Healthy Chocolate Milk Recipe |  Kid's Recipes | Lunchbox Recipes
My little dude is at "I-am-going-to-blindly-copy-people-I-like" stage. If few kids do something, he needs to do it as well. On those lines, his latest "coolness" factor is chocolate milk and sandwiches.  The other kids are often seen with boxed store bought version and "ingredient-reading" obsessed me feels devastated buying it for him. So I made a deal with him that he would taste my version and if he liked it, he can take that instead.
Healthy Chocolate Milk Recipe |  Kid's Recipes | Lunchbox Recipes
I was a relieved mom when he approved it -  he loved it in fact making this even better.  With all modesty, I have to say that I grin shamelessly with pride when he feels he has to show off his chocolate milk bottle to other kids as well :) And you know the best part? This chocolate milk is ridiculously simple to make and takes much less time (and money) than getting some from the store. This "not-really-a-recipe" recipe is easy to adapt and adopt.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 1 person
  • Yields: Makes 1 cup
  • 1 cup Whole Milk or see Tips
  • 2 tsp Organic Unsweetened Cocoa powder, or to taste
  • 2 tsp Vanilla Sugar, or to taste - see Tips
1. Whole Milk: I use Raw Milk that I pasteurize at home. But you can use any milk of your choosing. Its also possible to make this Dairy free and Vegan by substituting with Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk and even Rice Milk. You would need to adjust the remaining ingredients accordingly. I personally haven't tried them except almond milk and love that version as well.

2. Vanilla Sugar: Few drops of Pure vanilla extract in this enhances the flavor of Chocolate Milk. But I am not comfortable using it for my little one due to its Alcohol content (35%) hence I use Vanilla sugar. You can buy store bought or make some homemade. Simply add used Vanilla bean to your Sugar jar for few days for the flavors to imbibe. But its not strictly necessary and this chocolate milk taste very good with regular sugar as well.
1. You can do the following in a blender. I simply do this in a bottle (with a tight lid) that I use to serve the milk as well. No additional washing of blender for me :)
2. Add the required amount of milk.
3. Add sugar to taste. Please refer my Tip 2 above, if you want to add some vanilla to this as well. For this tutorial, I have used plain cane (organic) sugar.
4. Next goes in the cocoa powder. Depending upon the brand and your taste preference, adjust the quantity.
5. Close the lid.
6. Shake for 20-30 seconds
7. or until everything is combined
8. All frothy chocolate milk ready. Do a taste test and adjust sugar or cocoa powder if needed. Shake once again. I store this in the fridge until serving time. But you can chill your milk first and then proceed as well. Whatever works for you.
Enjoy on its own or with some cookies :) This whole thing would take you less than 2 minutes to put together. Healthy Chocolate Milk Recipe |  Kid's Recipes | Lunchbox Recipes

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By Poptart on Mar 18, 2017

I tried your recipe. I followed all of the directions and it did not work at all!! It was really gross and clumps of cocoa powder was in it after I shook it for 25 seconds.

Guess its the quality of your powder may be? Try your blender in that case if manually shaking it is not working for you. --DK

By Marie on May 28, 2016

This is exactly how my grandma made hers. I prefer it over store bought chocolate milk any day! Yum yum!

By G on Sep 3, 2015

I made this in my high speed blender and added a few ice cubes. Made for a wonderfully refreshing & frothy drink with a little extra hydration bonus for this very hot summer day. Am so glad to find a "recipe" using cocao powder instead of chocolate syrup! I want to try it next time sweetened with organic maple syrup instead of sugar.

By Matt on Aug 14, 2015

"A few drops of Pure vanilla extract in this enhances the flavor of Chocolate Milk. But I am not comfortable using it for my little one due to its Alcohol content (35%) ". You're not comfortable putting A FEW DROPS of Vanilla extract into the child's drink? The absurdity of that is off the charts.

The absurdity of you ready to jump up and down without reading the whole sentence is off the charts! --DK

By Coolio on Apr 28, 2015

So easy and delicious! So glad I don't have to use a blender... All I want to do is have a refreshing drink :lol: ! LOVE THIS!!! :mrgreen: :wink: :) :-D

By lisa on Aug 28, 2014

Where do you get those cute glass bottles and do you pack them in the children's lunches? I think I might get in trouble putting glass in the lunchbox!

By maya on Aug 17, 2014

nice and refreshing I enjoyed it :!: :!: :!: thumbs up :!: I may have put too much vanilla, but other than that it was good

By maya on Aug 17, 2014


By poppiefinnbariz on Jun 27, 2014

I love this recipe. I have made it about 15 times for the kids. Never let me have one single taste!!

By Rebica on Apr 30, 2014

yummy!! This will surely get me to drink milk and maybe I’ll give my kid too, if she absolutely insists!

By Siri on Apr 13, 2014

Awww, my chutku wants choco milk now. :-D Imitating other et al. He is growing up so fast and learning stuff too! :wink: Lovely photography DK. *thumbs up*. :) Siri

By Deepa on Apr 13, 2014

Hi DK, Does the milk have to be warm when making this?

Not required per se but doesnt hurt if it is --DK

By Hari Chandana on Apr 13, 2014


By Bonnie on Apr 11, 2014

Love it! Would love any other kid friendly tips for lunch boxes. My daughter is so incredibly picky and I am out of healthy ideas. I am afraid the Nutella croissant is becoming more common in her box. Yikes! Save me from sugary lunches!

By sangeeta on Apr 11, 2014

:-P yummy!! This will surely get me to drink milk and maybe I'll give my kid too, if she absolutely insists!

By Meena on Apr 11, 2014

Hi DK,what brand of raw milk do you use? And I believe it is whole milk,so do you dilute it to suit your needs or do you (i mean the adults in the family) consume it whole too?Is the raw milk equivalent to what we get from milk vendors in India (not packet milk)?

The whole family consumes whole milk. When eating curd, me and my husband add some water to dilute it (though not always). Raw milk is milk straight from the cows. --DK

By Sameea Jamal on Apr 11, 2014

This is simple and amazing <3 :-)

By Organic on Apr 11, 2014

Love this simple recipe! I do have a question about the raw milk and how you pasteurize it at home...Where do you get your raw milk from and what process is involved to pasteurize it? - Thanks

I get the milk locally. I boil it at home - heat until it comes to a boil. There are couple of ways of pasteurizing it at home. Google it for details. --DK