How to boil peanuts in a pressure cooker | Boiling Groundnuts Indian style
Those were the days; when my family would sit around in the balcony watching the pouring rain/ or simply enjoying weather while sitting on the floor and breaking open boiled nuts from their shells. We would pop them into our mouths while sharing anecdotes. Those 45-60 minutes of family time were precious, in the sense, they made wonderful memories for me today. There is something therapeutic in that mechanical activity that frees the mind to wander pondering worldly topics, mulling over nostalgia and partaking opinions. While the activity was mundane, that first bite of salty goodness paving way to sweet buttery peanuty flavor was comforting. And it still is. 
How to boil peanuts in a pressure cooker | Boiling Groundnuts Indian style
When my parents were here few months ago, we were overjoyed to see abundant groundnuts/peanuts at our local Farmer's Market. Needless to say, we got us a few pounds to recreate those days. And guess what, the same old course turned out to be just as fresh as those days. I might have grown up by a decade (or ahem..two!) but my heart still jumped with childish glee, to be doing this all over again with my parents. They flew back home but I still get these now and then.  I boil and crack open them one by one....recalling those days and sharing it with my son while popping them into our mouths. Who knows, it might become his precious memory for  tomorrow.......
How to boil peanuts in a pressure cooker | Boiling Groundnuts Indian style
These are ridiculously simple to make. A pressure cooker is a handy tool and is perfect for this. Gets done in a jiffy and you have nutritious protein rich snack to munch on.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Yields: Around 8-9 cups
  • 1 kilo(abt 2.2 lbs) Peanuts/Groundnuts with shells
  • Abt 1/3-1/2 cup Himalayan Pink Salt , or to taste
1. One of the most important steps is washing them. These hoard dirt and a good washing in cold water is essential.
2. I find, filling a big bowl with water and then scrubbing them, a good way to remove all that grime. Repeat the process until the water runs clear
3. and the peanuts are very well cleaned.
4. Now add them to a pressure cooker. Add salt to taste and fill it with enough water to cover the peanuts completely.

Note: There is no advantage per se in adding salt right at the beginning since the salt only penetrates the pods after it softens. The early addition of salt also slows the process of cooking the peanuts. But overall, I find the ease of not opening the pressure cooker in the middle reason enough in adding it beforehand. It does not cause any change in texture or too much delay in cooking to warrantee not doing it.
5. Make sure you are not filling the pressure cooker to the brim (more like half way full) since it would lead to water seeping out while cooking. So use a good sized pressure cooker if making the same quantity. Pressure cook them for 3-5 whistles,around 10-15 minutes.
6. If you find, once you release the pressure, them not soft enough, cook for few more minutes until it reaches your desired texture. You can also add more salt if needed before this step.
7. Cool enough to handle the peanuts and shell them to taste the delicious nuts to your hearts content. Its easy to shell them and hardly takes few seconds.
How enticing do these look :) So, what are you waiting for?
How to boil peanuts in a pressure cooker | Boiling Groundnuts Indian style

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By Hari Chandana on Mar 10, 2016

one of my favorites! :)

By Nance on Mar 6, 2016

This is a staple late-summer treat in the Southern part of the US. I think Southerners use much more salt in cooking the nuts. Peanuts also cook well in a crockpot overnight. I put the crockpot outside to cook, as the peanuts don't have a pleasant scent when being cooked. Chinese boil peanuts also, using star anise (and possibly other spices) and sugar as well as salt in the boiling. Makes them more like a dessert snack. When buying the raw nuts, try to get very fresh ones with moist shells. Those with drier shells may not completely cook to a tender consistency.

Yes, totally agree, esp. with the moist shells. They make "oh my god" difference :) --DK