Rainbow Carrot Raita | Indian Yogurt Sauce Recipe with Carrots
For something this simple, Raita can add such a special touch to any Indian meal. This is particularly true when the meal is rich and/or spicy. And to make it all the more interesting, the variations are galore! Any vegetables/fruits (or in combination of) can be added, depending on where your wild creativity takes you. For today, I am keeping it to something that's very simple and straightforward to make.
Rainbow Carrot Raita | Indian Yogurt Sauce Recipe with Carrots
I have always been a sucker for wide assortment of colorful vegetables in my meals. When I saw these Rainbow Carrots in my Farmer's market, I had to buy them. I used them in various recipes (instead of regular carrots) and this simple raita was one of them. It was so beautiful to look at that it got over before the meal itself . I tend to buy vegetables with their greens attached (if available of course) - like Beets, carrots etc for 2 reasons. One, it helps that most of such greens are edible and nutritious and two, they help to ascertain the freshness of the vegetables. All that beautiful "polishing" and "waxing" can be very misleading in ascertaining the freshness of the produce and when an opportunity is available when you can actually check for freshness yourself, why not use it?
Rainbow Carrot Raita | Indian Yogurt Sauce Recipe with Carrots
There is a big controversy regarding the safety of consuming carrot greens. Many resources claim they are. But one resource (I cannot seem to find the link I saw it in), said that its not as safe for children as it is for grown ups. No idea about the authenticity of such an information although having a small kid myself, I am not ready for any risk. At the same time, I have to add, that I did cook carrot greens - considerable number of times -  before the little one was born. I am still all alive and safe to tell you the story - so there :)
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • Yields: Makes around 2-3 cups (depending on the preferred consistancy)
  • 2 cups thick plain Yogurt (make sure its not sour. I use fat free Greek yogurt)
  • 4 Rainbow Carrots (or use 1 cup of regular grated Carrots)
  • 1/2 - 1 tsp roasted Cumin powder (I sometimes use ground cumin-coriander powder with good results)
  • salt to taste ( try the black salt available in Indian stores. More authentic)
  • 1-2 green Chillies, sliced thin (optional)
  • chilli powder/ground pepper for garnish (optional)
  • Few sprigs of carrot greens/cilantro as garnish (optional)
1. I used one of each colors I had. Scrub and wash them. Peel the skins if they are not organic. Chop the hard ends.
2. Grate them.
3. Steam them for 2-3 minutes.
4. While that's steaming, add the rest of the ingredients together.
5. Whisk them until smooth. You can add some water/milk to it to reach your desired consistency.
6. Add in the steamed carrots to the curd mixture. I usually set aside some for garnish before adding the rest of them to the yogurt.
7. Whisk well until combined. Do a taste test and season accordingly.
Garnish with the remaining carrots and carrot greens/cilantro. A little sprinkle of more roasted cumin powder does not hurt :) Rainbow Carrot Raita | Indian Yogurt Sauce Recipe with Carrots

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By Miss.Snarkypants on Feb 12, 2014

Where can you get Rainbow Carrots in the United States?

Such a generalised question - so I have no idea if you are asking for something specific. I get mine from the Farmer's market. Its also available in Whole Foods and Sprouts. --DK

By JANETTE on Jul 5, 2012


By Arcchana on Feb 14, 2012

:lol: very useful and healthy food

By kiran singh on Feb 3, 2012


By Cherie on Feb 3, 2012

Thank you for this lovely recipe,I am making it tonight.I love the food you cook,and the photos inspire me to get in the kitchen.Thank you so much :-P

By Deeps @ Naughty Curry on Feb 3, 2012

wow! i have never seen carrotds in such beutiful colours! looks so pretty

By Hari Chandana on Feb 3, 2012

healthy and delicious raita.. looks awesome !! Indian Cuisine

By Jayashree on Feb 3, 2012

hi dk, just love ur site, its so colorful, the recipes are so well explained step by step, keep it up.

Oh thank you so much Jayashree. I am glad to have such an appreciative audience --DK

By Sakshi on Feb 3, 2012

Whoa!! I didn't know all that info about Carrot leaves and have gobbled them up like crazy :roll: Do you think that might be the cause of my loose brain?? 8-O :( I love the colors of the carrots and the raita is oh so beautiful. Will try making it once I get hold of the vegetables this sunday from the Farmer's Market 8)