The amount of time needed to cook fresh (green) peanuts varies depending on the variety used and/or the maturity of the peanuts. Ideally if using the freshly pulled or "green" peanuts, it should take much less time than the ones that has been stored for some time. The method of boiling also dictates the time taken. The following estimates are provided for the fresh "green peanuts".

1. Using Pressure Cooker
A pressure cooker is my ideal choice to boil peanuts. It takes about 15-20 minutes.

2. Using Stove Top
This can take anywhere between 2-4 hours.

3. Using Microwave
Not recommended. Boiling fresh peanuts right from the beginning is a process that takes several hours (if using stove top) and is best done on the stove. The amount of electricity required in a microwave would be substantial. For shorter amount of time, pressure cooker is ideal.

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