Homemade Yogurt | How to make Dahi Raw milk can definitely be used to make Yogurt. Its healthier and more nutritious to our body. But here are the following points to keep in mind before you start making yogurt using raw milk.

1. Raw milk is... "Raw"
I know you are aware of this already. But always better to give a head start. Its not pasteurized and consists of beneficial bacteria in vast quantities. There is a lot of talk about Raw milk being dangerous, but then so is driving. While there have been instances of people getting ill from Raw milk, there have been many instances with Pasteurized milk as well. I would recommend doing your research, knowing your local farmer and make your peace with it.

Homemade Yogurt | How to make Dahi
My husband and I have had the milk raw with no consequences till date. My toddler enjoys Raw Milk yogurt and home pasteurized milk daily. If you are new to Raw milk, I would recommend starting it out slowly. Take a small quantity initially for your immune system to acclimatize with all those bacteria. Do it for few days before adding a little more to your diet. If not too sure, pasteurizing it at your own home is the next best option instead of opting for homogenised and ultra pasteurized milks in the super market.

2.Fat Content
Homemade Yogurt | How to make Dahi
Full fat Raw milk will yield thicker yogurt and since it is not homogenized, the cream content will float to the top. You can either mix it along with rest of the yogurt or scoop it off for other use. We especially love it mixed with the yogurt although I would never say no to making my own butter with all that cream.

Homemade Yogurt | How to make Dahi
Compared to yogurt made from pasteurized milk, raw milk yogurt will be slightly thinner in comparison. This is normal and is because the protein is intact in a milk that has not been homogenized and pasteurized.

If you are all set to make your own, please refer this Homemade Yogurt using Raw Milk post.

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