What is OPOS?

OPOS is a scientific cooking technique designed to unchain you from the kitchen, cut drudgery and empower anyone to cook confidently with simple straightforward steps and instructions that works for everyone - be it a beginner to an expert.

The OPOS Story

Physically, we are chained to the stove. The leash may be short or long, but a leash is a leash. You may not mind that leash or you may detest it, but you cannot break free. OPOS seeks to cut this leash with totally unsupervised cooking.

We are bound by tradition, beliefs, taboos, cultures and so called rules that mostly overlook the basic nuances of food and its science. OPOS seeks to erase these boundaries and break free from the thought process that cooking for loved ones is a long process. Work hard is good, but work smart is even better!


OPOS is Green (living) and eco friendly. Minimal vessels/utensils to wash. OPOS is Clean and Hygienic by design. Its Fast (most recipes ranging from 5-10min). Fresh food in minutes that's not only vibrant to look at but also been proved to be most nutritious. Cooking over high heat for a very short time not only helps in retaining the color of the food but also causes less breakdown of nutrition. There is minimal to no water used to cook your food that helps in retaining the nutrition.

Standard OPOS equipment:

A 2 liter stainless steel pressure cooker, a Stick blender, Measuring cups & spoons, Knife, Peeler & Grater, small weighing scale, Induction stove (Can use gas/ electric stove after standardising) ... and nothing more!

Before you start :

  • OPOS is a set of validated scientific techniques designed to bring the best out of food.
  • Do not change recipes or try scaling up/ down till you understand the basic techniques.

How to Standardise your Pressure cooker?:

Before you start OPOS method of cooking, make sure your pressure cooker is standardised. That is, it works the way it is supposed to in order for the timings in the recipes to work. OPOS follows precise instructions and it becomes necessary to understand your cooker as the first step. Please refer to the video on how to do it.

OPOS Recipes:

You will be able to see recipes as and when I add them in the link specified. Refer OPOS® Recipes here
The OPOS® methodology has been created and copyrighted by Mr. Ramakrishnan of One Page Cookbooks fame. The above content and video belongs to him and has been reproduced with permission

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By Gomathi on Apr 4, 2020

I live in muscat,oman. I'm interested in opos cooking.techniques. is it possible to get the kit here?

Please verify it from this site. https://oposchef.com/

By Sundaraganesh on Oct 25, 2018

I like to understand oppos technology,since I am interested in cooking.

By Padmanabhan on Sep 16, 2018

Excellent for time saving.

By Padmanabhan on Sep 16, 2018

excellent for timesaving, thanks

By Padmanabhan on Sep 16, 2018

Excellent for timesaving

By Savitha on Aug 8, 2018

Hello Sir, I have trouble with the duration of whistle, doesn't seem to be as long as the ones in your video. It is brand new prestige alpha 2L cooker. It gives first whistle at 1:19 however the length of the whistle isn't as long as yours. It doesn't his or sputter just doesn't seem long enough to me. I tried reducing the heat but no difference. I tried making ginger garlic paste, with the 3 whistle thing didn't get caramelization, looked raw. Went for longer but didn't pish hard. Result was alright not great. Whistles were hurried. What do you think I should do? With this hiccup not feeling confident to try any other recipe

By Savitha on Aug 8, 2018

Hello RK sir, I've trouble with the length of my whistle. It is 2L prestige pressure cooker, Alpha deluxe. It whistles at 1:19 sec, however the whistle doesn't seem long enough..compared to the videos I mean. I tried making the ginger garlic paste, 3 whistles came real fast( under 3.5 min) but there was no caramelization so kept it for lil longer but didn't push too hard, it came out alright not great..the whistle length is confusing. What should I do? It is a brand new cooker

By Kanchan on Aug 5, 2018

Hi I need help. I have been wanting to try the OPOS method for a while now. I have a 5ltr Prestige Anidused Steel cooker. How do I standardise the cooker and figure out cooking times for my 5 ltr cooker ? Hopr to hear from you soon.

I know you wouldnt really prefer this reply, but I would really recommend getting one 2L pressure cooker before trying 5L cooker. The reason being the little cooker is better to understand the technique which is essential for all OPOS recipes. Not understanding the technique will cause burning and you will not benefit from this life changing experience. Once you get it, you will be able to work up to larger cookers and scale larger quantities. Hope this helps Kanchan --DK

By A. Ranganathan on Jul 24, 2018

Where do I get one to buy? Please list dealers' names in South Chennai

By Aishwarya on May 4, 2018

Have a doubt whether opos s healthier as we are cooking food in high flame and faster

We are pretty much cooking vegetables to death with long cooking - since all the nutrients are diminished/cooked away. Minimal cooking ensures most of the nutrients are intact but unwanted bacteria is eliminated. You might have read about flash cooking that is considered a healthier and delicious way to cook veggies (color retention and just cooked) where lots of water is boiled, veggies immersed for few minutes and then placed in a cold bath to stop cooking. OPOS cooking is on the same lines. --DK

By MINI M FOWLER on Apr 24, 2018

Tried out an OPOS..ERISSERY today. Pretty good if I must say so. However my onion paste was not Browning.. so I added a few more whistles . Got a good deep brown .. and a thick crust on the bottom of my pan. Had a tough time scrubbing..

If you want a more browned or caramelized onion flavor, use caramelized onions in the recipe instead of just regular onions. OPOS caramelized onions are very simple. --DK

By MINI M FOWLER on Apr 23, 2018

I am a person who had always hated cooking. And being a woman.. I suppose I was stuck with cooking. However you're system is an eye opener.. I Just need to remember the no. Of whistles.. spoons of water and oil.. and hey Presto ..food is ready. However I find the burnt bases ate a tad difficult to clean.. some of the flavours need adapting to.. otherwise.. very good overall

If burnt bases are your fear (and your cooking timing is more or less the same), try adding a bit of water in the bottom starting out. Once you start getting better, slowly reduce it little by little until there is no excess water left in the dish but there is no burnt bottom either :) --DK

By kalpana on Feb 28, 2018

i got a new PC but unable to standardize . I am from USA and i do have a gas stove but the whistle wont come within 2 mins. what is the solution . I tried in small medium n big burners

I would suggest few things at this point. 1) Have you tried increasing the flame? 2) If that is not the issue, have you checked if the steam is escaping by the sides? 3) If cooker is not giving out steam, and is otherwise in good working condition, the only thing remaining would be to invest in an induction cooker. Its available in amazon. The reason why this insistence is that we all can have about the same cooking time and is easy to troubleshoot in case anything goes wrong. If even buying an induction is not feasible for you at this point, then it would be a trial based experiments on your own. I would suggest starting safe recipes that involve water and staying around the pc to check if it works.Try the pav bhaji recipe, give it additional 1-2 minutes (from the time listed)/or if you get burning smell to test out the recipe. You will soon understand your pc/stove and will be able to wing it. But like I said earlier, it can prove to be hard to troubleshoot if you do not know when your whistles are coming. Hope this helps Kalpana --DK

By R.GOVINDARAJAN on Jan 26, 2018

I am following traditional cooking. I was surprised when heard about opos technic.How to get clarifications for any doubts and problems during the time of trial.Thank you sir.R.Govindarajan.

Please try recipes exactly as given and tell me any issue faced with details. Will try to rectify them :) --DK

By Sonia Fernandes on Jul 24, 2017

I have been following RK's recipes from a while. I am still unclear if we can do this without a 2 litre cooker?

Yes you can Sonia. But a 2 litre is mentioned as a starting point just to make sure you familiarise yourself with the technique before venturing out to your own experiments. And this only to make sure someone is able to assist you in case of any mistakes. Otherwise its very hard to guide without knowing where exactly things got haywire. Since I am quite familiar with certain recipes, I have tried it with 3L/ 3.5L myself to satisfy the needs of my family and they have worked out great! :) --DK