Oats roti/flatbread using Oats flour and Oat bran
When I wrote this article for Daily Tiffin elaborating the different Oats and their nutrition, a reader of mine sent me a mail, telling me how she indeed sees the benefits but unfortunately no one in her family has the habit of eating cereal for breakfast. Also since she is working, she does not find time to sit and bake a whole lot of breads/cookies using oats. She asked me if there was any other way to incorporate oats other than the usual cereal/baked methods. I said yes! and that there are many many methods to make use of these nutrition powerhouses. I am a working woman too and I don’t find time to spend that much time in cooking either. I use whole grains in different ways and one way of using oats in my kitchen would be by making these rotis. They are simple, and they follow pretty much the same method of making our regular rotis. Making them this way, one would not find that much of a difference in the taste either – but you, responsible for the family’s nutrition can rest in peace knowing that every bit of that morsel is going to do good for the health.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • Yields: Makes around 6-8 thin rotis
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 cup rolled oats
  • i/4 cup oat bran
  • salt to taste
1. To make the oat flour, grind the rolled oats well.
2. It takes roughly 1/4 cup of rolled oats to make about 1/2 cup oat flour
3. Add the flour along with the bran and whole wheat, stir in the salt.
4. Add enough water to make a soft and pliable dough.
5. Divide the dough into small balls.
6. Using a rolling pin, roll it into a flatbread. Not too thick nor too thin into a circle.
7. Place it in a non-stick/iron skillet, use little oil.
8. Cook until brown on one side. Turn and repeat.

Serve it warm with any dal, side dishes of your choosing. They taste well with pickle too.

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By Snigdha on Sep 11, 2016

I made these breads according to the recipe, but they came out terribly hard and tough. Didn't add any oil to the mix. Where did I go wrong?

One possible reason was not enough water. Was the prepared dough soft and pliable? Also overcooking on the hot stove could make it harder. --DK

By Tried and Tasted: Oats Roti » Oh Taste n See..... | Oh Taste n See..... on Jan 20, 2013

[...] and for the health benefits. When I saw this recipe on DK’s chef in you, for another kind of Oats Roti, I decided to give it a [...]

By Canadian-Desi on Jun 11, 2012

Save the trouble of grinding the oats. Instead just soak oats overnight. For soft rotis you need to make the dough as soft as possible by adding a bit extra water. Then to avoid it getting sticky add a little oil.

By Naveen on May 25, 2012

Thank U so much !!!!

By Muslimah on May 4, 2012

Jazak Allaah for this great recipe. Though it's simple. But the pics have made things easier for me.

By kundhavai on Dec 30, 2011

nice idea...Thank you

By Tried and Tasted: Oats Roti « Oh Taste n See on Nov 5, 2010

[...] and for the health benefits. When I saw this recipe on DK’s chef in you, for another kind of Oats Roti, I decided to give it a [...]

By Vardhini on Jun 16, 2010

Are "Old fashioned" oats the same as rolled oats? Also can we omit oats and use just oat bran?

Oh yes you can use rolled oats. and You can also use only Oat bran. As long as there is some components of Oats in the recipe to call it Oats roti, anything works :)

By Sharmilee on Dec 6, 2009

First time here....lovely recipes u have!

By Madhu on Feb 10, 2009

Amazing idea..I was wondering if its possible to include oats while makin roti..You made it simple and neat..

By Madhuram on Feb 9, 2009

Me too. I've been including oats in chapathis for atleast a year now. I don't powder it, mix it as it is and don't find it difficult rolling. I also add flax seed powder. My mother when she came here found another way. My husband has oats kanji (with buttermilk) daily for breakfast. So she used to prepare some extra oast kanji and use that while mixing the dough for chapathi and this made the chapathis very soft.

By veggie belly on Feb 9, 2009

How unusual and so very healthy!

By Pavithra Kodical on Feb 9, 2009

You are creative..Healthy roti..Nice presentation too...

By LG on Feb 8, 2009

my sis makes them and they tasted good and what else they are healthy too :)

By Andhra Flavors on Feb 8, 2009

very innovative one DK. will try for this evening dinner.

By Madhu on Feb 8, 2009

what a neat idea to add oats to rotis, pic looks awesome...

By Soma on Feb 8, 2009

Awesome idea. i hate oats in my cereal. & I cannot push my family if i do not eat. A huge Thanks to you for this!

By Ashwini on Feb 8, 2009

wow healthy roti..This is a great idea of using oats..Your roti looks perfectly round..I never can make such perfect shape..Lovely pics..

By Gayathri on Feb 8, 2009

Wow!! thats an excellent thought, I was having pack of oats and was unable to use it, i will try this trick and all will have nutritious diet. Thanks for sharing

By DK on Feb 8, 2009

@Pavani- that was a pretty fast comment. I had just published it and there you were. Am glad u like them

@Jaya,musy and Nags - thanks girls:) Hugs

@Poonam - If want to make phulkas, they would be little drier..but other than that for a normal roti which uses little oil for cooking, these are as soft as any wheat roti. Dont make a hard dough - soft pliable ones makes a deliciously soft rotis with these :)

@Alka - I am glad you like it Alka..there are still innumerable ways..will post all of them one by one. I use whole grains way lot and try to include them in Indian cooking since thats the normal food...:)

By Alka on Feb 8, 2009

Thanks a ton for letting me know this way of having oats
Actually i did purchased a decent quantity of oats after i heard a lot of its benefits in blog-o-sphere.But honestly speaking i found that adding these in milk makes it too viscid,and since then i wished to utilized them in some way or other.Now i know wht to do with oats,thnks to u :-)

By poonam on Feb 8, 2009

Hey very nice idea!
but is it as soft as our wheat roti?

By Nags on Feb 8, 2009

that's a lovely idea! i have half a packet of oats that my in laws left behind after their visit, going unused!

By musical on Feb 8, 2009


By Jayashree on Feb 7, 2009

Nice idea.....and nice click too.

By Pavani on Feb 7, 2009

Nutritious rotis.. never tried using oat bran before.. your rotis look perfectly round and yummy.