Sweet Mango Lassi - Indian Smoothie/ Drink recipe
I have one irritating characteristic! I ask "Why?" a LOT!  Irritating to whom? Me, of course!  Gone are the days when I had my parents nearby to keep pestering them with this. At most times, my mom would be at her wit's end and would ask me "Why NOT?"!  But I had issues accepting things without question if it did not make sense to me. I mean, everything should have a logical reasoning to it, shouldn't there be? Be it our cultural customs to something weird in our solar system. There should be some explanation - we either know it or we don't. But to believe and follow something blindly just cos "That's how it is", has always been a problem for me. Of course, I followed them when I had to (as if I had a choice!?) but it never meant that I was happy with it. Now this "Why?" haunts me! In something even as simple as Cooking! I need to know why you use this method, this ingredient, in this proportions. And now this time, sadly its only me who has to do all the research for "Why?" and I am left with no answers, 99% of the time! I am faced with this everlasting - "That's how it is" all the time. Now lets take this humble Mango Lassi for example. I had lots of questions for it too. "What? Are you serious? What's there to question in this recipe?" - you ask. yeah! I hear you. But listen to my side.
Sweet Mango Lassi - Indian Smoothie/ Drink recipe
Why 1: Why is this famous "Indian" drink when all I have enjoyed in India is either Salt Lassi or Sweet Lassi? Never heard of Mango Lassi until my advent to this country of U.S.A. While Wikipedia suggests that it is indeed famous in India/Pakistan, I was surprised that having lived in both the northern and southern parts of India, not one family, shop, restaurant carried Mango lassi!!! I detest being cheated by the "Indian" crowd this way all this while  ;) Why 2: If you are using Indian classic Lassi recipe to adapt, hence the "Indian" attached to it, then why add milk to all the Mango Lassi recipes as if its "THE" ingredient? The specialty of  Lassi is all about the buttermilk/Yogurt (called as "chaas"). Water is added for the consistency of the drink. Salt, spices, sweeteners are added according to what Lassi you enjoy. What is enjoyed as Lassi in the North of India, "Neer more" is enjoyed similarly in the south. "Neer" is water and "more" is yogurt/buttermilk in Tamil where the yogurt is stirred with lots of water so that it has watery consistency and spiced with salt, asafodita, and curry leaves. This is enjoyed esp. during the hot scorching months (mostly all the time!) Sweet Mango Lassi - Indian Smoothie/ Drink recipe Anyways, after a lot of difficulty I made this simple recipe. Why difficult? Well that's cos, when the hand was working, the mouth did not want to sit idle and for a mango addict that I am, I had tough time not to keep popping the mango pulp in my mouth. Thanks to which - so many times I was left with no mangoes to make this recipe! For other recipes, at least I have other ingredients ready and which I cannot waste - so that makes me more disciplined. But since this one did not need any other "special" ingredient - there was no wastage and there was always this "I can always make it some other time" excuse in my head. But after being requested by my other half like a million times for this, I caved in and made this the other day while he kept watch over my addiction ;). There are no specific "Do's" and "Don't" for this recipe. And "measuring" fairy will not haunt you either if you don't follow correct cups and spoon measurements. Trust your tongue and plunge in. Like the Mango flavor? Add more mango pulp. Don't want to use sugar? Try honey. No sweeteners at all? Choose v. sweet mangoes. Like it thick and creamy? Just add thick yogurt to it. Like it smooth and more like a drink? Add as much water you prefer. No hard and fast rules on this one. Play with it as per your wish and it will comply to your every wish and fancy.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 4 people
  • 1-1/2 to 2 cups Mango pulp (requires about 3-4 large ripe sweet mangoes, depending on how much you put in your mouth while making this recipe ;))
  • 1 cup thick yogurt (low fat/vanilla flavored also works)
  • honey/sugar (optional, to taste - Mine were sweet already hence did not use any)
  • 1/4 cup water (if needed for consistency. I like it thick hence did not add any)
  • pinch of cardamom powder (optional)
* You can use store bought Mango Pulp for this recipe. But go for the ones with no artificial Ingredients. Many add additional sweeteners to make it make it too sweet.
1. Go for ripe and sweet mangoes. It helps to avoid adding sweeteners to the recipe. I do not know what type of mango I used, but I know it was v. luscious, sweet and totally addictive ;) Peel and remove the pulp.
2. Make sure not to spill the juice :) Add it to the processor. The more you like the mango, more pulp you can use for this recipe. It adds a wonderful color to your Lassi too :)
3. Process it until smooth. Now add the thick Yogurt. I used Low fat variety and plain. I did not add water since I like more like a smoothie.
4. Process it together until well blended. If yours is not sweet enough and too thick, add sugar/honey and water. Blend it once again - quick pulses should do.
Pour it into glasses and enjoy. I also love refrigerating it for few hours and serve it chilled. I usually serve it topped with some mango puree ( I set aside a little of the processed Mango pulp for garnish) and some chopped mango pieces. Sweet Mango Lassi - Indian Smoothie/ Drink recipe

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4 Member Reviews

By Martienne on Jun 26, 2012

I heard of mango lassi from a good friend in Dehli, so I know people do drink this in India.  But, I like your recipe, because (like you) I'd rather use vanilla yogurt than plain yogurt and sugar.  Thank you for sharing this!

By Woody on Aug 22, 2011

Made this almost exactly as described the first time I heard of it... several years ago. Cardamom is excellent with mango and we also enjoy a touch of home-made chaat masala equally well. Cheers!

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By aj on Jul 7, 2014

pakistan has the best mangoes in the world... love mango lassi

By Review: Nirvana Indian RestaurantThe Commuter on Apr 30, 2013

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By Mama Mia on Nov 16, 2012

:lol: Oh soon will be mango season in South Africa cannot wait for delicious mangoes from Durban - they have the large mango 500gr just delicious oh mama Mia am going to try the recipe

By ambreen naeem on Aug 10, 2012

:-P its tooooo good i try it and got lots of admire from my family thank you

By beena on Mar 6, 2012

hey i m really going to try this one.. just waiting forthe hapus to enter the market! :)

By Rup on Mar 5, 2012

Really Nice one :)

By Mangoes. To an Indian. « misschawla on Feb 14, 2012

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By Vidya on Jan 1, 2012

My teenage son who is fond of cooking went into kitchen right now to make it. I know he is going to enjoy it

By Saiki on Dec 14, 2011

:-D You are not only making and enjoying it... but sharing it with others. Nice! Especially...something as yummy as mango lassi. Guess what.. I am going to try to make it for our office potluck party!

By sankar on Nov 19, 2011

The mysterious country that India is you can never get the definitive answer. Let me take a shot at your whys (IMHO). 1) Traditionally mango is a seasonal fruit so you find fresh mango based foods during season only in India. 2) Good mango flavour comes from fruis that are ripe but not overly so. Therefore you would need a blender. Not something found in every village home in India. Definitely not years ago. There is a wooden churning device but the fiber in the fruit would remain intact. I suspect Mango Lassi is a modern development by an Indian chef after Sumeet (Indian blender) came along.

By Neha on May 13, 2011

I made this n it turned out awesome. Thanks for ur simple yet relishing recipes. :)

By Alma on Dec 28, 2010

:wink: I love it!

By amira on Aug 24, 2010

it's yummyyyyyyy :-P

By Heather Loves Healthy Vegan Recipes on Apr 26, 2010

I LOVE mangoes... most tropical fruits, really. It drives me nuts that I live in Canada. Some day I'll live where I can eat mangoes off a tree every day... This recipe looks like just my thing, though I'll have to try it with coconut milk for a vegan version.

By Iris on Apr 26, 2010

I found myself thinking of you today as I drove home from work. You see, it's mango season here in Puerto Rico and a bagfull of mangoes is as close as getting out of your car, getting your bag and filling it with mangoes that have dropped on the side of the road. I am sure glad you don't live here 'cause I know there wouldn't be any mangoes left for the rest of us :wink:

By Chana on Apr 23, 2010

DK, again what a pleasure to read about the sweet and salt versions, of "mango lassi" and "mango nere more." This year I've noticed how the markets and the sidewalk food stands here are filled with several different kinds of mango. I very much want to try the salt version, the Tamil "nere more." I especially enjoy the curry leaf (when I can get downtown to shop for it) and have come to use asafotida, too.

By jayashree sreenivasan on Apr 23, 2010

hi i liked ur style of making this delicious lassi...will definately try it at home and give it to my 15 month daughter and hubby for desert!!! :)

By sheba on Apr 23, 2010

ah.mango heaven!

By Apu on Apr 22, 2010

My favourite is mango lassi!! And this one looks delicious.

By yzdiy on Apr 22, 2010

hi,i'm a baking enthusiasts from China. I like your website very much:) so,can i translate your articles in my blog www.yzdiy.com and use your picture? I want to introduce them to more friends in China. Looking forward to your reply. Thx~~

By Dee on Apr 22, 2010

I love to eat mangos or peaches with tapioca pudding. Your photos remind me of the combo. Thanks for the recipe!

By Indrani on Apr 22, 2010

Love your thick and creamy lassi, something different in the name of lassi, why not?...Mango is my most fav. fruit and mango lassi,too. love to have ur lassi in my summer food & drinks event..if you wish, send this to riappyayan@gmail.com, not the mail addr. in the announcement..anncement link : http://indranid.blogspot.com/2010/04/announcing-another-spotlight-event.html

By Vona on Apr 22, 2010

I have never seen lassi served like a pudding but i like the idea!!!!! i also like the putting of cadamom hulls into the tea leaves! as i love yogurt, mangos and cadmom I will enjoy this recipe!!!!!! :-P Vona

By CurryLeaf on Apr 22, 2010

Sweetie,welcome to why club. I too ask so many questions that sometimes even I myself am fed up! :( .BTW,I thght lassi and smoothie r same I didnot know the difference :-?

aaah! we seem to be soul sisters! so many "alikelist" between us! And yes lassi and smoothie are the same. My title says "Indian Smoothie" :) . P.S BTW I am too fed up with my "why's" I never seem to get answers most of the time and its crazy ;) --DK

By Priya on Apr 22, 2010

Such a droolworthy mango lassi, makes me drool..

By sonal on Apr 21, 2010

wow !! its simply delicious...well said..mango is such a fruit that making something else out of it is very difficult..while peeling some of the pieces has to go in mouth for sure too...ur clicks r too tempting & beautifully presented..www.sonu-palatecorner.blogspot.com

By Priti on Apr 21, 2010

Just pass those here...and do not tempt us like this...;)

By soumya on Apr 21, 2010

looks so yummy and thick.

By Sailaja Damodaran on Apr 21, 2010

super summer drink......

By JK on Apr 21, 2010

Would like to check if cardomom powder is made from grinding cardomom pods with the seeds inside or just grinding the seeds? I have lots of cardomom pods and would also like to give your lovely recipe a try. Tks

Its made from grinding only the seeds into fine powder - not the skin. I usually add those skins to my tea leaves jar and store them. makes them so aromatic and the tea also has a mild taste of cardamom when I use it to make the tea :) --DK

By sir jorge on Apr 21, 2010

mango is my favorite fruit, so this has got to be a great thing to try

By Indhu on Apr 21, 2010

eating the fruits before getting to make the recipe... I face this problem with all fruits... and with mango... I don't even try to make anything. It is my most fav fruit :) love the first picture. give me a spoon and watch me :)

Gimme a sec while I finish mine ;) --DK