Buttermilk Waffles with Buddha's Hand

By DK on Jan 02, 2013
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
At times, making Breakfast can be a hassle for me. Days when I have had to burn the midnight oil to complete a deadline at work or when I have early morning work meetings. At such instances, I tend to make the prep work the previous night to make it easy for me. But if I don't, I tend to make waffles. For me, making waffles is easier than making pancakes. Just make batter, pour it in the maker and tada!- breakfast ready :). I also find them incredibly versatile and love them for their spongy and fluffy texture. I have a Belgian styled waffle maker and I tend to use their basic recipe as a base for all my waffle experiments.
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
Like recently, this version with Buddha's Hand gave us a bright start to the day. Trust me, you cannot walk by a Buddha's hand without stopping to take a deep breath and absorbing all that intoxicating aroma. These are the best and most natural of air fresheners you can ask for in your home. Extremely citrusy and lemony, but unlike the lemon you can eat it pith and all. Our introduction to this fruit was as cliched as it can get - using it instead of lemon zest in a recipe. As I already mentioned in my Quinoa Chocolate Cake recipe, I have to tread with care in my house when it comes to anything new. While, the aroma sure made it more acceptable, its tentacle like appearance (doesn't it remind you of Caption Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean?!!) made my family gawk, squirm and make the most insulting of faces at it.
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
But really, its such an harmless thing ;). If the perfume doesn't draw you to it, its magical properties of just making your humble dish gourmet with its addition just might. Use it as a zest, throw the whole thing with sugar to make a marmalade, boil it with water to make some soothing tea, saute it with some butter and asparagus to make a delicious stir fry, make a compound butter....the list as you see is endless. I introduced this by adding its zest to our humble Buttermilk Waffles.
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
It not only wakes up your palate but also YOU from your groggy sleep and gets you all energetic and peppy in the morning. OK - do I sound like a PR for Buddha Hand? Guess, its perfumes (I have placed one right at my work desk) is doing the trick. See how enthusiastic I sound? ;) These waffles are spongy, fluffy with mild sweetness to it. The whole wheat adds in the fiber and the egg whites boosts the protein content. The zest adds its brightness to the otherwise 'almost bland' waffle. The recipe is versatile, so go ahead with your additions and make it your own.

my kitchen notes

Basic Information
Prep Time: Under 15 min
Cook Time: Under 15 min
Serves: 4 people
Yield: Makes 4 (7 " diameter) Belgian Style Waffles
  • 2 cups Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
  • 1-3/4 cups Buttermilk (reduced fat)
  • 4 large Egg Whites, see Tips
  • 1 tbsp Baking powder
  • 1 tbsp Cane Sugar
  • 2 tbsp Vegetable Oil, see Tips
  • 1/4 tsp Salt
  • 2 tbsp Buddha's Hand zest, see Tips
1. Vegetable Oil : I tried few variations with this and we all liked it when we used Coconut Oil. But the coconut flavor was quite prominent subduing the cirtusy flavor of Buddha's hand. While you could still detect the flavor, it was not as prominent as when used in combination of a more neutral oil like Vegetable or Canola ( Organic) oil.
2. Buddha's Hand Zest: If you don't have it, you can substitute it with regular lemon zest. For us, this measurement worked out best, but you can adjust the amount of zest according to your taste.
3. Eggs: For Egg Substitutes, please refer this handy Egg Substitution Chart.
Pulling out one arm is going to be the only hurdle with zesting these exotic looking beauties.
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
The wierd shape is quite cumbersome but once cut off, enjoy the enticing aroma for few seconds. Its worth it and extremely calming :)
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
Since its inner pith is not bitter like a lemon, you can use a regular zester to get the peel
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
and its totally OK if you get some of the flesh along with it.  A lemon peeler works equally great.
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
I used about 2 tbsp worth of it.
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
Mix all the dry ingredients together. Instead of Cane sugar, you can also use Coconut sugar like I have below (use about a tbsp extra if needed, given that its lesser in sweetness than cane sugar).
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
Add the zest and give it a good mix until combined.
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
In another bowl, beat the egg whites along with oil slightly until frothy
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
and add the buttermilk to it.
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
Mix until combined.
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
until combined to make a thick batter.
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
Prepare the waffles as per the maker's instructions.
Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
Enjoy as they are or with Maple syrup. I enjoyed them with homemade (no sugar) Quince Applesauce. Buddha Hand recipes | Breakfast Recipes
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  1. Beth

    I read the Buddah’s hand fruit recipe and am going to look at my grocery store tomorrow

  2. Mary Van Horn

    I love, love, love it, but here I can find the Buddha’s hand. Thanks :wink:

  3. Never heard of this fruit,nor seen in market,what’s coconut sugar?

  4. I saw Buddha’s hand for the first time in a grocery store in NH just a couple of weeks ago. Not only is it really neat to look at, but oh the smell….just divine!! I can only imagine it in your waffles. Yum!

  5. Thats a beautiful looking fruit and an interesting way of using it.

  6. :) Love;y recipe happy new year

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