Spiced Chutney Powder / Idli powder

By DK on May 18, 2009
Dosa Milaga Podi/Idli chutney powder
The other day I was returning after dropping TH at his work place. The weather was just the way I like it - cloudy, threatening to rain although not meaning it, the scent of wet ground wafting through helped by the blowing breeze. Yes I love such weather - I am not what you could call as "love the sun" kinda person cos I don't. So I had this window down and driving along with some Tamil music on. I usually hate to blast songs with windows down but with this kinda environment, I cared less. I have my ARR music collection - yes the same A R Rahman who's gotten himself an worldly entity thanks to his recent Slumdog Millionaire. I have been his fan ever since his first movie - Roja and I have grown up with my mom scolding me for playing his songs like stotrams. Anyways, I had this song playing and while waiting on a signal, an elderly woman alongside me, gave me a smile and asked me which album was I listening to - "I like that tune. Can you tell me the name of the Album? is it new?" Such scenes are rare in America I would say - people don't usually bother enough to talk to you, esp in a traffic signal. Anyways, I couldnt contain my pride when I said that it was A R R and obviously she dint know him - guess he is not that famous yet.
Dosa Milaga Podi/Idli chutney powder
Any tamilian with even a little interest in movies would surely remember this pic. A pic of Actress shalini biting off a red chilli - from the movie Alaipayuthey in Pachai Niramey song - This was the song I was listening to. Talking of red chillies, today's recipe is also all about red chillies. The hotness of dish is of special significance with people in South of India - we like our dishes not very spicy but hot ( pls. note the difference between spicy and hotness). The day to day food affair of a typical South Indian is not all about using Garam Masalas and lot of spices. They are very mild and the only thing that actually stands out most often is the hotness level. Having said this, in our family while growing up, we were not used to too much hot food. (well after marriage I feel that we probably did! TH is (not)equal to anything hot). I love to eat food with lots of heat and i especially love this Idli powder called Milaga Podi where Milaga stands for "Chilli" and Podi stands for "Powder". Dosa Milaga Podi/Idli chutney powder This chilli powder is not same as the ones you get at the stores under that name. This one has a blend of lentils and that which is most often enjoyed with typical South Indian dishes like Idli's and Dosa's At one point I was so crazy about it that I used to have it with E V E R Y T H I N G - even curd rice! The recipe is immensely simple and quick to make
Basic Information
Prep Time: Under 15 min
Cook Time: Under 15 min
Yield: Makes around 2 cups
  • Approx 2 cups dried red chillies, with stems removed (or more if you like heat)
  • about 1/2 cup split black gram (urad dal)
  • 1/2 tsp mustard seeds
  • 1/2 cup bengal gram (channa dal)
  • 1/4 tsp asafoetida
  • salt to taste
In a skillet, heat 1 tsp of vegetable oil and saute all the ingredients together until the lentils turn aromatic and lightly red.
Dosa Milaga Podi/Idli chutney powder
Cool well and then blend it in a food processor after adding salt to taste
Dosa Milaga Podi/Idli chutney powder
If not cooled properly, the powder will have lumps.
Dosa Milaga Podi/Idli chutney powder
And thats it - store in an air tight container and every time you go for idli's/dosa's, take required amount of powder, add some vegetable oil/sesame oil, mix and then scoop it with a dosa/idli piece and enjoy Dosa Milaga Podi/Idli chutney powder
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25 Responses to “Spiced Chutney Powder / Idli powder”
  1. I made it this morning, following your recipe, and it turned out to be yum! I only added a few coriander seeds for a different flavour. But a big thumbs up to you! You are doing a fantastic job :)

  2. Taher Kagalwala

    :wink: Just to inform all the southies here that the same music was copied to a Hindi film called Saathiya … and there, it is the title song of the movie, starring Rani Mukherjee and Vivek Oberoi. Maybe the story is also the same.

    This powder looks awesome. Will try it.

  3. Vinay

    Hi there, hate to be anal about this – but would you know the calories in a tablespoon of the pudi?
    Thx. Vinay

    No idea. But there are calorie counters on the web that might help you. –DK

  4. saidevotee

    How about adding corriander seeds too for this dosai powder. Adding these will be less spicy and not pungent.

  5. Hey babes, am making this podi now along with 1/2 cup of roasted flax seeds. Will let u know how it turned out to be. Hugs. :D


  6. Sid

    Thanks! I like this different recipe, came out spicy but tasty. Having multiple recipes keeps the palate interested, so this is a keeper
    PS: I find how comments in Indian recipe sites are not related to trying or improving the recipe unlike Food Network, Allrecipes, etc. It does not add value IMHO.

    I unfortunately have to agree! But I also think its more a blogging platform thing…–DK

  7. Vijayendran

    Have you tried adding a tablespoon of WHITE SESAME SEEDS to your Melagai Podi DK. That is I suppose the true traditional Tamil Bhramins Malegai Podi. Awesome combination. About 12/15 leaves of dry fried curry leaves make it even more better.

  8. Kavita

    Hi, I am an ardent follower of ur recipes…wish i had time enough to try them all…and so now when i want to know of something related to a south indian dish, you were first on my mind…I recently had idli coated with Milaga podi (or Gun Powder, as the non SIs fondly call it :wink: )and I am curious to know how to do it…Could you be kind enough to add this new dish to ur blog and as always make it intersting and simple with your step by step pics…I look forward to wish to be granted

  9. Sandy

    I love this podi…i was just curious if the lentils does need to wash to remove the dirt ? I never used lentils without washing. any other way to clean them before saute ? Thanks !

  10. Aparna

    Ummm… Is this the same podi they serve in Chutneys in Hyderabad… They used to serve it with idlis laced with ghee… something called “Guntur Idli”. I remember it being paprika red…

  11. Krithika

    :-P Hi im glad that i got to visit your page as i find it pretty alluring, the way u have portrayed the food preparation process that even a person who doesnt like to cook wud wanna try.Great pictures.Keep up.I love to cook and wish to try out your receipes too. Thanks for sharing

  12. Nice pictures with detailed description. Thanks for sharing. The pudi looks delicious.

  13. This sounds great! I’ve been cooking a lot of South Indian dishes lately and really enjoy the hot factor. I’ll have to make some of this. Great idea. Lovin’ all those red chilies :)

  14. Gita Jaishankar

    Nice podi DK…usually I add 1 cup of chilies…your looks so tempting and spicy…I should also start adding more chilies in my idli podis…yum :)

  15. I love arrahman songs and all maniratnam movies and the idli podi too :)

    yesterday I had idlis, and I just enjoyed the idli podi with nallennnai (inspite of having kurma ) yummmmm that is something:)
    you have a different recipe, will try it next time :) nice color!

  16. Idli podi looks amazing DK…i wont add mustard seeds, will try with mustard seeds next time!

  17. Wow i love this chutney powder..yummy with idlis and dosas..nice clicks :)

  18. Nice podi….looks yummy…love to hv with idli with some ghee..

  19. I hope A.R.R. gets so famous that people all over the world will listen to his old tunes, those were the best! I love this song, Pachai niramey, just listened to it again, thanks for the link!

  20. Iam not a “love the sun’ kinda person either. I love monsoons … I love ARR too, awesome music .. Thos podi is such a staple at home .. I’d love thos with steamed rice & some ghee or oil on top

  21. Wow its been ages since I ever had this podi, mmm after I came here I exhausted the stock that my mom send with me but after that i dint wanna make it since it was too hot and I also fell for, such a sucker… About ARR’s oh I have these songs in my ipod and love to hear them on the train!!! oh this song is an amazing one, infact all the songs in the movie are admirable!!!

  22. suparna

    I love the look of ur blog :) beautiful! I love home made podis, your spiced powder looks nice, it’s great that this powder can be used with so many eats…haven’t tried with rice shall do it sometime. Thanks for the recipe DK.

  23. Pretty pics Dhiv! And Jai Ho ARR!

  24. Interesting recipe Dhivya, do you use mustard seeds or sesame seeds? I like the second picture!

    Hi Kanch, I use mustard seeds….Its great to see u back to blogging! :)

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