Uses of Bean Water

How to Use cooked bean water
  1. Use as broth/stock in your soup recipe
  2. Perfect addition to stews as a liquid
  3. In place of water while kneading the dough for roti/savory flatbread
  4. In place of water while cooking couscous, quinoa etc
  5. To thin out your bean dips, or any savory sauces.
Just keep in mind that depending on the beans, you might get its flavor to whatever dish you are adding the beans to. I usually tend to make a big batch of beans to use in various ways throughtout the month, hence tend to cook it mostly with only salt and bay leaf without too much seasoning. The broth will have more flavor with addition of more seasonings. Well, its not a bad thing really, but the use of the broth might have limitations in that case depending on the dish.

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