Sweet Potato Roti

By DK on Feb 12, 2009
Sweet Potato Roti (flatbread)
I have made quite a few variations of these, but this is the one that I have finally decided to make it regular. I got this one from a gal pal of mine way before during my college days when she bought them over for lunch. I have made few teeny weeny changes to her recipe. The combination of ingredients which are not many plays well together and it is not overly sweet nor sober tasting. Give it a try, you will start singing its praises too.
Basic Information
Prep Time: 30 min to 1 hour
Cook Time: Under 30 min
Serves: 3 people
Yield: Around 10 rotis
  • 1 large sweet potato, peeled and chopped
  • About 2 cups of whole wheat flour
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • salt to taste
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder
Cook the sweet potatoes in some water until soft.
Sweet Potato Roti (flatbread)
Grind it with a food processor until mushy.
Sweet Potato Roti (flatbread)
Add the rest of the ingredients and make into a soft pliable dough.
Sweet Potato Roti (flatbread)
Divide into small balls
Sweet Potato Roti (flatbread)
Press it down with the palm of your hands and roll it thin flatbread
Sweet Potato Roti (flatbread)
Cook it with little butter (or oil for less calories) until brown
Sweet Potato Roti (flatbread)
Turn the other side and cook likewise.
Sweet Potato Roti (flatbread)
Serve hot.
Sweet Potato Roti (flatbread)
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25 Responses to “Sweet Potato Roti”
  1. Manasi

    Hi, I tried a variation of sweet potato stuffed paratha. Boil and mash the sweet potatoes, add ground elaichi (cardamom) and sugar/jaggery. Then make stuffed paratha like we make aaloo paratha. My 5 year old loved it. The texture is quite similar to the Gujarati poranpoli.

  2. :-D Thanks for your recipe, I thought of this yesterday while I was making our traditional Lefsa (a Norwegian potato flatbread). So began to google for ideas and your site came up. These look great and just what I was looking for! Will try however to make them gluten free. Can’t wait!!! Thanks again.

  3. Oh, I just made this to go with our roasted veggies for dinner. This was beyond delicious! And I love that it’s vegan/vegetarian. Thank you for sharing! :mrgreen:

  4. WOW These rotis look fantastic! Will definitely give them a try. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.

  5. Aparna

    After much procrastination and drooling over it, finally made it. I have never eaten it so dont know what it tastes like anyway. I got a mix of sweet potato and squash. Used jaggery instead of sugar. And served it with Tomato Kadhi and Achari Karela. The other half was over the moon… And guess who did the dishes!! ;)

    LOL! Good food is THE best way to a man’s heart :) I am glad to see you created an awesome meal :)

  6. Krsna dasa

    Could you clarify on what constitutes a large sweet potato? I tried making these just now with my idea of a large sweet potato and ended up needing to almost double the amount of flour I used.

    Will add in metric measurement next time I make it. Thanks for letting me know –DK

  7. Bhairavi

    Yes, these rotis are lovely , my favourite, too. My mom used to make sweet potato puris, also adding jaggery.
    Talking of indian flatbreads, have you tried the BEST of them all- the Methi theplas? I make with mixed wholegrain flour- Wheat, chana and bajra. Add lots of finely chopped methi leaves, little oil, salt, turmeric powder, ginger-garlic-green chilly paste,sesame seeds, ajwain seeds, little sugar OR half a mashed ripe banana. Knead with some dahi to make soft dough. Roll and cook on a tawa using little oil.
    Tastes great with dahi/ raita/ potato sabji/ butter/ on its own. I always make double the quantity required, to enjoy the leftover with masala chai next morning.:)
    Dill/ pudina theplas are also delicious.

  8. Lisa

    Just a little correction to the part whre you say “Cook it with little butter (or oil for less calories) until brown”.

    Butter contains about 80% fat, and the rest of it is milk solids and stuff. Oil is 100 % fat. So for less calories you’d use butter, not oil.

    Most of the fat in butter is saturated, many vegetable oils contain mostly mono- or polyunsaturated oils. What is the health effect of these is currently under debate.

  9. Brittany

    This recipe was great! I stumbled onto your site for the first time today – looking for something to cook with sweet potatoes in an apartment without an oven. I filled them with sauteed spinach with a hint of garlic – I’ll change up the topping / side dish next time.

  10. Smita

    my 4 yr old son loves sweets and I wanted to make something healthy and sweet. had made sweet potato rotis with jaggery. will definitely try yr version

  11. Anu

    Made this over the weekend. Came out awesome. Make egg kurma with it for side dish.
    Love your blog. very inspiring. KEep up the great work.

    thanks Anu :) Glad to hear that. Will keep the side dish in mind next time I make it :)

  12. Rajee

    Excellent recipe. Never heard of making it for roti. I want to try it soon before I forgot. I’ve not heard from u so far by mails. I keep forgetting to visit ur blog.
    Surprise to see all ur 9 yummy posts for wheat event. Take a break.

  13. Sanctified Spaces

    Super recipe.Will surely give it a try.


  14. Aparna

    Your rotis look every bit as you describe them and I can see they were a hit.
    Thanks for sending them in to FIC Orange.

  15. Madhumathi

    Excellent recipe..Im a sweet potato fan.Next time when I buy sweet potatoes,this is what Im gonna make.Thanks for posting this recipe.

  16. Priya

    Woww lovely roti n wat a colour:)

  17. Ashwini

    yummy looking and very tempting..love sweet potatos..Perfect rotis..Have a Happy Valentines weekend..

  18. Pavani

    My husband is not a big fan of sweet potatoes. But I’m sure he’s going to love these, ‘cos he likes his roti with mango pulp. This look they will go perfect with mango. Yumm.. Have a great weekend and Happy Valentines day.

  19. Asha

    None of us ie except me, like sweet potatoes here! So I won’t be trying this but looks like colorful Holige. So yummy.

    Made idlies in ULTRA. OMG!! So soft, even kids liked them for the first time! :D
    Enjoy the weekend, got idli and Sambhar at FH but not made in ULTRA, made before I got that! :)

    I sent you the Gratin dish for AWED, hope you got it! :)

  20. Asha

    None of us except me, like sweet potatoes here! So I won’t be trying this but looks like colorful Holige. So yummy.

    Made idlies in ULTRA. OMG!! So soft, even kids liked them for the first time! :D
    Enjoy the weekend, got idli and Sambhar at FH but not made in ULTRA, made before I got that! :)

    I sent you the Gratin dish for AWED, hope you got it! :)

  21. A. I.

    And you mention gymming on your blog. Hmmm!

  22. MeetaK

    This is almost like my experiment with sweet potato vada pav! i love such experiments and this is one that works!

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