Most probably the one that's more affordable and available is NOT. The number of additives and processed ingredients that goes into most of the commercial brands is something you would consider edible, if only you knew them separately. From what I have heard from meat abstaining readers is that, they find even the most expensive and "healthier" versions of these faux meats unappealing to the palate.

So what's the remedy?
Personally I have only one. Make your own. It solves both the problems of being healthier and being palatable given you can customize it to your own tastes and family's preference. Making your own is not as difficult as you might think. Check out this tutorial on making your own Vegan Tofu Turkey (tofurky) and add in your own touches.
how to make your own tofurkey | Is tofurkey bad for you

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By Lisa Daniels on Dec 10, 2013 In fact, tofurky is a lot more healthy for you and for the planet than an animal raised in captivity and processed with the usual injected solutions! Don't take my word, visit Turtle Island's website and judge for yourself.