Sweet Mashed Potatoes with Goji Berries Recipe
If you have gaped at every single page of Harry Potter book like me, then you would remember these lines from HP and HBP "Why are you worrying about YOU-KNOW-WHO? You should be worrying about U-NO-POO - The constipation sensation that's gripping the nation" - outside Fred and George's shop" LOL! Every time I read it, I laugh like I am reading it for the first time. Those two are a riot! Similarly though this is not a constipation matter, there sure is a sensation that's gripping the nation and that's Goji Berries. More and more people are curious about them and their benefits! I think it started with a claim by few companies that a man named "Li Qing Yuen" lived to a ripe old age of 252 yrs after having consumed Goji berries daily ( its an unsupported claim though!). I am not sure if I really want to live that long! The idea of cherishing every day sort of diminishes with the thought that I have many more to come!!!! Oh well - call me weird but that's exactly what I feel - and that's precisely why don't want to be a vampire either! And that could be the reason why even that devilishly handsome Robert Pattinson will never convince me to become one!!!!!!
Sweet Mashed Potatoes with Goji Berries Recipe
Goji Berries to Robert Pattison!!! Trust me to switch topics with no rhyme or reason ! Anyways - the other day, I finally convinced myself into buying these freakishly expensive berries. It almost cured me of this inane habit of putting couple of dried fruits into my mouth the minute I open the container! They looked like red raisins and I thought why not - well indeed 'not' if you have same taste buds as mine. But plumped up in some water, they tasted quite good! I was planning to make some Mashed sweet potatoes for dinner and was wondering if I could throw in some of those berries along with it. This recipe told me that I could and so with few adaptations of my own, here is a very nutritious Sweet Mashed Potatoes with Goji Berries. I find sweet potatoes quite sweet (duh!) on their own, hence did not make caramelized sugar walnuts (there was also maple syrup in there) as suggested in the recipe, but you can follow their instructions if you have a sweet tooth.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 1 large sweet potato, chopped
  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup walnuts, toasted and chopped coarsely
  • 1/4 cup goji berries (for more info: click here)
  • 1/2 tbsp canola oil
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 tbsp ginger, grated
  • about 1/4-1/2 cup hot water
  • salt and pepper to taste
1. Soak the goji berries in a bowl with some hot water for few minutes soft and plump. Drain and set aside.
2. Meanwhile steam cook the potatoes with their skins. I have almost stopped boiling vegetables until really necessary. Less contact with water, more the nutrition it retains.
3. Cook for 10 minutes or so until the potatoes are soft. At this point you can choose to remove the skins if you desire. I keep them.
4. Mash them lightly with required amount of hot water. Season to taste.
5. Alternatively, heat the oil, maple syrup along with grated ginger in a small saucepan until aromatic over low heat. Takes approx. 2-3 minutes.
6. Add this liquid to the sweet potatoes along with the goji berries.
Sprinkle with the toasted walnuts. Sweet Mashed Potatoes with Goji Berries Recipe This by itself is very filling - we had lots of leftovers that day for dinner. I didn't realize that the mash alone would help to fill us up pretty fast! Next time you are thinking of making mashed potatoes, why don't you try these for a change? Sweet Mashed Potatoes with Goji Berries Recipe

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adapted from vegetarian times

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By Padmajha on Sep 29, 2010

I wanted to prepare this since the time u had posted it.Made it today for hubby.

Followed your recipe but left out the maple syrup .It was yum!!!!


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By Vegan Digest on Nov 18, 2010

This recipe was selected as the Vegan Recipe of the Day over at Vegan Digest. Great for Thanksgiving. P.S. My local Whole Foods sells goji berries...

By DannyandtheThunders.Com on May 26, 2010

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By Growing Goji Berries on Dec 17, 2009

Thanks for publishing the benefits of the Goji Berry. I have been sharing this information with people ! Wonderful berry!!!!!!!! Create A Great Day!

By bhanu on Nov 1, 2009

where can we find these berries?

See here for more information http://chefinyou.com/ingredients/goji-berries/

By peanutts on Oct 30, 2009

Er what are goji berries? first time I am seeing them.

I have more information about it here for your perusal - http://chefinyou.com/ingredients/goji-berries/

By Chakh...le...Re!!! on Oct 30, 2009

Wow!! this one looks so yummy!! A very new dish to me. I must try it!!

By Cham on Oct 30, 2009

First time I am seeing this berry pretty attractive and very curious now how it would taste ? Look like a fancy mashed potato :wink:

Answer to your question is here: http://chefinyou.com/ingredients/goji-berries/

By Cynthia on Oct 29, 2009

New and very interesting indeed!

By meeso on Oct 29, 2009

Not to mention watching so many of your family and friends pass away around you :( That's what I wouldn't like about living SOOOO long! I have never seen a goji berry, only had juice... the dish looks awesome!

Oh yes! You are so right! Thats really awful - I am not asking god for a LONG life - I have a better list for him :-D

By Rathnam on Oct 29, 2009

hi, lovely post, I'll try this recipe, my one and half year old daughter loves goji berries. You can also add it to the oatmeal along with raisins and walnuts, its a nice breakfast.

Will surely try it for breakfast. Thanks for the idea :)

By Priya on Oct 29, 2009

Wow such a droolworthy dish, i have seen goji berries here, but never took them, as they are quite expensive...lovely dish!

yes they indeed are!!!!!

By PJ on Oct 29, 2009

I have seen these Goji berries here in China but never bothered to use them in any dish.[They are not very expensive here].Hubby loves sweet potatoes.Now I know what to do with these berries.Thanks for the wonderful recipe.Sure to try it when I get back there...

Was wondering where you went..then remembered your routine trip :) Lucky you! I am sure its not expensive in China. It belongs there :)

By easy recipes on Oct 29, 2009

Where can I buy goji berries?

Should be available in health food stores or in asian specialty markets. See this link http://chefinyou.com/ingredients/goji-berries/ for more information

By Madhuram on Oct 29, 2009

Mashed sweet potatoes is my husband's favorite. I like it the Indian way, roasted. Remember the kumutti aduppu? My grandmother used to make it for me and we saved that aduppu for quite some time even after moving from a big independent house to an apartment.

Oh yes Kumutti aduppu! Havent seen one in ages!

By Happy Cook on Oct 29, 2009

Hi hi i can imagine the face you were pulling when you ate them. I too bought last year the berries 2 whole pack from a health shop after seeing them in meeta's place and Indian food rock. I make tea with it.

I was shocked to taste it raw! Thankfully it became alright after plumping up in water!