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The chances of finding some homemade Dosa batter /Idli batter in the fridge, when you visit a South Indian's kitchen is about 99.99%. Well, I belong in the remaining .01%. I grind the batter sporadically, as and when the fancy strikes me. This is especially true during the onset of winter when the fermentation drills get to me and suddenly I become the epitome of laziness!
Kids Recipes |  Indian Waffles Recipes | Easy Breakfast Recipes
But recently, thanks to taste testing a deliciously crispy yet spongy Uthappam at a neighbor's house, I have been on a batter making spree using her recipe. I have ground Dosa batter twice in one month alone! That's a record as far as my house is concerned. My family is not one to eat same dish on a daily basis. Of course - why in God's name would they want to make my work easier now?.
Kids Recipes |  Indian Waffles Recipes | Easy Breakfast Recipes
I try a variety of dishes with this ground batter to make it interesting and appealing to my family and this waffle is my little one's favorite. Makes a great breakfast and/or snack option. You can make it plain or add any number of veggies you like. The measurements are approximate, hence do use discretion depending on your waffle maker and preference of the amount/type of veggies. While the little dude likes this Vegetable Dosa waffles on its own, I prefer it dipped in some Spiced Idli Chutney Powder (Mozhaga podi).
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 1 person
  • Yields: Makes 1 (7 inch diameter) Belgian style waffle
  • Abt 1 cup Dosa Batter, see Tips
  • 1 tbsp Onion, finely minced
  • 1 tbsp Tomato, finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp Bell Pepper, finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp Carrot, grated
  • 1 Green chilli, finely minced (optional)
  • Few sprigs Curry Leaves and Cilantro, chopped
1. Dosa Batter: You can use your own recipe for making Dosa batter or even use store bought.

Vegetables: You can use any assortment of Veggies of your choosing. What taste good in your dosa, would taste just as good in these waffles as well.
1. Take the required amount of batter in a bowl. The amount and the number of waffles will depend on your waffle maker. Mine makes 1 waffle for 1 cup batter.
2. Add the chopped veggies to the batter. I have eye balled the amount. I used red onions, tomato, thinly sliced (quarter) of jalapeno (with seeds removed), Red Bell Pepper, a combination of Rainbow carrots , curry leaves and cilantro.
3. Mix until combined.
4. Pour the batter into your prepared waffle maker. I grease my pan with a combo of sesame oil and ghee.
5. Prepare the waffle according to your waffle maker instructions.
6. For me it took 4 minutes.
7. for it get ready with crispy edges.
My little one enjoys it plain while I love it dipped in Idli/Dosa Spicy chutney powder - Mozhaga Podi. Kids Recipes |  Indian Waffles Recipes | Easy Breakfast Recipes

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1 Member Reviews

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By Kavitha on Apr 13, 2014

Hi chef thank you so much for having taught us this innovative recipe which became an instant hit wt me and hubby :) I sure do plan to make it often . I pretty much made it similar to your recipe wt a few additions of grated ginger , regular spicy green chillies fine chopped , red/yellow/green all three peppers fine chopped ,tomatoes and coriander :) 

I am a big big fan of your great cooking :) and u sure are my fav chef :-) and tell u what I have tried out so many of the other food bloggers recipes but this is the first time I have posted a pic of anything I hv tried on their page :) Thanks again :) 


By Shwetha on Jan 6, 2018

Thanks for this recipe. Tried it out and it came really well :)

Glad to hear that Shwetha :) Happy Eating! --DK

By shubha on Apr 27, 2016

DK can u suggest some recipes for chutney podi, or jam / preserve or even simple spiceless chutney for little ones??

By sudha on Apr 14, 2015

:) pl post how to make it in a sandwich maker...looks so deliciously healthy...want to try

By Centsible Indian on May 14, 2014

I'm going to try it tomorrow. very nice idea. Thanks! :)

By selvi on May 8, 2014

Hi, I love this fusion recipe....very innovative.Can i try this in sandwich maker? Please let me know if u have tried?...beacuse i don't want any new appliances occupying my kitchen space. Can i pack this for lunch and does it stay soft and crispy for sometime? Thanks in advance for your response

By selvi on May 8, 2014

Hi,Seeing ur blog for the first time. Loved the idea of dosa waffle. Have u tried the same with sandwich maker? Please let me know because i don't want to buy any kitchen appliances due to shortage of space. Can i pack this for lunch and does it stay soft and crispy after some time?

By Rebica on May 1, 2014

Very innovative. You are tempting me to buy a waffle maker. Thanks!

By Jayati Shah on Apr 14, 2014

Tried making the Dosa waffles and they came out crisp and perfect. Thanks for another innovative idea!

By Kim Mehta on Apr 10, 2014

:-P I loved the idea and innovative concept of south Indian food making dosa. I generally get bored of having typical round shape dosa, but you gave new twist to it which I loved :-D and tried it at home. Recently i tried it in my kitty party, it looks tempting and my friends liked it. But to make this recipe the most important is batter, which is make in my Ultra Wet Grinder which has stone to grind the batter so fine as we need. :)

By Anuradha Jayaseelan on Apr 10, 2014

Hi DK, i am a big fan of your site and i follow you in FB as well....all your recipes looks so interesting and the pictures are captured so are inspiring to many new bloggers like me... I'm amazed by your creativity in this dish and am going to try this one with a sandwich maker first and then go for waffles maker....will post my result once i try....keep up the good (food) work....

By Sudha on Apr 3, 2014

Simply Great!!

By radha patel on Mar 26, 2014

can i use sandwich toaster instead of waffle maker??plz reply!!!!

I dont see why it wudnt work..--DK

By shalini on Mar 10, 2014

Love the idea. ..going to try asap

By Unnati on Mar 6, 2014

can i use sandwich maker instead of waffel one?

By Madhuram on Mar 5, 2014

Hi Dhivi, I had to stop by and comment that like minds think alike because dosa waffles are our favorite too. Just like pouring syrup over the regular waffles, my sons like pouring sambar on top of these dosa waffles. Try it out and see.

By Ram Radhakrishnan on Mar 4, 2014

Once again you have outdone yourself with your inventiveness and superb product photography. Now, where did I tuck away that Waffle iron ? :) BTW, we have started making the Dosa batter recently out of grinding soaked Urad dal and Rice Powder (as opposed to soaked rice), and it turns out smoother even when mixed in an ancient Oster.

Awe, thank you. Such motivation helps a great deal:). That's intriguing - you change any proportion or is it just the same? Would love to give that a try sometime. --DK

By Nidhi on Mar 4, 2014

Will definitely try this!! Amazing healthy snack!! Can it be made with uthpam pre mix like mtr?

As long its like a dosa batter, I don't see why it wouldnt work as well. :) --DK

By Nilima on Mar 3, 2014

Very innovative. You are tempting me to buy a waffle maker. Thanks!

By Nilima on Mar 3, 2014

Very innovative! you are tempting me to buy a waffle maker. Thanks for the idea.

By Mitch on Mar 3, 2014

Greetings from Canada ! This looks delicious. I don't think I have ever seen curry leaves here. I'm assuming they are fresh. Can I substitute the curry leaves with something else ? Thanks looking forward to trying this out.

Yes, they are fresh. I just add it for that typical South Indian flavor. You can certainly skip it. Use cilantro instead if you like it. Or else just skip. --DK

By panfusine on Mar 3, 2014

Love it, Love it, Love it.. You made my day! Thanks for the AWESOME validation! :-D

By nikita on Mar 3, 2014

love the dosa waffle idea! hope i get to try it someday :)

By Nanditanataraj on Mar 3, 2014

Loved this idea of making waffles from dosa batter. Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing :)

By Gayathri Manikandan on Mar 2, 2014

This is so innovative! I think I should get a waffle maker too :-D Have you posted any other recipes with waffle maker?

Yes, I have. Please search for Waffles.--DK