Fresh Fig Recipes | Easy homemade Jam Recipes
Figs have been flourishing in the aisles of my local Farmer's market. I haven't been as welcoming of Figs as it supposedly deserves, at least not until recently. The thing with "Good Habits" is that it always meticulously chooses (with 99% success rate, I tell ya!) the stuff which you don't like to do. Sigh! Anyways, with its standard motto of "Its good for you", I finally convinced myself to include it in my "I am reforming when I ...." list.
Fresh Fig Recipes | Easy homemade Jam Recipes
I assure you, I have progressed from keeping my face as if in pain, to being indifferent as far as consuming the fruit goes. To be honest, its not as bad as my mental vision (of self torture - no less) conjured it up to be. I can at times be such a drama queen. The dudes in my family love Figs and hence I judiciously buy them year after year. And this year I even helped in creating a dent to the numbers - not only by eating them raw but also by making this delicious (yes, I actually did use that word along with figs...I told you, I am reformed!) Jam or preserves if you will.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • Yields: Makes around 2 cups of Jam or 1 pint ( or two 1/2 pint) Jars.
  • 1 lb (abt 455 grams) ripe Figs
  • 1/4 cup Lemon juice, freshly squeezed
  • 1 tsp Lemon zest, or from 1 med-large lemon
  • 1/2 tsp ground Ginger, see Tips
  • 1 Cinnamon stick
  • 1/2 cup honey, see Tips
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
1. Honey: Using honey is a matter of taste. If you are not sure of your preference, I would suggest starting off with 1/4 cup and 3/4 cup sugar and taking it forward from there. Though you can use all honey, our taste defines that 1/2 cup is the perfect balance before it overpowers the taste of figs (and anything else we might add to it). Honey has a strong flavor and tends to take over both aroma and taste. Hence I stick to 1/2 cup. But you can use any other sweetener you like or go the traditional route and use all sugar instead. Honey and Sugar have almost same shelf life, but since this uses less sugar than traditional Jams, consume it within 10-15 days.

2. Ginger: You can also use 1/4 cup of chopped crystallized ginger instead of the ground ginger. Want to go for fresh ginger? Then use abt 1 tbsp grated ginger root plus sugar to taste instead.
1. Wash the figs well.
2. Trim the stems.
3. Now add all the ingredients together in a heavy pan.
4. Place in on a stove top on low-medium heat
5. until the sugar dissolves.
6. Increase the heat to med-high until it comes to a boil
7. and starts thickening. Make sure to keep stirring on and off.
8. When the Jam starts reaching the setting stage, remove the cinnamon stick.
9. Check for doneness. I usually dip a chilled spoon into the boiling jam mixture. In the beginning, you would notice that syrup simply runs of the side of the spoon, but as the time passes it will start becoming heavier and would fall slowly as drops. You know its done when two drops form together and "sheets" off together from the spoon. Another test I do is by placing a plate in the freezer. When I am ready to test, I remove the plate and add few drops of the boiling jam mixture to the plate. I place it back in the freezer for few seconds. If the mixture gels, then the jam is ready.
10. When ready, remove the jam from the heat and set aside. Ladle the jam into 1 pint jars, let them cool and then store them in the refrigerator. If you planning for longer shelf life, then do the canning process as picturized here.
Enjoy it with your toast, oatmeal, on top of a baguette and anywhere your fancy takes you :) Fresh Fig Recipes | Easy homemade Jam Recipes

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4 Member Reviews

By Taratess on Mar 5, 2014

I made this jam following the instructions given and it was devine.  We have since stopped buying jam and I now make any that we need.

Thank you for sharing this recipe, its so easy to follow as you have simplified it so much. 

Well got to go, need to make my second batch. 


P.S.  I made enough to last for 2 weeks and the 1st jar was as nice as the last spreading, 

By leslie on Aug 8, 2013

I tried this recipe as written but my figs were too sweet so made it again cutting out the sugar part.  Still very good, still very sweet, so made it the last time without any sweetener.  I understand it won't have as long a shelf life, but that's ok - it doesn't last that long anyway!  I probably have one more batch before the figs are gone, so might just freeze them for later.  The figs are sweeter than usual this year, maybe because of the drought and heat?  I looked for recipes for quiite awhile before settling on this one, and it's a winner!

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By Pat Locklear on Jul 23, 2019

Can the jam be frozen instead of canned?

By patricia on Nov 22, 2015

making this wonderful conserve for Christmas to go with my brie and other cheese board, always a major treat. yum!

By Jessica on Oct 30, 2015

I love figs jam and this looks really delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

By Silvia on Aug 26, 2015

What a delicious recipe! I have been enjoying lots of fig recipe and this one is must :) Thank you!

By Carolyn on Aug 20, 2015

So super delish! I left out the ginger and used agave instead of honey for my vegan husband. Thanks for such an easy recipe.

By Amalynn on Aug 15, 2015

If you make this recipe and then following the canning instructions in your link, how long will it taste before the jam goes bad? I'd like to give them as xmas gifts but it's August :)

By Mira on Feb 28, 2015

I made this with figs gleaned from backyard trees in the hood (makes it even better) and it is sensational. Only deviation being a small added amount of water. Brilliant recipe and so easy. Thank you.

By Di on Jan 22, 2015

Just made! Looks and tastes great! I had no cinnamon stick so grated half a fresh nutmeg and added some cinnamon sugar, nailla bean and 3 star anise:) thank you! Yummy jam:)

By Paul Graham-Clarke on Oct 26, 2014

Did this with chillies.......yum.....yum.....

By sets on Sep 1, 2014

I call my fig tree my Giving Tree. Every year, it gives me more than I can eat even after sharing with a red cardinal family. I usually make fig preserves with a fabulous French recipe I found online. But this year, I found your recipe and tried it also. Yum! Ginger and lemon zest are perfect match with figs. The warning about sugar amount was very helpful. The fig season is over in my region, but I will definitely remember your recipe next year. Thank you for sharing the wonderful recipe.

By Anna on Aug 31, 2014

Great jam, thank you. I made it this morning, without the cinnamon and with 1 part honey to 3 parts sugar and its totally delicious. My mum is now planning to make some this afternoon. She has a fig tree and was looking for fresh inspiration. Best wishes to you.

By Fig Preserves ‹ a tale of Two Wheats on Aug 15, 2014

[...] If you planning for longer shelf life, then do the canning process shown here. Recipe taken from The Chef in You Share this:EmailPrintDiggLinkedInRedditFacebookStumbleUponTwitterTumblrPinterestGoogleGoogle+ [...]

By Paulette Meeks on Aug 1, 2014

:wink: A great Figs Jam recipe. Never made fig jam before tonight. I made it your way. I just did add a little juice from an orange because I did not have enough lemon juice. My jam came out delicious. I made a jar for a friend who gave me the figs and one for me. Thanks for your recipe.

By william Jones on Jul 31, 2014

:wink:Followed your instructions but doubled everything. What a great jam,I don't think it will be around for more than a week. I have been making all sort of recipes for years and at the young age of 75 hope to continue.Have lived in India and Burma and my special cook for fun is Curry. Now live in Spain,make a mean Paella. Regards Bill.

By jacqualine-marie on Jul 29, 2014

I just made this recipe, adding more ginger since I love it. Fantastic recipe. Excellent flavor. Thank you!

By Susie on Jul 28, 2014

Can the cooled jam be put into the freezer without any preserving process being done first? Thanks!

By Susie on Jul 28, 2014

:?: Would you be so kind as to answer this question: after the jam has cooled and is in the jar, can it be immediately placed into the freezer for later use without any preserving process being done first? Many thanks, Susie

By Brenda on Jul 28, 2014

I made this jam and included small pieces of the lemon in addition to the zest and juice. I also grated fresh ginger. Not sure it will make it the freezer but know I'll make it every year. Thanks, This recipe is truly a winner. This is the only recipe I found not using pectin or Sure jel.

By dana on Jul 28, 2014

I did your recipe, and I was very happy following all the tips and finding them really working... after pouring the mixture into my jars to cool, i noticed that I forgot the squeezed lemon juice, is it a big deal? what does it add to the recipe?... thanks

By Elven W on Jul 19, 2014

This was delicious as well as easy to make. Made no changes.

By D on Jul 5, 2014

I made jam for the very first time in my life using this recipe! I had 4lbs of figs so I had to quadruple the recipe which means I had to share it with my parents, Aunt and Uncles. Major hit!

By judy on May 9, 2014

:wink: Ihave never worked with figs, but it looks like in the picture you did not take the skin off that right?

By Chhavi on Apr 22, 2014

It looks like a lovely recipe!!! Q, can I use dried figs??? Thankyou in advance!

By Judy on Mar 25, 2014

I have just made this jam and it is brilliant! I did add about a cup of water and cooked it longer but other than that I followed the recipe ( I used both fresh ginger and crystallized ginger ) I tested for setting with a thermometer and when it reached 105C it was done! (BTW I used a tea infuser spoon and put in the pips from the lemon to add extra pectin) We just ate the remains of the jam leftover from filling the jars on crackers with cheese for lunch and my husband said it was wonderful and the aftertaste was superb! He doesn't usually comment! :-) Many thanks for this recipe it will be a favourite again next year when figs are in season.

By SM. on Feb 18, 2014

I've just made this jam. Doubled the recipe and used 1/2 cup honey and 1and 1/2 cups sugar. used fresh ginger. And the jam is hot!! But fabulous. Thanks DK.

Thank you so much for the feedback :) --DK

By Jessie on Oct 9, 2013

I'm a fig addict but last week I really overbought myself. I was staring at my fridge this morning thinking what I could do with all those figs and I made a batch of this. I hope it'll stiffen up correctly, but taste wise it's delicious! Thanks for sharing this!

By Sharon on Oct 1, 2013

Your jam Looks delish! Just bought a carton of figs & 10 limes & I wonder if I can use lime juice/zest instead of lemon juice? Thank you!

By Michelle on Sep 24, 2013

:) thank you for a wonderful recipe, I have just tried it and it looks and tastes delicious

By preethy on Sep 20, 2013

:lol: Interesting

By Jane on Sep 11, 2013

sounds great - I'm trying it out this evening. I'm in UK - it's September - got loads of Brown Turkey figs on my tree, I think that's what they're called. Will let you know how it turns out!

By Tara on Sep 10, 2013

I just made this recipe and it is so yummy! I added a spoonful of Grand Marnier at the very end for a little kick :wink:

By Lacie on Aug 7, 2013

Great recipe. I have tried it twice and I have had consistent wonderful results even though I am not much of an exact measurer! I recommend everyone try this recipe it is just wonderful and freshly baked bread and on ice cream. Thank you for providing this recipe to us.

By Jenny on Aug 6, 2013

Thanks for sharing! My fig tree finally had some mature figs this year. I have been dreaming about home made fig jam since buying local/fresh jam en Provence! I used orange zest as I had no lemon and it was still fab!

By Evelyn Dodd on Aug 2, 2013

Do you have the nutritional data on this recipe? I am searching for a recipe lower in calories and carbs to make for a diabetic. Thanks

By Ann on Jul 21, 2013

No water in this recipe? It seems a bit dry. Thanks, ann

By Yangsook on Jul 6, 2013

:-?was so much figs at one year, put in freezer. What I need to do make jam as same texture as using fresh? Also color of pig changed after being frozen, can I add fresh strawberry or peach to enhance color as well as better texture?

By Leslie on Jun 23, 2013

Looks wonderful! Our figs, like so many, are super sweet off the tree. Does one need to use sweetener if refrigerating? Is it necessary for the canned process (i.e., will it effect the setting up)? Trying it today....

By rossi on May 30, 2013

hi , can i ask how match water you are adding? :-|

I am not adding any water Rossi --DK

By Astyn on Apr 7, 2013

Hey, This looks like a delicious recipe! Just wondering roughly how long you have to boil it for, I'm wanting to make it tonight but don't know if I'll have enough time! Cheers :)

By Jane on Mar 4, 2013

:-D Thank you so very much my fig tree in NZ is prolific at the moment, I have been making this truly delicious jam for three days now. Just love the step by step photos and description. Just one question how long will it keep ? I prepared the jars as I would for other jams I have made. Also how should I store the jam once made

By Evan on Jan 25, 2013

Yum first jam I ever made and nice our black fig tree is over doing it so finding new ways other than fresh to consume them, thanks for the recipe.

By Petrina on Dec 18, 2012

hurray, I have made my fig jam for the first time. thank you for the tips. :-D

By gayathri on Dec 5, 2012

hi! just now i made this jam.turned out wonderful.thanks.can u give some sugarfree jam recepies?

By Fikenmarmelade « Frappemania's verden on Oct 20, 2012

[...] Jeg tar utgangspunkt i en oppskrift jeg fant pĂ„  [...]

By Jeana on Oct 10, 2012

I am wondering if I can make this jam with all honey or agave, and what about stevia? Does jam work without granulated sugar?? Thanks! Looks great!

Personally as I mention in the Tips section, all honey makes it too overpowering for me. Honey has such a dominant flavor so I wudnt use all honey for me personally. I havent tried with Stevia yet hence have no personal opinion but I have heard that cooking with stevia gives a bitter aftertaste (ditto for another product called Stevia in the Raw) so your jam probably might end up tasting bitter. But as I said, this is just hearsay and not my personal opinion. Agave has similar properties to that of Honey - in the sense that the main sugar type is Fructose. I came across this article here throws light to your question - see if it helps: --DK

By NV on Oct 5, 2012

Is it possible to make this with granulated sweetener instead of the sugar or honey?!

By Gayathri on Sep 10, 2012


I havent personally tried it and hence have no idea. But there is a recipe for a Jam with dried figs. refer my "Tips section in my Fig Newton Recipe - it might give u an idea --DK

By Kate L on Sep 6, 2012

I made this jam and it's fantastic! I'm wondering - can you freeze it? I cannot can on my current stovetop as it takes the finish off.

Oh I havent personally done this - see if this thread helps - --DK

By Erin Fitzpatrick-Bjorn on Aug 29, 2012

Can this jam be water-bathed so it will keep and could be given away as gifts??

Oh yes! Definitely. --DK

By Melissa on Aug 27, 2012

I just made this and it was fabulous. I did not have a cinnamon stick, I just used a smig of ground and it is so dang good. Thanks, Melissa

By Deepthi on Aug 15, 2012

This is such a great blog.. Just stumbled across it accidentally.. NOT EVEN SURE HOW .. and now, I cant take my eyes off of it. Beautiful Narration, Creative Recipes, Stunning Pictures... Keep up the good work. Being a physician and a mom of an infant and a toddler, i have kept my culinary skills on the back burner for a while now and looking at this Fig Jam I am revamped and am heading to whole foods after work :lol:

Thank you so much. I have a toddler myself and I know where you are coming from. With an infant and a job, I can only imagine :) But its wonderful to see that you are still motivated. Women power! --DK

By Kimber on Aug 11, 2012

Just made this!! It came out amazing! Soooo delicious! It has a full body of flavor and really stands out from other jams! This was my first time ever making homemade jam and now I dont want to stop! haha. thanks for the amazing recipe! :wink:

By adam keen on Aug 2, 2012

for some reason fig-jam isn't one of the popular ones, but it really should be. I love that you take the time to do step by step. It really helps in the case of the jam making too, to see the consistency one is aiming for and how it thickens. I never take the time to photo stages, but I always feel guilty as it's such a useful tool.

By Archana on Aug 2, 2012

Bookmarking this one. i am the only one who eats figs in my place. Why not increase my pleasure for 10-15 days more aking this lovely jam for myself? Selfish am i not?

Trust me, being selfish at times is good. Like in your case ;) --DK

By Lalitha on Aug 1, 2012

I love to eat figs.Yummy and healthy jam.

By Nandita on Aug 1, 2012

Gosh DK!! This Jam is beautiful. Loved the colour and the grainy texture. :)

Isn't it? Can you blame me for giving it lovey dovey looks, much to non stop sniggering from the other half? Hmpf! Men! --DK