Both these spongy Indian flatbreads are popular for a reason. They are irresistible and they make a great companion to curries. Though their textures and taste are similar, there is a distinct difference in their methods of preparation.
Naan and Kulcha Breads
Difference between Naan and Kulcha Naan uses Yeast as a leavening agent whereas Kulcha makes use of baking powder and baking soda for its preparation. Hence Kulcha does not need to rise like Naan. Naans are usually oblong in shape while Kulchas are round (although technically its more of a look and feel rather than as a rule). While Naan are predominantly made in the Tandoor (or Oven), I have known Kulchas to be made mostly on stove top. But personally, I have tried both Naan and Kulchas in stove top as well as Oven with good results. Difference between Naan and Kulcha

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By Jeanine on Mar 8, 2016

Wow! Thank you so much! This answered my googled question regarding naan breads that I've had for sometime now! Thank you for sharing this info much appreciated

By Swati on Feb 7, 2014

Well I am searching for this answer since quite long and came to the similar conclusion like you. :-D But watching Great Indian celeb chefs making naan un leavened with baking powder and soda, I was really confused and I am still not sure for the answer now :roll: :-? :?:

By Leena Sheth on Jul 2, 2013

:-D Thanks for the explanation. Appreciate it.