Rotis and Parathas are oft made breads/stuffed breads in India. Special touches are added from region to region. And Misi Roti is such, hailing from the region of Rajasthan. I like the addition of spices to this roti which otherwise is made plain with wheat flour. The aroma that hits one's nostrils while making the rotis is so pleasant and appetizing.

Made predominantly with besan with little addition of plain and wheat flour ( to help in giving elasticity to the dough) it has that nice yellow color. There are of course variation coming in from families to families and this is one.

  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Yields: Makes 10-12 rotis
  • 2 cups Besan (chickpea flour)
  • 1 cup Maida ( APL - All purpose Flour )
  • 1 cup wheat flour
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1 tsp fennel seeds
  • 1/2 tsp ajwain ( carom seeds )
  • 2-3 sping onions, chopped thinly along with leaves
  • few springs of cilantro , chopped well
  • a pinch of asafoetida
  • 3-4 tbsp ghee
  • salt to taste

Add all the ingredients together.


Mix them well with your hand and knead till it becomes a soft dough. Add little water to help it to bind. Cover and set aside for 30min.


Take the dough and divide them into small equal sized balls and using a rolling pin in a floured surface , flatten it into a round shape. ( Triangle is common too ). Not very thin nor very thick.


Heat a non stick pan and grease it lightly with oil /ghee. Place the rolled out bread ( Roti ) in the pan and cook in medium heat.


After 1 -2 min turn it over.

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2 Member Reviews

By ashwini on Jan 9, 2012

Recipe Image

By Sunita on Oct 12, 2010

hi dk

it simply deeeeeelllliiiiccccciiiiooouuussssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i made yr version and i succeeded coz whenever i try to make it used to be a flop and i made it in a litle more oil


By Jagruti on Jun 18, 2013

i will be glad if you teach kadak rumali roti. ive been searching a lot but couldnt find it. pls post it.

By Susan on May 9, 2013

I have bookmarked all your Roti recipes but I was wondering if it is possible to freeze them for later use? I like to cook ahead in winter so I'm not constantly cooking! :)

By JPT on Jan 5, 2010

Tried these as well last night. My son loved them. I changed them slightly (didn't have green onions..used spinach). I will add some garlic powder to make them even tastier.

By Naailah on Dec 28, 2009

Hello..i would like to know how many roti does this yield?

Hi Naailah - depending on the thickness, this recipe yeilds about 8-10 rotis--DK

By Asata from Life Chef on May 30, 2009

Just made these and they came out delicious, although I think my dough was too dry/hard. Still very tasty. Next time I guess I should add more ghee and water?

Yes, add enough water to make the dough soft. If its not a pliable dough, then it will become hard...water should do..I think its enough ghee already - though I personally dont mind more!! :).--DK

By priyaskitchen on Apr 27, 2008

love the roti..try eating this with gatte ki sabzii...and u will be in heaven !!!

By Padmaja on Apr 24, 2008

Dhivya absolutely delicious!! thanks for sending over your yummy dish

By Rajitha on Apr 23, 2008

love misi roti...and the best part is it really fills you up. Would love to eat em with kadhi and achaar...yum!

By Cynthia on Apr 23, 2008

I am definitely going to try this. I can't recall seeing besan flour here but, I'll have a look around. I really like the idea of this roti.

By KayKat on Apr 23, 2008

I've never made missi roti! But I *love* them. And now that you've given me a recipe, guess I'll try them :)

By Vanamala on Apr 23, 2008

Oh!! wow .... must be tasty

By Uma on Apr 23, 2008

lovely stack of parathas. delicious.

By Anamika:The Sugarcrafter on Apr 23, 2008

A very well presented recipe. This roti has healthy ingredients and mut be very tasty. thanks for posting. A nice entry, indeed !

By easycrafts on Apr 23, 2008

Looks so good...have to try it soon

By Johanna on Apr 23, 2008

what an appealing looking stack - I would love to be able to take one and have a nibble! I've never seen roti like this before

By Cinnamon on Apr 23, 2008

The stack of rotis look so delicious... would love to try it soon.
A very nice entry!

By Srivalli on Apr 22, 2008

that looks great!..I am still planning!

By Madhavi on Apr 22, 2008

Roti looks perfect, very nice recipe. looks great!!!!

By Sagari on Apr 22, 2008

I am gonna try this recipe soon DK

By Siri on Apr 22, 2008

U rock gurl. indian ho ya western, kuch bhi phad deti hain. cooking classes legi kya??.. wud love to learn such awesome rotis and cakes and snacks and drinks.. ALL OF THEM from u.. sikhayegi???


By Arundathi on Apr 22, 2008

Always wondered how to make misi rotis! thanks so much!

By Divya Vikram on Apr 22, 2008

nice one..I had this during my trip to rajasthan

By TBC on Apr 22, 2008

That's a nice stack of parathas. I could eat it with some achaar on the side.:-)

By Kalai on Apr 22, 2008

Beautiful rotis, Dhivi! Nice entry! :)

By Lisa on Apr 22, 2008

I really must experiment with Indian breads! I just love them and the possibilities are endless. I wish I had some of your beautiful rotis right this minute!