Egg-in-the-hole goes by many names – “Egg in the basket”, “hen in a nest”, “one-eyed monster breakfast” ,”toad in the hole” etc.etc. Call it by any name – the end result makes a beautiful and attractive presentation. There is this story for how I came by this recipe. I was newly married and one fine morning after the usual breakfast of idli’s – u know the typical south Indian breakfast – for many mornings past, my DH popped the sudden discussion about the importance of Protein and it is essential (blah blah and more blahs) ! I was like ‘oook,so?”. He asked me if I could make egg for him in the mornings. I hate eggs and promptly told him so. He was like ‘its ok’ and left it..but I felt bad and checked out online for recipes and made him Omelette one morning..he was v moved at my effort and I was so happy that I kept making him that recipe ever after!!! – until I got bored!.

So one of those peppy morning, I tried to be creative and came up with this recipe. He loved it. About a month after my ‘invention’ , i was surfing channels and suddenly i saw this channel ( i don’t remember which ) where a woman was making eggs just this way calling it the famous American comfort food! I dint know whether to be happy or sad. Sad because, it sure was not unique and perfectly not my invention [discovery more like it] or happy that I had a TV show creativity :)

This is a v.v.v.v.v simple recipe and that which takes hardly any effort at all. Here goes

  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 1 person
  • 1 egg
  • 1 bread slice
  • 1/2 tbsp butter
  • salt and pepper to taste
1. Cut a hole right in the middle of the bread.
2. Keep the cut piece aside
3. Brush it with butter on both the sides.
4. Place it a Pan which has been lightly greased with PAM.
5. Break open an egg and pour it right in the center of the bread on the hole
6. Sprinkle salt and pepper on it.
7. After 3-4 min, once the side is done, turn it over.
8. Cook for few more minutes and its done.

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5 Member Reviews

By J'Marinde on Mar 14, 2014

Followed the dirrctions - - using Udi's Allergen free white sandwich bread.  YUMM!!!!  I began craving this every day after that, so had it for snacks  - - fast, yummy, satisfying!  Taught my PCA how to make this, now she makes it for her son.  YUMMY-FUN!

By Andrew on Oct 19, 2013

Diebirchen - Toad in the hole is actually sausages cooked in a yorkshire pudding mixture in the oven- see

Jophet - Cut the heart shape in the bread, but use thicker bread and make the hole quite small so the yolk is forced into the heart shape.

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By Carol on Jan 9, 2016

Yep its yum, been eating it for 30+ years !

By Julie on Oct 8, 2014

I was taught this when we were camping this summer. My 9 year old son brought a friend along. I asked what he wanted for breakfast and he told me "egg in a nest". I was like, what's that? Well, he told me and I gave it my best....we were camping. So I used a cup to kinda make a hole in my bread and they seemed to like it! Me too! :wink:

By Raj @ on Sep 6, 2014

I grew up with this one as "Egg in a Basket", but I've heard all the other names everyone's listed here including a "Bull's Eye". Regardless of what it's called, I love it. And to change things up, serve with aged cheddar and/or salsa.

By john on Jun 28, 2014

Its also called, egg on a basket

By Amelie on Mar 14, 2014

Yummy! and lovely. This is so amazing.

By jean on Jan 22, 2014

my husband made this for me and the kids years ago and we all love it he calls it egyptian eye

By J'Marinde Shephard on Jan 5, 2014

To: Darrell James; I kinda' thought the same thing too, but wait until you taste it. YUMM! And the little piece; fry it up and put some jam on it to eat with your sandwich - - all SO yummy and so much fun. I am a huge fan of fried egg sandwiches and this is a new twist. The bread kind of takes on the flavor of the frying egg. Try it! You may end up with "egg on your face." :wink:

By Darrell James on Jan 4, 2014

What happens to the bread you'll take out for the egg? waste? This is a little bit of a none-sense. Will you go all through the troubles doing this just to fill a hole you created in a slice of bread with an egg? Just create the usual egg sandwich orfrench toast for crying out loud! LOL... People!

By soe on Nov 15, 2013

hmmm, yummmy! :wink:

By Norma on Nov 7, 2013

James- they even have chickens in Nigeria!!! Diebirchen, TOAD IN THE HOLE is an English classic made with sausages baked in a savoury batter (Yorkshire pudding) served with onion gravy. It has nothing to do with fried eggs and bread.

By J'Marinde Shephard on Nov 5, 2013

Taylor- -your idea with the g\lass is GREAT! I have just the old TUPPERWARE tall tumbler to use!!! Thanks!

By J'Marinde Shephard on Nov 5, 2013

elu maybe try the link to make heart shaped eggs! I'd buy one!

By J'Marinde Shephard on Nov 5, 2013

jophet September 19th, 2013 on 12:10 am can somebody help me how to make the egg yoke shape heart? Give this site a try - hope this is helpful!

By youngisthan on Nov 4, 2013

very nice bread and egg omlette

By Marcia on Nov 2, 2013

This message is for James. What world do you live to ask if Nigeria has eggs. You have to educate yourself a lot more.

By Diebirchen on Oct 15, 2013

That is not "'egg' in the hole," but "'toad' in the hole"!

By james on Oct 13, 2013

They have eggs in Nigeria?

By Richdhrc on Oct 6, 2013

As seen on the movie Moonstruck. Although Italians use a real piece of good thick crust bread.

By jophet on Sep 19, 2013

can somebody help me how to make the egg yoke shape heart?

By elu hungyo on Sep 18, 2013

Hi ma name is Elu from N/E of India from small town Imphal. I like the pumkin donuts, its tempting and wanna try it out. I got a small shop n i tried donuts n sold it, wanna give a try wit p d nuts. and ya site is resourceful, helping me so much.Do mail me tasty easy recipes. thanks

By piya on Aug 8, 2013

:) :) :) i loved it ... its not common n india ... i m gonnna try it tomorow breakfast nly :)

By Cathy on Aug 6, 2013

:-D Love these. My mom and grandma always made them. They called them Eggs in a Hole. Try them with a little paprika! My kids loved it when I used a special shape cookie cutter like a star or rabbit. Nowadays, I have to make them with gluten-free bread but they're stll a favorite around our house.

By Teresa on Jul 29, 2013

:lol: We always called this "Eggs in a Nest" Still fun and enjoyable!

By Taylor on Jul 22, 2013

to make cutting the hole in the middle of the bread even easier, just take a glass cup, and press it into the bread and it should make a perfect circle.

By Mia on Jul 10, 2013

Also called egg in a picture frame, kids love this one. Thanks Ann for the avocado suggestion, sounds good.

By Alvin on Jul 10, 2013

This looks like a great inspirational idea as a way to get kids to eat not only eggs, but brown bread as well. I am going to give this a shot over the coming weekend. Thanks for the cool idea - I genuinely never saw this before and it is oh so simple!

By Lisa on Jul 10, 2013

Geesh, someone took the time and initiative to write out and admit her disappointment that it was NOT her original creation and the comments are slamming. Have some respect. If you have nothing nice to say, then try a simple thank you.

By Ann on Jul 6, 2013

I will say this... Screw the butter and use olive oil instead. Just put olive oil in the pan and it will coat both sides, when flipped and add some greek seasonings to the toast & eggs while its cooking in the pan. Add then Fresh slices of nice Tomatoes with a leaf of fresh basil.

By Ann on Jul 6, 2013

This isn't new.... I've been making eggs stuck inside the toast ever since I was a teenager. Then sometimes nice sprinkle of cheese... When did this become great news to do with eggs. Hell, you can get an Avocado stick an egg inside of it where you pull out the nut and season it pop it in the oven... A beautiful egg cooking inside an Avocado. Been doing that for years too.

By Mitch on Jun 26, 2013

I was always taught to press and twist a wine glass in the center of the bread to make the center and I keep the little puck of bread and toast it in the pan to dip in the yolk =3

By Jubemi on Jun 17, 2013

Love this recipe, its not very common here in Nigeria. I will definitely try it

By Dana on Jun 15, 2013

Toad in the hole is not a English casserole no matter what Wikipedia says! It is sausages baked in the oven (You can add onions/herbs). When everything is really hot, and the saugages have a little colour, remove dish from oven. Then pour a (Yorkshire)batter on and when puffed up & brown its ready to eat. Serve with potatoes & vegetables of your choice & with lashings of (beef) gravy. Delish but not a casserole!

By Lorn on Jun 13, 2013

Creative, fun and simple to make ! I feel I have being missing out all these years, why did my parents not do this for me !! some useful comments to make them to perfection too !! Thanks for sharing. Kids loved it !

By YOUR MOM on May 21, 2013


By Loz on May 12, 2013

Frog in the pond...??

By Kendall on Apr 30, 2013

The best way Aussies know to cook eggs on the barbie at breakfast, always with a side of bacon! We butter the bread, use a glass to cut the holes and season the little circles to make crispy round barbecued toast snacks :)

By Mimi on Apr 25, 2013

I make this egg bread since 1985 since i've seen it in Mask,with Cher :)) so defenetely not a 2012 invention

By riddlywalker on Apr 21, 2013

no no- 'toad in the hole' is not a casserole, it is sausages cooked in a rising batter - the hot pan is fileed with batter, and the sausages arranged in rows- it comes out golden and fluffy around the roasted sausages.

By karen bunton on Apr 20, 2013

I have enjoyed all the comments. I have not yet tried the egg, i do recall doing something like that in home economics in high school. We called it a chinese egg. I know it sounds strange. But I am going to try it this week. Thank you for the idea. Karen

By Ravyn on Apr 19, 2013

Instead of cutting w/ scissors use a drinking glass... much easier. Just place glass on the bread, push down and twist ;-) My family also coats the bread in an egg & milk mixture first (like french toast) before placing the bread in the pan - you can also coat & cook the bread cutoff as well

By Ann on Apr 17, 2013

This seems like a cool idea a simple but amazing twist to breakfast! :wink:

By LA Griffin on Apr 13, 2013

:wink: "Spit in the Ocean"

By trish on Apr 11, 2013

we used to call them egg in a frame.

By Carol on Mar 23, 2013

I have not read all the comments here, but have not seen the name we used! I am 59 years old. My mom made these when I was little. We called them jail house eggs! My hubby loves them now.

By Good Morning, Breakfast: Egg In the Hole on Mar 4, 2013

[...] Egg-In-the-Hole [...]

By Denise on Feb 18, 2013

We call it moonstruck as well (named after the movie). This was the first time we saw this type of breakfast egg being made, it was either by Cher or Olympia. Serve it with syrup just like with pancakes or french toast. I make the hole in the center with a shot glass

By Denise on Feb 18, 2013

we call it moonstruck as well. This was the first time I saw this type of egg being made, it was either Cher or Olympia that was making it for breakfast. We like to put syrup on ours like french toast

By Meredith on Feb 8, 2013

My dad used to do an awesome twist on Egg-in-a-hole... he would prep the bread as though he was making French Toast (making sure to saturate the bread so as not to be dry but also so as not to fall apart) then he would "toast" the bread in butter (not margarine)... after the bread was in the pan for about a minute he would use the top rim of a child-sized cup to cut a hole out of the middle of the bread, do not throw away the hole piece though. Once the bread was toasted on one side he would flip it, crack an egg into the hole, season with salt and pepper then place the cut-out piece of bread over the egg. Once the egg was almost cooked through he would flip the bread one more time to toast the "hole" piece. You can obviously adjust the cooking time if you like the yolk runny. Yes, some of what I typed may repeat already mentioned steps in the article mentioned recipe, but to honour my dad I chose to type it exactly to his specifications :wink:

By Rose on Jan 24, 2013

I know a lot of people who call this "toad in the hole" - just want to let you know that it's incorrect. Toad in the hole is a UK sausage casserole -

By tim taylor on Jan 21, 2013

I know this is an old post, but i am reading it for the first time as i have just found this site. Great idea, but Brad last time i checked a shot glass sised hole will not hold a whole egg. If yours does I want shots at your party!!!!!! 8)

By Robin on Jan 21, 2013

Agree,with the cutter tips,also different cookie cutters gives visual variety. I've always know this as "toad in the hole".Sprinkle finely crumbled bacon or cheese over the top for a little flavour depth.

By Mike Bing on Jan 14, 2013

Use a glass to make the hole (use the opening like a cookie cutter). Also, butter the "hole" you just cut out and toast it in the same pan your cooking the egg-in-a-hole. Now you have something to dip in the yoke!

By mira on Jan 9, 2013

greaaaat :-D

By Taure on Dec 31, 2012

We simply called them "Egg-in-a-Nest" (for short call them "Nests"). I'm 40 years old and my mother used to make these for us kids years back. We use a glass to make the nest from the bread instead of a knife. Biscuit or Cookie Cutter works great too. Years back I could not and would not eat a fried egg (w/runny yolk) so my mom would hard fry my "Nests" (Just a slight variation). I LOVE these "Nests". *Note: Butter and pan fry the center toast to go along with the nest!

By pam on Dec 5, 2012

I love the name 'pop-eyes'!! :lol: we always called them 'toad-in-a-hole'

By Patrick Del Rosario on Nov 22, 2012

I made different shapes of eggs after reading this. Good thing that I bought bread and a dozen of eggs last night. I enjoyed my mixed sunny side up shaped egg and bread and a cup of coffee today. Thanks for sharing. :-P

By Patrick Del Rosario on Nov 22, 2012

I made different shapes of eggs after reading this. Good thing that I bought bread and a dozen of eggs last night. I enjoyed my mixed sunny side up shaped egg and bread and a cup of coffee today. Thanks for sharing. :-P

By carson on Nov 22, 2012

my family calls them Egg in the Holes! but mine was always like a grilled cheese sandwich the the middle punched out with a cookie cutter and then the egg was put in.

By Kichinia on Nov 11, 2012

I've made these a few times, only I use a cast iron skillet with a small dose of bacon grease. My grandpa and I call them Pop-eyes.

By Sapphire on Nov 11, 2012

***IMPORTANT*** I just wanted to let everyone know that this recipe says to coat your pan with PAM. NEVER spray PAM (or any nonstick spray) into a nonstick pan! It's been proven that it builds up and will RUIN your pans. All of our nonstick pans (at least the higher end ones) in the USA come with this warning on the care instructions. (You can Google it as well.) Just wanted to help save your cookware. :) Have a good day!

Oh yes, I have noticed too. Although never noticed the warning (wonder why!)..Thanks for the tip :)This is such an old post, time for an update anyways--DK

By Taylor S. on Nov 8, 2012

This is kinda lame and everyone does this.... And yes. The name is Birds Nest. :roll:

By Brad on Nov 6, 2012

It works better if you use a shot-glass to punch the hole..The proper name is "Bird's Nest"

By Dehlia Rose Murphy Ramos on Nov 6, 2012

we like to use a good thick slice of french bread and rub it with fresh garlic and do a light fry in EVOO!!! And we call them MOONSTRUCTS.....

By Wendy on Nov 5, 2012

Hi and thanks for the blog! I have made these for 25 years. We call them "bulls eyes". I butter the whole slice of bread then cut the hole with a glass. We fry up the "holes" as well as the bulls eyes and, being from Vermont, we eat them with maple syrup like frnch toast! Thanks again!

By froggy on Nov 3, 2012

i have made these many times over the years been making them for over 20 years !! we called them hobo eggs !!!!

By Terri on Nov 3, 2012

this isn't mom called it chicken in the basket. I'm in my 50's now. I cook it on occassion.

By wilma on Oct 24, 2012

I used to make these for my granddaughter when she was a baby and i babysat for her every morning.. We called it 'sunshine in the window'.. she just turned 20 last week and she still talks about them..

By Louise on Oct 24, 2012

I've been making these sense the 80's with my sister, we called them frog in the hole, don't know why but what so yummy and kids love em

By mona on Sep 9, 2012

Hi dear....i used to make this recipe when i was young and i used to make the hole in the bread by inverting a glass over the bread and pressing it to make a perfect round hole...:)....

By Chrissie on Mar 11, 2012

I'd never heard of this before and I ended up making it for breakfast 3 times last week. Amazing! I put a little olive oil in my pan before dropping the bread in and the egg in the hole, cooked the egg on one side for about 2 mins, v quick flip over, cook yolk side for 30-45 seconds so yolk can be cut into and is still runny under the cooked surface. My friend calls it egg in the window. Can't believe I've never had this before. Thanks.

By Chris on Oct 5, 2011

I Have been making this egg and bread since I was very young and now am in my 60's .I sometimes put a slice of cheese on top after I turn it over and cover with a lid to melt the chesse and some bacon and strawberries on the side. and I called it a popeye .WHY????

By Dee on Jun 15, 2010

Now maybe you could indianize it with a spiced tomato, potato and cilantro topping?

Oh yes, you could :)

By swapna susarla on Jan 8, 2008

wow this is very creative divya!!!

By Dhivya on Jan 5, 2008

Thanks Shriya...

Am glad that u liked what u saw..Hope 2 see u again :)

By shriya on Jan 5, 2008

This is the first time I am visiting your blog. You have a very nice blog and we both seem to have a liking for dark colors.
I like what you have done with this bread omelette, the idea is very novel.

By Jyostna on Oct 23, 2007

I tried this hole egg brkfast.....i wanted to post a comment seemed that u have way too many..and mine will be one of new compliment i can think of re !!!Anyways, good to try out ur recipis.Try adding all ur recipi's in slow pace so that i can tune with and when u post i will be ready to experiment..:))

Did i tell u ???My friend was very very impressed by ur website as well as with ur travel blog....So celebrate again !!!

By ThreeTastes on Oct 22, 2007

Loved this post! I just saw the movie "Moonstruck" with Cher yesterday. There's a scene where her mother makes this bread/egg dish, and puts sauteed red peppers on it. Since this is the second time in as many days to see this recipe, I think the universe is telling me to try it! Who am I to fight this? ; P

By TBC on Oct 11, 2007

What a cute first pic!

By Sirisha Kilambi on Oct 11, 2007

Nice drawings on egg and a nice entry dear......I love the bread and Omlette this way :-)

By Dhivya Karthik on Oct 11, 2007

Thanks Bee - As i said, i dint think i would have been able to participate - thanks 'No Eggs for me' syndrome...anyways thanks for taking the simple entry from me

Thanks Marie..Sure will try to come up with something and hopefully bfore the end date!

Thanks Madhu

Thanks Sra - I dont mind u thinking that it was my v gracious to let u think that way ;-) (!!! although thats far away from truth! )

Thanks Viji - Nothing like ur energy!!

Thanks asha - Brit style! Wow..I had no idea! I like it more now :)

Thanks Padma :) so wonderful of you to say that

Thanks Sudha

Thanks Bharathy - I think we have a telepathy working overtime!! :)Will make them and update..

Thanks rachna..My pleasure totally..will steal ideas from u too :) which am sure are lots in no.

Sure sharmi..try..its different..

By Sharmi on Oct 11, 2007

hey Dhivya, that is a lovely idea. egg in the middle of bread is so creative. will try it next time!

By Rachna on Oct 11, 2007

hey i love this i can make my fav round bread sanwiches and use the outer bread frame for these....cooool... thanks so much for this brilliant idea!!

By Bharathy on Oct 10, 2007

Welcome to my place Dhivya!!
How strange yesterday evening I had visited your sie and admiring for a long time, this simple click and the recipe..
was overjoyed to find you in mine in the morning!!:)
Try the 'varatti' with smaller portions, that will not be dif..good luck!

By sudha on Oct 10, 2007

Nice Presentation!!!

By Padma on Oct 10, 2007

Thats very creative girl! Mind blowing.... great entry

By Asha on Oct 10, 2007

HeHe!! Great recipe for breakfast D, a classic British dish too.Love the Eggs!:)

By Vcuisine on Oct 10, 2007

It's cute Dhivya. Viji

By sra on Oct 10, 2007

That's a very unusual recipe, Dhivya, never came across this!

By Madhu on Oct 9, 2007

Very creative Dhivya, nice entry.

By Marie on Oct 9, 2007

HI there. That's a reallydelicious looking breakfast. We always called that egg in the hole when I was growing up. Thanks for visiting my blog nd showing interest in my Sarnie Event. Just to answer your question a panino or a toast can certainly qualify as a Sandwich entry, as long as there is some sort of filling or topping involved. I am ready for you to amaze me!

By click on Oct 9, 2007

nice one. thanks for your entry to CLICK.

- bee

By Dhivya Karthik on Oct 9, 2007

Hi Kanch

U r right, the best part was 2 in one entry :) Its like a huge relief! Phew

By on Oct 9, 2007

Hi Dhivya!

Wow! Cool entry, I like the "eggs in a hole" idea. Don't you love when you can enter two events with one item :))

Thanks for participating!