I have been hunting for peaches all over - Without success..I am no fan of canned stuff. But then since the season is all over, i thought of them ...I found 100's of candied 100 other things but No Peaches! Guess, I did lots of grumbling and mumbling, cos how else do i explain the incident which happened y'day evening..

My hubby returns from office and comes and whispers in my ear "I have a surprise for you..Bought u something which am sure U wud luv ". I am all ecstatic..trillion stuff went thro my mind thinking of which of those , which I wanted, was given to me as a surprise! I sure was grinning like a total Idiot! He asked me to close my eyes and placed a cover on my outstretched hands. Hubby - "Tada, open your eyes" . I am totally into the Mills & Boons world now and open my eyes with cinematic expressions ( with slow motion ) in my face. What do I see - I see a shopping Bag! What does it Have - One Can of Peaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK Will spare all of u with the info and go to the recipe - Peach Custard from my cookbook and which will be my entry for Mansi's AFAM- Peach. Ya, dint like the way it photographed..wanted to tinker it a bit to make it better like Bee ; but no such luck, guess my photography skills no way match for Bee's ;-) ! But it sure tasted good although not such a looker!

  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 4 people
  • 3 tablespoons custard powder
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 can peaches
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar

Mix the custard powder


and the sugar with a little milk till smooth


Heat the rest of the milk.


Pour onto the mixed custard powder, stirring well.


Bring to the boil stirring continuously for 2 minutes.


Drain the peaches and arrange the peach halves in an ovenproof dish.


Pour the hot custard over the peach halves.


until it covers it well.


Sprinkle the brown sugar on top and bake in a hot oven at 200 degree C (400 degree F) for 15 minutes.


Once out from the oven


spoon it into glasses/cups


and enjoy

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By hema on Feb 17, 2010

hi DK shall i use fresh peaches for this recipe........

By Divya on Jul 28, 2009

I had a doubt. I tried this recipe, but the consistency came out quite thin. It didn't look that way in your pics. So, shd I make the custard thick? Also, shd I add the juice, too of the peaches? i didn't find it very sweet. Thanks
Hi Divya - thank you for trying this out. Yes the custard should be thick. Heat it until it comes together with a batter like consistency. Little more thicker than a thick buttermilk. I dint use the juice of the peaches. I drained and placed only the peaches on the baking sheet. I agree its not that sweet - the brown sugar adds to the sweetness in correct proportions. Hope this helps.

By remya on Oct 29, 2007

WOW!!! nice dessert...now peaches every where...really invitating!!!

By Padma on Oct 29, 2007

Nice idea for a great dessert, loved this entry!

By Sirisha Kilambi on Oct 28, 2007

Dhivya...a lovely entry for Peach dear :-) The custard rocks :-)

By Dhivya Karthik on Oct 28, 2007

Hi sharmi - Sure it is! what a downpour!

Hi Asha...:) :) :)

Thanks Pushpa

Thank u Madhu

Ya Sunita, Congrats on winning Click..Ur photography skills are sure something! or should i say creative..or umm..imaginative..well will leave it to you..:)

Thanks Nags :)

Thanks Cinnamon :)

Thanks Aargee for dropping by :)

Yeh Lavanya...the baking dint spoil the taste at all

Hi Padmaja..Am sure u can imagine it v well!
[psst : Lemme bring u on to the secret! I made the custard cos He loves custard...:) and cudnt , wudnt want to make anything else:) ]

By Padmaja on Oct 28, 2007

Hey Dhivya!!
I am still visualising your face when you saw that can in hubby's hands!!!! hey hey i will stop here, Wow u turned those peaches into a yummy dessert!!

By Laavanya on Oct 28, 2007

What a great idea that is. Peach custard looks really good. I've never tried baking the ready-made custard before. Good to know that it tastes good and the texture is uncompromised.

By aargee on Oct 27, 2007

Hi Dhivya,
this looks really nice and I am sure it tastes awesome too... I think I should try it sometime

By Cinnamon on Oct 27, 2007

Wow Divya.. it looks really yummyyyyyyyy!!!
Delicious entry!!

By Nags on Oct 27, 2007

looks really yummy! nice entry!

By sunita on Oct 26, 2007

That was so sweet of your hubby...and what a lovely dessert you made out of it.

By Madhu on Oct 26, 2007

Peach custard looks very yummy. Like the presentation too.

By Puspha on Oct 26, 2007

So lovely.

By Asha on Oct 26, 2007

Hi D! This dessert is divine! Great photos, yum!:)

By Sharmi on Oct 26, 2007

its raining peach in blogsphere:) nice entry!