What is OPOS?

OPOS is a scientific cooking technique designed to unchain you from the kitchen, cut drudgery and empower anyone to cook confidently. All OPOS recipes use One Pot & all cooking is done at One Shot. No steps. No supervision. No fear. With OPOS, all recipes from Malai Kofta to Mysorepak are easier and faster than cooking instant noodles!

The OPOS Story

Traditional recipes do not work for many of us struggling to cope with a fast paced life. We lack the skill, time & support to make them work. Those living abroad face special problems, with even a tadka becoming impossible! OPOS was designed to address these problems. It is being constantly shaped by the feedback of thousands of volunteers from over 20 countries across the world.


OPOS is Green. One vessel to wash. OPOS is Clean. Hygienic by design. OPOS is Fast. Fresh food in minutes. OPOS is Liberating. No supervision. OPOS is Healthy. Less oil & salt used. OPOS is Flexible. Cook your way. OPOS is Economical. Saves fuel. ... but OPOS is Addictive! There is no turning back!

Standard OPOS equipment:

A 2 liter stainless steel pressure cooker, a Stick blender, Measuring cups & spoons, Knife, Peeler & Grater, small weighing scale, Induction stove (Can use gas/ electric stove after standardising) ... and nothing more!

Before you start :

  • OPOS is a set of validated scientific techniques designed to bring the best out of food.
  • Do not change recipes or try scaling up/ down till you understand the basic techniques.

How to Standardise your Pressure cooker?:

Before you start OPOS method of cooking, make sure your pressure cooker is standardised. That is, it works the way it is supposed to in order for the timings in the recipes to work. OPOS follows precise instructions and it becomes necessary to understand your cooker as the first step. Please refer to the video on how to do it.

OPOS Recipes:

You will be able to see recipes as and when I add them in the link specified. Refer OPOS® Recipes here
The OPOS® methodology has been created and copyrighted by Mr. Ramakrishnan of One Page Cookbooks fame. The above content and video belongs to him and has been reproduced with permission

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By Sonia Fernandes on Jul 24, 2017

I have been following RK's recipes from a while. I am still unclear if we can do this without a 2 litre cooker?

Yes you can Sonia. But a 2 litre is mentioned as a starting point just to make sure you familiarise yourself with the technique before venturing out to your own experiments. And this only to make sure someone is able to assist you in case of any mistakes. Otherwise its very hard to guide without knowing where exactly things got haywire. Since I am quite familiar with certain recipes, I have tried it with 3L/ 3.5L myself to satisfy the needs of my family and they have worked out great! :) --DK