How to make Italian Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe
I think there are very few who can vouch and say that they DON'T like Pizza! Its not the healthiest thing to be munching around all the time, but then on occasion when you enjoy it, nothing competes the heartiness and deliciousness of a yummy pizza! I have had my share of pizzas and am at a stage when I can look at a Pizza and not go Ga-ga over it. There is no more salivating or uncontrollable drooling over a dominoes pizza crust. But sometimes on those rare occasions that it does - I need to devour a pizza right then and there. I cannot wait for those 45-60 minutes for the pizza man to arrive!  So, I make my own. I love thin crust, but there is something about that stuffed crust pizza that has my heart racing! Its not as hard as you might think - in fact it is ridiculously simple to make your own stuffed pizza crust.
How to make Italian Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe
Few ready made ingredients from the local store can make it possible for you to prepare one right in the comfort of your home and in less that those dratted 60 minutes of the delivery time! (of course, if you have a pizza place right nearby, then this argument does not hold for you!) . Another reason why I like to make my own pizza is having control over the ingredients and cheese I put into it. I go crazy over various toppings and if that was not enough, when I asked my wonderful Facebook readers for topping ideas - I got galore of them!!! I feel like making pizzas just to enjoy all those yummy topping!
How to make Italian Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe
But since I hadn't gone shopping, I had very few ingredients on hand. So I used a simple topping of fresh tomatoes, basil, healthy arugula leaves and cheese (of course!). It was immensely aromatic and fresh. The arugula leaves not only added nutrition to the pizza but also color. The basil and tomato combination is a winner, as always! You can use any topping of your own. The purpose of this post is to show you how to make a stuffed crust.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2-3 people
  • Yields: Makes one 12 inch stuffed crust pizza
  • 1 Pizza crust - make your own or get a ready made store bought crust
  • 6-8 string cheese (depending on the size of your pizza)
  • topping of your choice (I used tomato sauce/marinara, fresh tomatoes sliced thinly, few chopped basil leaves, few springs of arugula leaves and fresh mozzarella cheese)
1. Roll out the pizza on a well floured surface.
2. Using a rolling pin, roll the dough over the pin
3. to transfer it to your pizza pan which has been dusted with little cornmeal or slightly greased with oil (this is to avoid the pizza from sticking)
4. Slowly stretch the dough using your hands so that it extends
5. a little beyond the rim of the pan. You don't have to stretch it as much as shown in the Picture. A little less than this is sufficient. I want to try some patterns on my stuffed crust hence extended it a little more.
6. Place the string cheese with a little gap around the edges of the pan. I wanted to cut down some cheese hence gave it more space - but you can keep it more closer.
7. Now bring the ends of the dough over the cheese and press it down well until it encloses the cheese well. Make sure its a tight fit. You don't have to crimp/curl it my way, just folding over the cheese should work perfectly fine. Do all around.
8. Now for some topping. I used some tomato sauce and spread it around till the edges.
9. Sprinkled the chopped basil leaves on top of the sauce. Chopped some fresh tomatoes, thinly sliced. Spread them all around. Placed some sliced fresh mozzarella cheese and sprinkled some on top
10. Bake in a preheated oven 450-500F. Mostly it is advised to keep at your maximum oven heat but personally I found that my Oven gets hot too fast too soon which does not enable even cooking. For me 400F worked.  If you have pizza stone, you can place the pizza directly on the stone or use a baking sheet to bake it. Whatever works for you. At 400F it took me 15-20 minutes to bake evenly. At higher heat it might take even less. Make sure to keep a look at it.
11. Once done, remove the pizza and then sprinkle the chopped arugula leaves on top. The heat from the pizza and all those bubbling cheese will wilt the leaves.
12. Cut them into slices.
13. Smaller or bigger your choice ;)
And then serve them HOT. You can sprinkle some more vegetarian Parmesan and pepper flakes if you like.
How to make Italian Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe

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By Stefan on Jan 20, 2012

Just awesome. Thanks for the great recipe!

By Sheetal on Oct 21, 2011

Am still a fresher in this field of Cooking! As I only have around 6-8 months of experience. But my husband tells me that I certainly dont cook like an amature. :) Its all thanks to your recipes DK! I tried out the pizza last night! My husband was like ''OMG... How did u? Is this really home made??'' :) Oh .. i would definitely like to add that my oven is currently not working so I made it on a skillet. It turned out sooper yummy! I have a doubt too. when i rolled the dough and placed the toppings i couldnt take it off the plate. It was stetching every time i tried to lift it off the plate. Any idea why?? 

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By Donna Collins on Feb 19, 2018

Hello! Thanks for the recipe! Will vegan cheese work for this?

Yes, definitely! :) --DK

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By ui on Apr 15, 2013

wow wow wow woowowowoowowowowowoow 8-O

By Azizul.Rahman on Aug 8, 2012

:lol: best to lovli

By Fawad Hussain on Jul 23, 2012

oh wow very nice i relly like it & try it :lol: :-D 8) :wink:

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By sv on Mar 5, 2012

lovely...............! :-P

By fred on Mar 23, 2011

:mrgreen: your pizza is fit mate x

By Pizza Delivery on Oct 21, 2010

Loving your post. I think you should post more often, you clearly have talent for blogging!

By Lucy Mano on Oct 21, 2010

keep these great post coming

By Dave on Aug 27, 2010

You definitely have to use freshly grown basil out of your own herb garden

By malini on Aug 8, 2010

it was fabulous to look at :( please lemme know how to prepare pizza dough....... i really :)wish to try it 100%@ home...

I have given the link in the Ingredients section

By coder99 on Aug 1, 2010

after reading this i am felling very hungry

By mandy on Jul 20, 2010

try sauerkraut as a pizza topping. yum!

By jorish maccain on Jun 13, 2010

Thank YOu for posting this helpful Information about “Tomato Basil Arugula Stuffed Crust Pizza”. I like it. just keep on posting. :)

By sir jorge on Jun 1, 2010

that looks a lot easier than I thought, i'm going to try it out for sure

By Savanah on May 30, 2010

I made this and it was amazing! My little sister even loved it. I didn't tell her but I made a smaller version for myself later that night :wink: Thank you so much.

By Poonam on May 27, 2010

You are one cool cook,Thanks for Sharing.You Rock !!! share more.

By Bill in Detroit on May 18, 2010

I like the part about rolling the cheese up in the crust ... sure make the crust-wasters rethink THAT proposition!

By Apu on May 17, 2010

Looks very yummy!!

By Asha on May 14, 2010

Just read your comment there at FH,was busy Y'day. Son left for DC school trip (Aviation Museum etc), was packing, he will be back Tomorrow. Arugula Pizza is very creative, love that peppery green. Perfect dough too. Now STOP being negative, smile and have a great weekend, See you next week! :)

By Memoria on May 13, 2010

I like how you crimped the edges. Fantastic-looking pizza.

By Jamie Cooks It Up! on May 13, 2010

This looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing it!

By notyet100 on May 13, 2010

wow this looks superdelicious

By Sharmilee on May 12, 2010

Looks like the store bought ones...luv pizzas!

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By Pavani on May 12, 2010

Wow. Stuffed pizza looks awesome.. My son loves pizza & string cheese, he's sure to love this one. Will try soon.

By Priya on May 12, 2010

Omg, Dk wat a awesome pizza, love the way u stuffed those cheese kids will definitely love this..bookmarked..

By Tyler on May 12, 2010

I'm quite impressed, this is awesome! Pretty straightforward, which I appreciate. I'll definitely be trying it this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

By Sailaja Damodaran on May 12, 2010

wow!!!!!!!!!!! super

By Priti on May 12, 2010

Looks so perfect...better than what we get in pizza hut....I like the crust design...bookmarked it

By Divya on May 12, 2010

OMG...are you for real DK?First you make your own pizza crust and now a stuffed pizza and that too with a are one true genius:).I am yet to master the art of baking with day..hmmm:):)Btw..the pizza looks simply out of this world..:):).If and when I make this,is it possible to replace string cheese with mozzarella??

aweee You are too kind Divs :) As for the string cheese - mine was mozzarella only. You can use any cheese type you like though I think mozzarella holds up well to the crust :) --DK

By CurryLeaf on May 12, 2010

Sweetie,Love this.Have never used string cheese,thgh have tried stuffing once.Mine turned out a bit bulkier I must say :-? .Yours looks beautiful.

By Telugumom on May 12, 2010

Love this too. After I started making pizza at home, I do not feel like ordering outside. The last time I used ripe mangoes for topping. It tasted amazing. Even if the mangoes are not as sweet, it still tastes very good on a pizza.

By lalitha menon on May 12, 2010

I love your recipes and love to fiddle around with stuff and cook something......I wish you would give some info on how to use these recipes for microwave oven :)

There will be an extensive post on m/w Oven soon! Hopefully that should be of immense help :) --DK