Wheat Diamond Biscuit Recipe
For the Navarathri, each day is significant to the recipe prepared and goddess prayed. Like I mentioned in my previous Sundal Post, different varieties of this salad is prepared on different days. My mother actually recently gave me the order which we follow for each of the days. For the first 3 days of Navaratri, we pray Goddess Durga. On day 1, my mother told me that we usually prepare something with Wheat. She gave me this Wheat Diamond Biscuit recipe which is ridiculously simple. If you know of Maida Diamond Biscuits, then you are sure to like this one too. The only difference is that the dough is similar to that of Indian Poori and is not sweet. It takes less than 15 minutes to prepare and also has less than 5 ingredients - in fact it has exactly 3 ingredients :) (with a possibility of making it to only 2!!). This is a fried version and since I was preparing it as an offering, I didn't feel like Baking it - may be some other time when I make it more for snacking and not as offering.
Wheat Diamond Biscuit Recipe
See the recipe to know how simple it really is. One thing is for certain and I give it as a warning beforehand - You can't stop eating this biscuit. I don't believe in using someone else's terms that much - but I have to use Ray Ray's words here - Its totally YUMMO!
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Yields: Makes around 3 cups
  • 1 cup wheat flour
  • 1-2 tsp Ghee (optional - substitute with vegetable oil to make it Vegan)
  • salt to taste
1. Add all the ingredients together.
2. Slowly spoon enough water to form into a dough
3. The dough should of a rolling consistency. Not too sticky nor too dry.
4. On a slightly floured surface, roll out the dough into thin flat bread - not papery thin but not too thick either.
5. Slowly using a sharp knife, draw slanted lines, cutting into the dough
6. Now again cross it on the other side to form diamond shapes. This is not necessary. You can use a cookie cutter if you like to form your own patterns.
7. Drop these in hot oil and fry them in batches until reddish brown in color. The oil will stop bubbling once these get done.
8. Remove using a slotted spoon
9. and drop them on a paper towel to drain excess oil.
Let them sit for a while and enjoy. They are very addictive. Store them in an air tight container. They are excellent as traveling snacks and keep well for a long time although I guarantee that once you start eating them, they wont last too long. Wheat Diamond Biscuit Recipe

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1 Member Reviews

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By shivani on Oct 31, 2010

I made this and used plain flour and cumin and carom seeds as well.



By ilavenil on Sep 21, 2012

I did this and turnout to be just like in the pic.But once it get cold,it did not taste as good as when it was hot...

By zmom on Feb 24, 2012

Hi, if i use maida, do i need to add baking powder. Also can i add coarsley ground zeera seeds. I used to eat these as a child, we called them "Namak Parah". Thanks

By Saroja on Apr 30, 2011

I vaguely remember eating something similar to this, but sweeter. Can I add little sugar and follow the same receipe?

By Smitha on Dec 29, 2010

Hi D and K! Wonderful site!! Thank you for the recipe. I do this with the all purpose floor (maida). But, I wanted to try with Wheat floor (as wheat is healthier than maida. However, i was scared, that if it did not come out well.. Now, that i saw this recipe, i'll try this at home and will let you know, how they tasted.. :) Thank you!!

By viji on Nov 26, 2010

one of my friend shared this for diwali, but for a pinch she added ajwain in it. it tasted divinely.

By Easier Than Falling Off a Log » Baked Wheat Crackers on Oct 20, 2010

[...] along with the roasted red pepper hummus that will be tomorrow’s post (hopefully). These were originally supposed to be deep-fried, but I just couldn’t handle deep-frying something that day, so I baked them [...]

By Kim, Rambling Family Manager on Sep 30, 2009

Hi: How would you bake these instead of frying? What temp, how long? They look so good... I saw the pic on Food Gawker and couldn't resist checking them out!

Hi Kim, I am thinking (assuming) that 350F for about 5-10 min or so should work. I haven't baked them myself hence cant be too sure. It all comes down to how thin you roll these out. If very thin, I think 350F for just few minutes should do...if medium thick - I wonder if they would beautifully puff up like they do in case of frying yet maintain the crispiness - that's the one thing I have to check...I will def keep you posted about my experiments :) Thank you for sweet comment :) --- DK

By nags on Sep 28, 2009

how about soda? they puffed up so nicely without it? nice!! :)

Oh yes they do - I din't use soda at all. They are just like mini pooris - DK

By Kate on Sep 26, 2009

These sound so easy -- how interesting. Ghee is now sold in a specialty store near me, so I could try them. I'm trying to imagine what they taste like, are they light and buttery and crunchy, or more like crackers? Mmm, I'll have to try and find out myself. :)

That depends on how you thin you roll them out. Thinner they are, more crunchy they will turn out to be. Ghee is not really essential - u can skip it for oil or not use oil/ghee at all. Just water along with salt to knead the dough should do too. But in India usually when we make something as an offering adding ghee is important :) And yes you should try it :) You wont regret it, I assure u :) (well as an afterthought u might, since u will be unable to stop eating it ;) )

By Cookie Cutter on Sep 22, 2009

Yum and thanks for the ideas!

By CurryLeaf on Sep 22, 2009

Yum ,I was planning to try the same .You beat me.I always make(make my mother do) the maida biscuits.Only difference I make either add it to sugar syrup or for savoury version add chillipowder in the dough.

By Sharmila on Sep 21, 2009

This is the easiest recipe I've ever come across. And so great looking! Perfect with some hot tea am sure. :-)

By Divya Vikram on Sep 21, 2009

I make these often as a crunchy snack with tea. Sounds perfect!

By Chana on Sep 21, 2009

DHIVI, (DK?) is it a coincidence to find the recipe for SUN DAL during Navaratri as I am in the midst of sprouting beans and seeds for salads during this same time of seasonal change? I haven't sprouted these in a while, but now that there is a coolness in the air, I'm using kala chana dal, garbanzo (chickpeas), moong beans, and the seeds of the sunflower and flax. Thank you for your wonderful comments and recollections during this time of your Navaratri holidays!

By Desi Soccer Mom on Sep 21, 2009

That looks so simple and so delicious. No salt, no ajwain, no chilli. Just whear flour, ghee and water. Amazing. Will surely try it.

Yes, its easy enough but there is salt though :)

By Parita on Sep 21, 2009

We too make these :)

By vineelasiva on Sep 20, 2009

Never tried with wheat.I used to prepare with maoda only.Will try this.

By Priya on Sep 20, 2009

Never tried with wheat flour, should try..if i do, i cant stop munching this beauties definitely..

By Srivalli on Sep 20, 2009

Yummo!..well I am trying hard to follow the rules too!..:)