Paneer Egg Bhurji (Scrambled Eggs with Panir) By DK on Jul 5, 2016

Very simple and a quick side dish made using Paneer and Eggs.

Watermelon Rind Kootu (Dal) By DK on Oct 5, 2015

A simple Dal recipe made using the nutritious Watermelon Rind. Next time instead of throwing them away, try using them in this recipe. Healthy and Nutritious.

Egg Bhurji Pav By DK on Feb 23, 2015

Indian styled scrambled eggs lightly seasoned with spices and served on top of dinner rolls. Simple to make and quick to put together. Hearty and nutritious.

Cauliflower Fried "Rice" By DK on Nov 15, 2014

This simple grain free fried rice recipe is extremely simple and quick to make, perfect for your weekdays and lunchbox. Low calorie and protein rice.

Mexican Fajitas w/ Seitan By DK on May 22, 2014

This Vegan Fajitas is extremely protein rich and satisfying thanks to the addition of Seitan. Colorful and nourishing meal that's simple and quick to make.

Panchratna Dal with Radish Greens By DK on Jan 31, 2014

Also known as Mixed Dal, Panchkuti and Panchmel dal, this 5 dal recipes is nourishing and hearty. Addition of Radish greens makes it even better.

Carrot Beans Poriyal (stir fry) By DK on Oct 12, 2013

Simple South Indian side dish made using Carrots and Green Beans. Light tempering of spices along with coconut makes it a refreshing accompaniment to rice.

Methi Dal (Fenugreek Leaves Dal) By DK on Apr 1, 2013

This popular Indian lentil stew is made using Fenugreek leaves and Pigeon peas. Simple and extremely nutritious.

Chow Chow (Chayote Squash) Curry By DK on Mar 11, 2013

Chayote Squash is known as "Chow Chow" in Tamil. This recipe is a side dish cooked South Indian style with coconut and mild spices. Simple and quick to make.

Palak Paneer (Spinach with Cheese) By DK on Jan 7, 2013

Palak Paneer recipe, also known as Saag Paneer, at its beautiful and nutritious best. Simple ingredients without unnecessary fat, made under 15 minutes.

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