Kadai Paneer

This is one of those ridiculously simple dishes which for the minimal effort and time tastes as if lot more hard work has gone into it. I love this recipe for using few ingredients and which I can whip up in a matter of minutes at short notice."Kadai" or "Karahi" represents an Indian wok.

A thick circular deep vessel mostly used for frying/simmering of stews. "Paneer" is Indian cottage Cheese. It uses the basic combo of Bell peppers and Paneer with different assortment of spices and herbs. I like to keep this dish as simple as possible without changing the essence of the dish and this is my version.

  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 2 cups Paneer,cubed
  • 1 large green bell pepper/capsicum
  • 1 tsp ginger garlic paste
  • 1 tsp coriander-cumin powder
  • 2-3 red chillies (as per taste)
  • 1 tsp kasoori methi ( dried fenugreek leaves)
  • Pinch of turmeric
  • 2 medium tomatoes, finely chopped
  • salt to taste and few sprigs of cilantro to garnish

In a pan, stir in ginger garlic paste,cumin-coriander powder,turmeric and the red chilli in about 1 tsp of oil. Then add bell peppers. Stir in med-high heat for 2 min.


Add the tomatoes and salt and stir some more for about another 5 min until tomatoes get soft.


Add the Paneer and mix well. Just before removing it from the heat, add the kasoori methi, give a good toss for about 20-30 seconds and switch off the heat. Serve hot with Phulkas/ any flat bread of your choice.

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1 Member Reviews

By Sunita on Jul 29, 2010

hi dk

yesterday i made this for dinner and again bought it for lunh in the office added green chillies and it was amazingingly delicious believe me thanks for the easy recipe coz i was short of time also thankkkkkkkkssssssssssss


By palak bhatti on Mar 20, 2017

wow awesome recipe thanks for sharing this yummy recipe i love your recipes

Thank you :) --DK

By ankit on Jan 16, 2013

i make it this recipe its taste is oosum my full family and my friends is like it i am student of IHM BHOPAL so if u have any question so pla call me 09793873443,07489157498 I Know one other type make khadi paneer so if your welcome us

By siba on Dec 27, 2010

Dear Madam, I discovered yr websit by accident and it has been an absolute pleasure. I made murukku but added some red chiili powder, a clove of garlic and 2 small onions (the ones used to make kerela thiyal) and a pinch of bakin powder to it, just to try. it came out well. But I started with yr recipe and I commend the way u described it. Teaching and inspiring others to cook is also an art. I had a friend who made murukku , but she decribed it so frightfully to me ,that i felt it was next only to climbing the himalayas. Thanks once again for yr recipe. it was a hit with the kids and hubby.

By Siri on Feb 22, 2009

Hello madam, I made this today for dinner. It was absolutely delcious. All three of my roommates loved it. I blogged about it too! :))


By Cilantro on Nov 18, 2008

Super simple recipe... I make them when I have little time to cook.

By Nags on Nov 18, 2008

just yesterday i was thinking of making this!

By Divya Kudua on Nov 18, 2008

Could it get more simple than this..?Yummy yummy..;-)..never knew it was this simple to make..I've got all the ingredients ready..shall try it out and let you know..;-)

By karuna on Nov 18, 2008

paneer looks yuumo. did a good job of cutting the bell peppers nice and thin.

By Medhaa on Nov 18, 2008

Love paneer in any form. Looks lovely

By Gita's Kitchen on Nov 18, 2008

Hi, thanks for the comment. Kadai paneer is my favorite side dish for puris. Looks very colorful. I have added your blog to my list to keep in touch :)

By Gita's Kitchen on Nov 18, 2008

Hi, thanks for the comment. Kadai paneer is my favorite side dish for puris. Looks very colorful. I have added your blog to my list to keep in touch :)

By Viki Xavier. on Nov 18, 2008

Thanks for dropping by. Yummy recipe dear.

By Vanamala on Nov 18, 2008


By Madhu on Nov 18, 2008

I like making paneer this way, would love to add some onions along. Khadi looks good....

By raaji on Nov 18, 2008

So simple divya.....looks like it can be made under 10 mins....the kadai looks pretty

By Cham on Nov 18, 2008

You re absolutely right. This paneer can be made in jiffy!

By Divya.M on Nov 18, 2008

lovely kadai paneer ....yummy want to try it out.....

By Soma on Nov 18, 2008

Fast to cook, good to eat. Love ur picture:-)

By rekhas kitchen on Nov 18, 2008

wow that looks wonderful DK

By Curry Leaf on Nov 18, 2008

Lovely and yes it should be kept simple.BTW,I tried banarsi aloo.Its delicious.Thanks for the wonderful dish,DK

By Alka on Nov 18, 2008

Looks lovely as usual......

By Ramya on Nov 18, 2008

Looks good. Pls visit YAAT post at my blog. I have something for you...

By Bhawana on Nov 18, 2008

:) this paneer recipe looks tempting :). good one.

By RAKS KITCHEN on Nov 18, 2008

I love any dish with paneer! And this looks mouth watering!!

By Kitchen Flavours on Nov 18, 2008

Wow looks welcoming and tempting. Iam ready with piping hot rotis, waiting for the curry to be served by you...

By Happy cook on Nov 18, 2008

It might be simple, but it is really delicious