When making Cheese at home, you would have lots of whey left over. Instead of throwing them out, I use them in the following ways. How to use leftover whey from making cheese
  • Use them instead of water while Baking yeast bread.
  • Add whey instead of water while kneading the dough for my roti(s) (Indian tortillas/flatbreads).
  • Use up whey instead of water while cooking rice.
  • Soak my beans and brown rice in it, overnight. Helps in easier digestion and absorption. I use 1 tablespoons to every 1 cup of my soaking water.
  • Use instead of vinegar to Salads.
  • I mix some with my water to feed my plants.

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By Blaise B Menezes on Oct 20, 2015

It's a blowing healthy experince

By Suzie Miller on Mar 16, 2014

:) I love your site. I am definitely going to make the yogurt as you have noted. I used to make yogurt with whole milk (pasteurized), but I have found so much info lately about the benefits of raw milk, that it will be more than exciting to make yogurt again with raw milk & be healthier.

By Fabi on Feb 24, 2014

This is really cool! I did the ricotta recipe and worked beautifully. Now I would like to do it again and use the whey. Liked the idea of cooking rice with it. But one of my kids is lactose intolerant. Is that fine to give rice cooked on whey for him? Thanks!!

By mary on Oct 19, 2013

Hello. How do you start yoghurt from raw milk, without using yoghurt culture? Fermenting milk. But exactly how do you let the milk ferment? Thank you.

By KATHY B on Jul 18, 2013

Teach me how to use whey to ferment vegetables. ANd not just sourkraut :wink:

By Heather G on Mar 11, 2013

You can also use it in soups, instead of or in addition to water. :wink:

By Ranita on Mar 11, 2013

I used it as juice, my mum used to say it kills fat. Mix it with some mint and sugar and salt if you haven't used salt initially. :wink:

By Rachel on Feb 24, 2013

It can also be added to smoothies if you want to thin them at all or used in stead of water when making oatmeal. I keep forgetting to use mine though so i pinned these ideas too. I love the idea of using it to cook rice or add to dough. Not sure why I never do that.