I am a sucker for fried rice recipes. They are quick to put together, easy to make, pair with so many side dishes and not least of all - taste absolutely delish for the minimal effort. The variations are mind boggling and welcomes creativity. Though there are so many varieties, I am listing my family's favourites below. 1. Chinese Fried Rice
12 fried rice recipes The ultimate version from which many other versions are spun off. Scallions, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, cold rice, veggies with/without protein come together to make this rice. I have used this recipe from Food.com to customize it to my preferance; read as:made it vegetarian. Image source: Food.com
2. Thai Fried Rice
12 fried rice recipes Ask any Indian his/her favourite cuisine and you are 99% sure to hear Thai cuisine among the top 3. Thai's extremely aromatic fried rice (known as khao phat) is among the most popular. Its USP is in its aromatics - thanks to Jasmine rice and various herbs. The foundation for any Thai dish lies on its usage of fish sauce and hence can be quite a daunting task to make vegetarian. I use this recipe from ThaiFood.about.com as a base to make my fish and meat free version. Image:ThaiKitchen
3. Indonesian Nasi Goreng
12 fried rice recipes This is our family favorite. It has amazing flavor profile and uses sweet soy sauce (kecap manis),Tamarind, garlic, chilli and some protein. Since my family is Egg friendly I use it as well in this rice. Makes a complete meal and given that it has many familiar Indian spices like turmeric, nutmeg etc, it feels close to home. I make it fish free skipping the fish sauce/shrimp paste that's normally added. My favourite version if from America's Test Kitchen cookbook. Image:Trialx.org
4. Filipino Sinangag - Garlic Fried Rice
12 fried rice recipes When you think about Sinangag, you think simplicity. Very few ingredients come together to create the taste profile of this rice. If you are a lover of Garlic, then this is a must try! Check out Sinangag Recipe
5. Indo-Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice
12 fried rice recipes This Indian Chinese fusion is one of the most loved dishes in India. Indo-Chinese is a popular cuisine where the chinese cuisine is customized heavily for the Indian palate. There is nothing Chinese about these dishes but that doesn't stop it from being sought after by people esp.Indians all over the world. Check out the Indo Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe
6. Paneer Fried Rice
12 fried rice recipes This is a vegetarian equivalent of the more popular Chicken Fried Rice. To replace the meat, Farmer's cheese - Paneer, is used. Lightly pan roasted paneer that's then stir fried with other veggies and sauce makes a hearty fried rice and is an absolute must at least twice in a month at our dinner table. Check out Paneer Fried Rice Recipe
7. Cashew Fried Rice
12 fried rice recipes This fried rice relies on cashews for the meatiness of the rice along with some cremini mushrooms. If you love nuts and/or want to jazz up your regular rice recipe, try this one out. Check out Cashew Fried Rice Recipe
8. Schezuan Fried Rice
12 fried rice recipes If you are spice/heat lover then this one is tailor made for your needs. This rice is made using a red sauce made from red chillies, garlic and garlic as main ingredients. Makes a great accompaniment to any kind of fried side dishes with a gravy. Check out this recipe from Tarla Dalal.com

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By tex freeman on Nov 13, 2015

THANKS MUCH for the Nasi Goreng recipe. (And the other fried rice recipes, too of course.) = I really miss Indonesian food from "hole in the wall place" that was known as "the off-site HQ" of the Indonesian Embassy in Northern VA. (Now if I had a great recipe for JAVA WEDDING SOUP, that was authentic, I'd been in Indonesian cuisine heaven.) Thanks again, Tex

By Isaac Debrah on Nov 8, 2014

It is very interesting to read and practice some of the recipes but the problems is some of the ingredient, I never heard it before and don't know where to get them to make some recipes. Thank you so much for the these great tutorials.