Plum Preserves with Raisins

By DK on Jul 22, 2009
Plum Preserves recipe with raisins
I had abundant Plums thanks to our landlord's hard work. I was of the opinion that I could be a gardener easily - I mean how hard can it be to grow couple of plants right! Guess I was wrong! The number of calculations, rotations, soil types, placement of plants etc that our landlord takes care of threw my dream haywire! I did learn a bunch of gardening skills from him though - and on top of it what more we get to reap his efforts!!!
Plum Preserves with Raisins recipe
I was quite busy trying out various recipes with plums and what better way to use a bunch of fruits than to make preserves. I already made Plum Jam the first thing when the season started, hence I thought I will try something else this time since my jam got over a long way back! I am not able to recall exactly from where I adapted the recipe from, but this one is good. I know I made a bunch of changes - the original one used LOTS of sugar which I cut by half. I used more citrusy flavors and this preserve uses raisins which was what caught my fancy - try it, you will like it too. Plum Preserves recipe with raisins
Basic Information
Prep Time: 30 min to 1 hour
Cook Time: 30 min to 1 hour
Yield: About 2 quarts worth of jam
  • about 4 pounds of plums
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 3/4 cup orange juice
  • 1/3 cup lemon juice
  • zest of one orange and lemon
  • handful of raisins
Discard the pits of the plums and chop them coarsely
Plum Preserves with Raisins recipe
Bring sugar, orange, lemon juice along with the zest to a boil
Plum Preserves with Raisins recipe
Reduce the heat and then add the raisins, honey and plums.
Plum Preserves with Raisins recipe
Keep simmering and stirring once in a while
Plum Preserves with Raisins recipe
until it starts thickening up
Plum Preserves with Raisins recipe
It takes approx 45min-1 hour. Follow the canning process as in this post and store the preserve.
Plum Preserves with Raisins recipe
I served it with some warm oatmeal scones. Plum Preserves recipe with raisins
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12 Responses to “Plum Preserves with Raisins”
  1. carol

    I have Governor’s plums near our new home and would love to try them in plum jam but I’m not sure how to do it. Should I just do a regular recipe and increase the sugar as the fruit is pretty tart? I cant find any recipe for these plums specifically.
    Thank you

    Hi Carol, I have never used Goverener Plums (never had it available anywhere). I have a regular Plum Jam recipe here which uses honey instead of sugar. Try that recipe – may be it might work. Your notes would be welcome since it might help others who are using these plum varieties. :) — DK

  2. Jennifer

    I waited a little while to hear back, but I went ahead and used 3/4 cup of honey and no sugar. I have been tasting it along the way (still cooking) and I think it is way too sweet. If I make another batch, I will use only a 1/2 cup, maybe even less. It smells delicious and tastes great! I like mine a little more tart though.
    Thanks again for the recipe!


  3. Jennifer

    One more question:

    I am still prepping for this recipe, so I haven’t made it yet; when do you add the honey?
    Also, it seems like it would be really sweet with that much honey AND a whole cup of sugar, so I wanted to ask how sweet it really is with both.
    Ok, that was two questions!


    The questions are always welcome jennifer :) Sorry for skipping out on the honey in the steps. Have updated the same – it needs to be added along with the plums and raisins. Actually the sweetness is dependent on the fruit itself. Mine were not exceptionally sweet and somehow the honey and sugar dint make it too sweet either. You can of course reduce the sugar to 1/2 cup in the recipe if your plums are v sweet. The jam does not get affected by it though. I have also tried it without using sugar and using only honey instead – it still comes out pretty well..

  4. Jennifer

    I am going to try this recipe tonight. I was wondering, do you have to refrigerate the preserves if you follow the proper canning process? I want to ship jars to some family in other states so I can’t refrigerate them. And if I don’t have to, do you know how long they will last?


    Refrigerating def. helps to prolong the life of the jam even for home made jams. Since I have always refrigerated, I dont have the exp. to tell you what would work here :( . I looked around the net for some info regarding this – see if this link helps to answer your query :

  5. Looks very nice..I have never made jam, preserve at home. Will try your recipe sometime..

  6. singh b

    I think that is a awesome recipe b’coz two nutritives we are getting in a dish or that is very good combination of raisins and plums ……….. thanks for a such type of preserves

  7. i always feel making preserves is too much work. u make it seem easy though.. but am still lazy :D

  8. Looks delicious. Adding raisins is a great idea. Love to try some.. now..

  9. Nice work, DK. I want a spoon of that delicious jam straight in my mouth :-)

  10. Wow plum and raisins is awesome combination, i had used the same in my plum baskets too!

  11. Yum,YUm,YUM.Too delicious and tempting.
    PS:I know what you are posting for AWED:Britain.I will be posting my scones probably today. Enjoy the combo

  12. Looks perfect with those scones.

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