Uses of Beetroot Powder | Benefits of Beetroot powder
Beetroot powder is simply beetroot that has been dried and then finely powdered. I have some on hand to use as a natural coloring agent and also to add in nutrition wherever prudent. Just one teaspoon of your average beetroot powder is the equivalent of an entire beet.Its pretty easy to include in your daily diet especially since it does not have a strong flavor. It also gives the food a slightly sweeter taste.

Benefits of Beetroot Powder

They are known to lower blood pressure and for improving heart health. It provides better endurance, increases stamina and energy. Hence it is prized by athletes and for those working out on a regular basis. They boost brain power and are known to fight inflammation. -Healthy circulation of blood and oxygen in the body -Stamina, endurance, and energy

How to Use Beetroot Powder

Use them in smoothies, flavored yogurt, soups, sauces, morning oatmeal, baking, as a natural food coloring, even little in your drinking water, pancakes (or in dosa/idli batter). Many use it in their DIY cosmetics as well. Please note: While this powder is pretty harmless enough to enjoy everyday - just like everything else - don't go overboard. Though extremely nutritious ( the powder packing lot of more nutrition than in regular beets due to the concentration), one might go overboard on nitrates leading to kidney stones to those predisposed to it. Keep within 5 grams per day limit

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