Fresh Mango Salsa Recipe (Mexican Recipes)
We belong to the think tank that does not believe in mixing anything sweet with savory. For example : I cannot come to understand Pineapple Rice, Kashmiri Pulao or Zafrani Pulao. With such a palate, I generally try to avoid adding sweet ingredients in my main dish. Having said that, Mango Salsa was quite intriguing to me. I could not for the life of me imagine how the sweet mangoes could co exist well with ingredients like bell peppers, onions and jalapeno(!!). Seemed v weird until I could take it no more and tried it myself. I was all prepared to make a horrible face and say "Blech!".  But oh boy! Was I glad??????? You bet I was. Mangoes sure can exist in harmony and yet be charming enough. We loved it so much that I made it 5-6 more times until I was left with no mangoes.
Fresh Mango Salsa Recipe (Mexican Recipes)
The crunch of the bell peppers, mild tasting onions, minimal heat from the jalapeno went hand in hand with the sweet mangoes so well. I salute the genius who even thought of putting these all together. I made a small batch of the salsa at first and having loved it so much, made a huge batch. I was curious to see my better half's reaction and well - he loved it too. It supposedly goes excellent with fish but being lacto Ovo vegetarians, I have tried them as a filling in my Taco Shells, Quesadillas, Burritos and even with Arroz Verde. It went well with all of them, in fact it was perfect accompaniment to Arroz Verde which was little hot for us and this salsa managed to counter balance its effects superbly.  Its ridiculously simple to put together and I just followed few recipes from the net and used them as a guideline to make mine.
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • Yields: Serves 2 as a side for main course or 4 as an appetizer
  • 1 large ripe yet firm mango
  • 1 medium red bell pepper, diced into small pieces
  • 1 medium Jalapeno, seeded and diced into small pieces (if you can take the heat, add the seeds to the salsa)
  • 1 small red onion, diced finely, about 1/4 cup - 1/2 cup depending on sharpness
  • 1 -2 tbsp lemon/lime juice ( +/- depending on your taste )
  • salt to taste
  • little sugar to sprinkle if your mangoes are not sweet enough
  • few sprigs of cilantro, chopped
  • few mint leaves (optional)
1. Dice the mango into small pieces. Add them to a bowl.
2. I seeded the jalapeno well before chopping into small pieces since we do not eat *hot* stuff. But you can leave in few seeds if you like the heat.
3. Now add rest of  the ingredients  to the bowl with the mangoes and jalapeno
4. Toss well and cover it with a plastic wrap. Set in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. This helps the flavor to mingle well. You can optionally add few mint leaves too.
Serve with any main course you desire. There, wasn't that simple enough? And it looks mighty appetizing too :) Fresh Mango Salsa Recipe (Mexican Recipes)

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4 Member Reviews

By Maureen on Aug 10, 2012

great mango salsa!! easy, quick and taste great. only wish there was a easy way to peel the mango.

By Robert on Apr 14, 2012

   I used this recipe for its simple basic ingredients,easy to prep and assemble. To mine I have added 2 tablespoons of the Mexican hot sauce "El Pato", which comes in a variety of heat levels. To add to the sweetness, include some diced pineapple and a few tablespoons of the juice. Roasted sweet red pepper is another optional item. Great recipe for a mix of heat and sweet.... very Asian!  Top pan broiled tilapia or enjoy with corn chips.

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By Joyce on Jun 27, 2015

Can I actually can this for the winter months? Love to have on the shelf for a quick open of a jar. Thanks

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By PePito on Aug 10, 2014

After viewing several mango salsa recipes, this one seems to be the best one! I will be making this tonight, and serving it alongside some Jamaican jerk seasoned fish. Thanks for the recipe, and inspiration!

By Pat on Jul 28, 2014

Thank you !! I also found out that it is not the seeds that give you the heat but the ribs in the jalapeños you know too.

By Tapashi Dey on Jun 14, 2014

Lovely recipe. Can I add curd or cream to it?

By H.Krishnan on Jun 13, 2014

:-P Just the onions did not go well.

By Gee on Jun 13, 2014

Going to try this one. Thanks for the recipe. : :)

By Rita on Jun 3, 2014

I live in Florida and I have ripe mangoes in the back yard!!! Who's better than me? Going to make this tomorrow. Thank you for the recipe.

By Mango Salsa - Framed Recipes on Jun 2, 2014

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By Kathleen bender on Apr 22, 2014

I added a few sweet peppers taste fantastic great salsa for any Mexican food much like Costa Rica style

By Mango Salsa | 6footfoodie on Apr 17, 2014

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By kim kelly on Mar 4, 2014

i have prepared this several times. it is delicious! thank you for posting the recipe.

By missy on Feb 11, 2014

Awesome! I needed to know how to make a mango salsa for work and im glad its almost like doing a chilli pineapple salsa which makes it much easier for me to prepare dinner Lol im getting really hungry now :) thanx for making my job alil easier tomorrow ;)

By Clarina on Jan 4, 2014

:lol: one of my resolutions this year is to try out different healthy recipes. Mango salsa sounds great and simple. Trying it for sunday lunch 2moro. Thanks for sharing.

By Jane Brooks on Sep 17, 2013

I made an almost identical recipe only I added some papaya. Served it with grilled halibut. I also used a small habenaro chile instead of the jalapeño . It was delicious .

By JoAnna on Sep 9, 2013

Flavors work very well together .. Tried it on top of a grilled Copper River Salmon filet, added a side of brown rice mixed with black beans. Delicious!!!

By Fish Tacos | What's 4 Dinner Solutions on Sep 2, 2013

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By linda gardner on Aug 8, 2013

:-o This sounds scrumptuous. I cant wait to try it. Yummy. I love salsas.

By Mango Salsa | bake me smile on Jul 30, 2013

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By DC on Jul 12, 2013

:-D Easy and Tasty! Thanks for a simple but yummy recipe!

By Hilda Moustakas on Jul 8, 2013

just wanted to let you know that I love your recipes... I am actually getting good reviews from my Daughter in law , who is from India regarding the vegetarian dishes I make it so so easy to make them...thank you, thank you thank you

Thank you so much for letting me know that. Made my day :) --DK

By Taru on Jul 8, 2013

This looks interesting! You know I mix sweet n savoury all the time! My palate cannot take much sweet at a time..i think i'll love the mango salsa.

By Karen Johnson on Jul 7, 2013

:wink: Great. I added a little cucumber to stretch it a bit and it was great. Thank you.

By Ali Shehroz on Jun 10, 2013

It was tasty but it would be more dilicious if we make it with raw mangoes1 :roll:

By Henry on May 7, 2013

Tired your mango salsa recipe this past weeked at our Backyard Luau party.... Lets just say I left our guest licking there fingers and asking for more it was an absolute hit..... Thank you ....thank you ....thank you or as we like to say back home in Hawaii.... Mahalo Nui :-D

awe, thank you so much for such a sweet feedback. :)--DK

By Roshni on May 5, 2013

Looks yummy. Mango being my fav fruit, this recipe is included in my todays lunch menu. You always inspire me. And yes pictures are always taken so beautifully.

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By Girl on Apr 8, 2013

This idea sounds awesome?! I better try it! :wink: :)

By Bonnie on Mar 11, 2013

On my to kitchen to mix up a bowl for dinner. Love mangoes and your recipe sounds and looks best of all I have researched.

By betsy on Sep 8, 2012

I am going to try this with some of my pineapple sage from the garden.

By Cilantro Lime Rice (chipotle style) « Capppo on Aug 20, 2012

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By D. Hallman on Jul 10, 2012

Not a fan of cilantro - so instead added just the faintest hint of fresh dill. Wonderful!

By John on Jul 2, 2012

Add diced up Jicama - same but adds a nice crunch/semi sweet component.

By Josephine on May 21, 2012

:-D This is such a simple recipe I had it over shrimp lightly grilled and rice. Omg so yummy. And I didn't have jalapeños but I added chili pepper flakes and it was still yummy.

By Cinnamon Chicken Tacos and Mango Salsa | Made From Scratch Recipes on May 8, 2012

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By Patty on Jan 22, 2012

:-P I made this for my boneless chicken breasts grilled on the grill. Had it with a salad and balsomic vinaigrette. with chicken flavored rice/w peas and carrots cubed in it. Green beans for the veggie. I loved the mango salsa on the chicken.

By Sakshi on Apr 18, 2011

I was so so lazy today to even get out of my couch. 8) But managed to make it as a dip for my evening snack of fire roasted potatoes. :) I must say your Salsa is to be blamed for me munching on to all those bags of potatoes for the past 1 hour :mrgreen: I can get adjusted to eating this diet for the rest of my life :lol:

By veda on Apr 18, 2011

looks very good!!!!I will try this sometime!

By Rani on Sep 8, 2010

Forgot to mention...have you tried substituting pineapple for the mango...groan!

By Rani on Sep 8, 2010

Hi there...I just wandered over here from either a comment made on Ree's site or Tasty Kitchen or somewhere of 3! I think your food pix are really great...not often do photos make one drool but you've succeeded! I started making mango salsa a few summers ago and sometimes chop the veggies into a super small dice, serve with crackers and call it an appetizer! And if there are any leftovers, I'll toss it on a bed or romaine and it's lunch! When I have a bit more time, I know I'm going to enjoy browsing your site for new ideas! Great job!!!!

By amira on Aug 24, 2010

i liked it :wink:

By vanamala on Aug 24, 2010

colorful salas..hmm yummy

By Cilantro on Aug 24, 2010

I belong to the same think tank and I am skeptical about combining them. I have never dared to try them at restuarants too. I have made pachadis with green mango and jaggery had the chutneys you get here which are sweet and spicy. Maybe they go well and with you assurance, I am going to try them.

By Priya on Aug 24, 2010

Wowww, am drooling here.

By CurryLeaf on Aug 23, 2010

I too have tried mango salsa but with chipotles in adobo.Yours also is refreshing and very appetizing.

By Saranya on Aug 23, 2010

Just made this:) it tastes awesome! thanks for sharing!

By Latha on Aug 23, 2010

Looks so vibrant and bursting with flavors.

By on Aug 23, 2010

This recipe is gorgeous - so simple and it's really lovely with seafood. Oh and lemony cous cous. Nom Nom :wink: