skin in the soup. Apparently, if you strain it, the texture is too "blah" (to put it in our server's terms).

By Tracy on Sep 9, 2012

I did not have any cream on hand but used Greek yogurt instead and it came out beautifully. A lovely recipe.

By Valerie on Jul 27, 2012

Thank you for this recipe. I've just discovered your site and you have a lot of great recipes on it. I can't wait to try the "drumsticks". In the meantime, now I know what I will be doing with my garden zucchini tomorrow. Thanks again.

By RonB on Jul 7, 2012

"What should I use instead of cream" Try coconut or coconut cream..get it in Asian markets. Coconut cream is much thicker and richer than the milk. Give this a very Thai kick. If you want to get really exotic toss in a few Kaffir lime leaves and sub the orageno with Thai basil...YUM!

By Alka on Jul 7, 2012

:roll: What should I use instead of cream

By suku on Jul 3, 2012

zucchini soup is big a hit. came out so well,Just loved Thanks for the recipe

Thank you so much for the feedback :) --DK

By RonB on Jul 3, 2012

Just made this with wonderful round Italian zucks from the local Farmer's Market...WONDERFUL!! A great recipe...Thanks much!

Thanks for the feedback :) --DK

By Anj on Jun 22, 2012

I make Broccoli Soup, Tomato Soup and Peas Soup the same way and it is a sure shot winner, the only difference is, I put some white sauce to give it the market creamy & thick touch instead of adding heaps of cream. Will try it tomorrow perhaps, gotta get Zucchini.

By vandana on Jun 21, 2012

Lovely Recipe. How do I pin this?

By Priya on Jun 21, 2012

Wat a comforting bowl of yummy soup.