Difference between Green Peanuts and Raw Peanuts

Both Raw Peanuts and Green Peanuts are used to make Boiled Peanuts. Though many people use the terms interchangeably they are not same.

Green Peanuts: A green peanut is a term to used to describe newly harvested Peanuts. These are not air dried or dehydrated and hence contain higher water content (35%-50%) making them easily perishable. In short - green peanuts are straight out of the garden/farm to the markets (Indian markets, Asian markets, farmers markets, and online sellers) during the week of harvest.

Difference between Green Peanuts and Raw Peanuts

These are not common beyond their growing regions, because of spoilage. They need to be refrigerated immediately since they tend to rot very soon, within a week (or in best case 10-12 days) even when stored in the best of conditions (well ventilated, dry, cool location). The only way to keep them would be to freeze them. Boil and then freeze them. Do not freeze them without boiling them first.

Raw Peanuts: Raw peanuts refer to unroasted/uncooked nuts. At times, they also include to mean Green Peanuts, though rare. In most cases, Raw peanuts available are air dried/dehydrated to bring down their moisture content in order to make them less perishable thereby longer storage.

Difference between Green Peanuts and Raw Peanuts

So to boil them, they must be rehydrated. So a pre soak overnight in a large bowl of water is required and once rehydrated, they are ready to be boiled.

Image Sources: MotherEarthNews.Com and Wikimedia.org

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