How to make ice cream
Sometimes I astound myself! Really. May be shock is the word. Dunno what it exactly is but I do things that I would normally think very unlikely me. Like make an ice cream or rather enjoy something that has a word "cheesecake" in it! Let me explain - I am not a ice cream fan. I like it but I wont say I get all excited over an ice cream. It took me many months of practically living next door to coldstone to actually go and finally get some ice cream (for the novelty of it) and that too threw half of it away cos it was "too much".  What? Are you staring at me already? Wait for the next one.
How to make ice cream
I.Hate.Cheesecake. There - I said it and now you can give me all the dirty looks you want. (If you have come over here already, you would know I dont like chocolate either!). You hate me already dont you? Or you think I am miserable old goat who is too deep in life's misery to appreciate the good things about it. Oh well that's for people who actually know me to clarify it for you :) So coming back to my first line. I am sure now that it makes more sense to you. If you asked - "Then why in the hell did you make cheesecake icecream?", I am glad to know, that you were actually reading this passage. :). I tried it cos of the novelty. Just curious. ( I heard you say "Sheeeesh!". I know!). But I have to say this " I LIKED IT". Who knew when the two most unlikely things in my life got together, they did a good job ganging up to create something I like. Me and my husband actually had a whole cup each after dinner. ( Did I say he is also like me with respect to ice creams and cheesecake...and...err...chocolate? ) The tart homemade Raspberry sauce (just pureed fresh raspberries with little sugar, strained and served) on top of these made it delicious. How to make ice cream My friend G who LOVES cheesecake went totally bonkers over these. She in fact finished more than half the bowl herself and till today insists on blaming me for her 10 pounds gain (she had 8 of those way before I gave her these. But "Shhhhhhh", dont tell her I said that ;) ) I wanted to make this verbatim but I had only 2% milk on hand and did not want to go the shop. The rest are as the recipe asked for. This recipe makes about 5 cups (ten 1/2-cup servings)
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 8+ people
  • Yields: Makes about 5 cups (ten 1/2 cup servings)
  • 12 ounces cream cheese, room temperature, cut into 2-inch pieces
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup mascarpone, room temperature
  • 1 cup 2% milk, room temperature (or use whole milk)
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup sour cream, room temperature
Note:If you don't own an icecream maker, pls refer my Mango Coconut Ice cream Recipe on how to make this without Ice cream maker.
1. With a hand mixer (or a stand mixer) , mix the cream cheese until very smooth.
2. With the mixer running, gradually add the sugar and the salt.
3. Mix until homogenous.
4. Next comes the mascarpone. Mix until its well combined into the cream cheese mixture.
5. Slowly add in the milk and the vanilla.
6. Mix until its smooth.
7. Next fold in the sour cream. If you are using the stand mixer then use the "Fold" function to blend the sour cream in along with the rest of the ingredients.
8. Now cover this mixture and refrigerate it for 1-2 hours or at overnight. I kept it for 2 hours. I used a plastic wrap to cover it up,
9. Turn on your icecream maker and then pour the mixture in to the bowl. Note:If you don't own an icecream maker, pls refer my Mango Coconut Ice cream Recipe on how to make this without Ice cream maker.
10. Now prepare the ice cream as per your manufacturer's instruction.
11. As for mine, I let it churn for 20 minutes until it was all thick. See the thickness? But it was still creamy and soft (as already specified by the booklet).
12. As suggested by the book, for a more firm consistency, I transferred this mixture into an air tight container
13. and then placed it in the freezer overnight with the lid tightly sealed in. Actually even 2 hours should do it, but it was already late in the evening, hence I kept it overnight.
14. The next morning, yummy creamy cheesecake Icecream all ready. Remove it from the freezer about 15 minutes before serving (although mine was perfect for scooping right out of the freezer).
What was left was to pour in some homemade raspberry sauce on top of it along with some fresh berries for garnish. I kept the sauce on the tart side so that we could actually enjoy the cheesecake! How to make ice cream

Recipe Reference

recipe minimally adapted from cuisinart icecream maker's recipe booklet

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2 Member Reviews

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By Nags on Dec 10, 2011

I made some adaptations, like increasing the amount of mascarpone and decreating the amount of sour cream. I also added some graham cracker crumbs to make it more cheesecake-y. It's rich and delicious. I loved it! You can check out my version here

By Annie on Jun 2, 2011

Variations-  I didn't have marscapone on hand, so I used 1/8 more each cream cheese and sour cream.  I didn't use any of the ingredients at room temperature, except for the cream cheese.  Since I used cold ingredients also, I didn't "chill" before putting it into the ice cream machine, and had excellent results.  I did "try" to flavor the cheesecake ice cream with blackberry jam, to add some fruitiness.  Using three tablespoons wasn't enough, it is still very cheesecake flavored, although it is now purple.  Next time, I will up the amount of blackberry jam, and see if it helps.


If you are looking for cheesecake bliss in ice cream form, this recipe is it!  Unfortunately, I didn't know about this site before freezing the ice cream, so I don't have a picture of it.


By Eggless Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Recipe – Cheesecake Ice-Cream Recipe | Edible Garden on Dec 8, 2014

[...] About 4 cups Serves 4 – 6 Adapted from: ChefinYou [...]

By Tonya on Jul 30, 2014

I have a electric old fashion ice cream freezer. Will this work in it? Can I double or triple my maker makes 1 Gallon of ice cream?

By christineyyy on Apr 18, 2013

I wanna try this with my three sisters. :) I think it is very delicious... this is very exciting. I hope so. :mrgreen:

By shreya on Feb 1, 2013

Where can I buy mascarpone? Delicious!

By Annie on Jun 2, 2011

I left a review on ChefInYou after making this! I tweaked it because I didn't have marscapone, but I'm sure my results were very much the same that they should have been. I did try to add blackberry jam while it was in the machine, but without being able to truly taste it I was worried about burying the cheesecake flavor. Three tablespoons wasn't enough, but my cheesecake ice cream is a lovely pale purple color! Will definitely use your recipe again for a base, and will try to add more blackberry jam! Thanks for an awesome, easy recipe. :D

By Divya on May 22, 2011

YUM..this looks good!!I'll join the club of Cheesecake-dislikers but Ice-cream,I can have it 24/7 365 days and still not get tired of it.If only I had that luxury!!

By Hari Chandana on May 15, 2011

Wowwwwww.. Yummy and tempting ice cream.. looks absolutely inviting.. thanks for the awesome recipe dear !! Indian Cuisine

By Padma on May 11, 2011

Those were my initial days in america when I thought I can eat cheesecake endlessly, DH brought it on my first bday celebrated on this soil...eiikkkkss After 2 bites... I disliked it...stored in the refrigerator for almost 2 months, then dashed in the freezer for another year.... and after 2 whole years of storage trashed it, since then I never indulged in attempting cheesecake again (its been 4 yrs now) but your recipe looks appealing, only thing is I don't have icecream maker :-| :-| .... any solution???

I have written a note about it in my post Padma. In the ingredient section. Pls refer :)

By Apu on May 11, 2011

Delicious!! I make only eggless cheesecake!! Dislike the eggy version.

By Iris on May 11, 2011

Hi i really liked the recipe.. seems easy.. but can u tell me how to go abt making the ice cream when i have no ice cream maker???

I have written a note about it in my post Iris. In the ingredient section. Pls refer :)

By Food Lover on May 11, 2011

Yummyyyy, I can't wait to try this dish :)

By Priya on May 11, 2011

To be honest even i dont like cheesecake..eggless cheesecake icecream looks marvellous and yummy..

By Radhika on May 10, 2011

I just can't digest the fact that you could hate all those yummy things and go on to make such an utterly delicious looking cheese cake icecream.:) Oh and what can we use instead of what is it ya Mascarpone. I don't think you get them in India.

By Raks on May 10, 2011

I have not even tasted cheese cakes but I imagine myself how cheese would be tasting in a cake or desserts?? Same goes with lemony desserts... Ice cream sounds totally unique,wish I could taste :)

By Cherie on May 10, 2011

:-D This looks so delicious,I will blame you when it goes straight to my hips ! I love your recipes,thank you so much for posting this.

By Rashmi on May 10, 2011

You are just amazing, no words to express:)

By Namitha on May 10, 2011

Awesome ! I love everything about it :)

By Priya Mahadevan on May 10, 2011

Woweee! utter deliciousness!

By Nishi on May 10, 2011

Gosh I am already going GA Ga over this. Looks so delicious. Sigh!!!

By Vardhini on May 10, 2011

Wow .. yummy looking cheesecake icecream. I am sure my kids would love it. Vardhini VardhinisKitchen