Cooking magazine's, cookbooks, cooking shows and websites have inspired many of the recipes in this blog. Along with that fellow bloggers too have a large role in enriching my cooking repertoire. Every blog out there is unique in its own way and there is always something to learn from every one of them. I have listed sites/blogs  and categorized them with their specialty and I hope this list helps you to expand your horizons just like they have for me. If your blog is missing in this list - give me a nudge with your blog name, blog link and category ( your main style of cooking - refer to the categories i have listed for ideas) and I will list your blog here pronto and try to come around visiting your space too :)

Vegan Cooking, Forums, FAQ

  1. Vegan Chef
  2. Fat free Vegan
  3. Vegan Meat
  4. Vegan Natura
  5. Vegan Comfort
  6. Veganlicious
  7. Healthy Vegan recipes

Eggless Cooking and Baking

  3. Eggless Baking
  4. Eggless Cooking

Healthy, Low carb, Low fat Cooking

  1. Low Fat lifestyle
  2. Delicious Low fat recipes
  3. Low Carb recipes
  4. Simply Recipes
  5. Jugalbandi
  6. Kalyn's Kitchen
  7. Litebite
  8. Low Fat Chicken Recipes
  9. Lite Bite
  10. Healthy Food products in India
  11. Zizania Nutrition Education and Coaching

Baking Recipes

  1. Joy of Baking
  2. Hershey's Recipes
  3. Cakes and More
  4. (chinese)
  5. Parita's World

Worldly Epicureans - Sites with recipes from all over the world

  1. Coconut and Lime
  2. IVU
  3. Vegetarian times
  4. Foodie's Hope
  5. Aroma
  6. Fun and Food
  7. Easy and Tasty
  8. Whats for lunch honey
  9. Cook's hideout
  10. Arundathi - Food Blog
  11. Experiments, Emotions,Experiences with food
  12. A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine
  13. Renu's Kitchen
  14. Art Food and Travel Chronicals
  15. Jaya's Space
  16. Cooking Vegetarian
  17. Not Just Recipes
  18. Treat and Trick
  19. Sacramento Spice
  20. Dil Se
  21. Chef In Making
  22. Simply Food
  23. Food for 7 Stages of Life
  24. A Life Journey Together
  25. Edible Garden
  26. Ranji's Kitchen Corner
  27. Cook Curry Nook
  28. Sharmis Passion
  29. Paprika and Paprika (Italian)
  30. Encyclopedia Food
  31. Cooking Made Easy
  32. Priya's Feast
  33. Preethi Bhojan
  34. Potpourri
  35. Sashi's tasty Bites
  36. Renaissance Culinaire
  37. A Hint of Spice

Indian Cooking Pandits

  1. Simple Indian Cooking
  2. Seduce your tastebuds
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Creative Saga
  5. Cardamom and Cloves
  6. Flavours and Tastes

Regional cuisines from India

Andhra Recipes

  1. Sailu's Food
  2. Mahanandi
  3. Plantain Leaf
  4. Andhra Kitchen
  5. Siri's Corner
  6. Cooking 4 all seasons
  7. Ammalu's Kitchen
  8. Essence of Andhra
  9. Spicy Andhra
  10. Veggie Haven

Bengali Recipes

  1. Appyayan

Goan Recipes

  1. Flavors of Goa

Konkani Recipes

  1. Aayi's Recipes
  2. konkan World

Karnataka Recipes

  1. Kannada cuisine
  2. Mane Adige
  3. Taste of Mysore
  4. Iyengar's Kitchen

Kerala Recipes

  1. Malabar Spices
  2. Panchamrutham

Gujarati Recipes

  1. Indian Food forever

Maharashtrian recipes

  1. Adhi Potoba
  2. Rucheera

Punjabi recipes

  1. Gurudwara

Tamil Recipes

  1. Yum Blog
  2. Dido Lives Cooks
  3. Samaithu Parkalam
  4. Cilantro
If your blog is missing in this list - give me a nudge with your blog name, blog link and category ( your main style of cooking - refer to the categories i have listed for ideas) and I will list your blog here pronto and try to come around visiting your space too :) You can also send me your favourite websites along with their niche. I will also keep updating this list as and when I come across sites.

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By Hayley on Jun 6, 2016

Hey DK, it would be great if you could include my blog, It contains Health recipes

By Nupur Mehra on Nov 21, 2014

Hey DK, please could you include my blog in the list under "Worldly Epicureans" The Veggie Indian Thanks :) Nupur

By Debjani Chatterjee on Oct 14, 2014

Please Include my Food blog in your list :wink: Name of the Blog : Debjanir Rannaghar ; Category : Bengali Recipes

By Chitra Raveendran on Sep 24, 2014

Please include my blog : kalakkalsamayal blog link : Category : Tamil Recipes Thanks.

By Priya on Sep 24, 2014

Hii,please add my blog.. Blog name: Priya's kitchen flavoure Blog URL: Category:Worldly Epicureans – Sites with recipes from all over the world

By gayathri on Jul 9, 2014

kindly plz include my blog to your directory. blog name:vysyas delicious recipes. blog url: category:Andhra recipes.

By kurinji on May 29, 2014

pls add my blog in your list Name: Kurinji Blog Name : Kurinji Kathambam URL :

By Janani Rakesh Kumar on May 11, 2014

Hi! Please add my blog to your list.. Blog name: Janani's Cooking Addiction Blog link: Category: Worldly Epicureans

By CHITRA RAVEENDRAN on Mar 18, 2014

Kindly include my food blog in your list. My blog can be listed under Tamil recipes.

By Sundari on Sep 1, 2013

Please add my blog in the list. Blog Name : Specially for ladies. Category - Indian Cooking Pandits

By Anitha on Aug 27, 2013

Hii… Please add my blog to your list Blog Name : Anitha cooks Blog Link : Category Indian Cooking Pandits… Thanks

By Harini on Jun 26, 2013

My website-,I blog about vegetarian food,focusing on Tamil cuisine.Thx again :)

By Harini on Jun 26, 2013

Hi,Just love your blog,I am a relatively new blogger,could you please add my site to your blog roll,thx a ton :)

By Izabella Walker on May 26, 2013

I have bookmarked your site and will use it for inspiration for my own blogging. Please add my website to your list of cooking blogs. I would add it to the Healthy, Low-fat category. Thanks!

By Follow foodie on Apr 12, 2013

hi, pls add my blog here Blog url - category - Tamil Thanks

By Anjali on Jan 22, 2013

anjalisfoodkaleidoscope. would love to have it listed.Great site.Love the food pictures

By Anjali on Jan 22, 2013

anjalisfoodkaleidoscope...thats the name of my blog. Very intersting recipes.Just love visiting your site.Good work.

By Manasi on Jan 18, 2013

Hii… Please add my blog to your list Blog Name Indian Delights Blog Link Category Indian Cooking Pandits… Thanks.

By Kristi on Sep 19, 2012

Hi, I check your blogs daily. Your writing style is witty, keep doing what you're doing!

By Lois on Sep 13, 2012

Excellent, what a web site it is! This blog provides valuable facts to us, keep it up.

By preeti on Sep 4, 2012

Hii... Please list my blog here Blog Name Preeti's Kitchen Life Link Category Indian Cooking Pandits... Reply me

By vandana on Jul 20, 2012

hii i am new to blogging..please add my blog to ur blogroll..i think it comes under indian or kerala recipe category

By Jaysun Eats Taipei on Jul 5, 2012

8-O So many great recipes! Whoever thinks being a vegetarian or vegan means giving up taste is completely wrong. Keep enjoying the taste of food and feel better and healthier at the same time. I'm adding a link to this great site on my Taipei restaurant review website/blog, Jaysun Eats Taipei, so my viewers can benefit from it :mrgreen:

By Chef Webinars on May 22, 2012

Really a amazing blog full of delicious recipes and lots of cooking related stuff. I love to eat Indian foods and this blog is really a piece of delightful recipes.

By prasanna on May 4, 2012

simple south recipes

By prasanna on May 4, 2012

simple south recipes.

By beena on Mar 1, 2012

its primarily an indian cooking blog . thanks & do visit by. Beena

By beena on Feb 29, 2012

Hi I have recently started with a food blog & m definately enjoying it. I put up stuff that i create for my daily meals...Its complete mixed bag. Do feel free to add my blog to your list & u are most welcome to visit my blog too :)Cheers

By Lakshmi Canteen on Jan 25, 2012

I am a great fan of yours DK and you are one of my inspirations :!: I am new to the bloggers world. Don't know how I missed seeing the blogroll. Would you mind me adding to the above list :?: I mainly post Konkani recipes. Thanks in advance.

By Shalini on Oct 16, 2011

Hi DK, If you think I fit into Indian or Tamil cusine, would love to see my blog here..

By Anjul on Mar 5, 2011

awesome place for veggies! Thanks for sharing & writing... :-)

By hephzi on Dec 21, 2010

I got your address from facebook cafe. I would love to add my site in your list. I do not know in which category I fall under. I concentrate on healthy eating and cooking for kids.

By Sanjeeta kk on Nov 23, 2010

Would love to add two of my sites here, DK. (under Rajasthani Recipes) (under Worldly Epicureans) Thanks and regards.

By Padhu on Nov 13, 2010

If you like my site,do add me to your blogroll under Indian Cooking.

By rupa on Jul 30, 2010

pls help,,im nt able to bake cake in my ifb convection microwave though i follow the recipies mostly gets burnt frm upper side while remains under cooked frm lower side. also the sponginess n rising of the cake is missing.

I do not own a M/W oven and hence have never used for bake anything in it either. But hopefully this post should throw some light to your doubts :

By Eshita on Jul 21, 2010

I had tried Paneer Cigar rolls and believe e they were really like by all age groups in the party....please keep updating such easy to make snacks...

By Sun on Jul 15, 2010

I love your blog and site, I would like to cook a lot of things after reading it. I just found in google and spend a half of the day reading carefully. Sorry, for mistakes in spelling...I am from Russia. I have got my site as well: Unfortunatly, I do not have any reciptes... Thank you a lot fot your site

Hi Sun, thanks for reaching out to me. But since this blogroll is all about other sites w.r.t food, I wont be able to add in your site. It wont be pertinent to this blogroll. But I appreciate you taking time to reach out to me :)

By Rashi on May 24, 2010

quite inpiring recipes.. i'm a fellow food blogger as well. why don't we swap our url's in the blog roll

By Priya on May 1, 2010

Pls add me in ur blog roll

By preetha on Apr 26, 2010

Hi Diviya, Atlast I too started writing a blog about food :wink:, really I don't know in which above category it will fall. Pls have a look. Thanks a Lot for your encouragement.

By Madhuri on Apr 9, 2010

Gee, thanks! And hugs :-P

By Indrani on Apr 9, 2010

Hi Dhivya, Thanks a lot for adding my blog into your did a splendid job

By Sashi on Apr 5, 2010

Dhivya, would love to be a part of ur blogroll. Can you please add mine under "Worldly Epicureans". My website is Sashi's Tasty Bites - Thanks in advance.

By saswati on Apr 5, 2010

Hi DK ! now that I am back into blogging ...would like to be added to your blogroll.My blog Potpourri would be classified under Worldly is thanx!

By Aarti Sawale on Mar 15, 2010

HI Chef, Hope you're doing great after wonderful weekend. I would request you to add me to your blog. THank you. Another is i have query about. What does ZEST means? u have metioned zest of some fruits. so i would like to know. WOuld you be having any receipe for ugadi or gudi padwa.

Hey Aarti, I will be glad to add you to my blogroll but I need your Blog details for the same :) Zest is nothing but grated peel of fruits. If I say - lemon zest - i just mean light grated peel of lemon. Make sure to grate v lightly since too much of it will give a bitter taste to the food. I dont have any on hand but will post recipes under those soon --DK

By Madhuri on Mar 10, 2010

Hey DK, I'd love it if you could add me on here, under 'Worldly Epicureans'. Thanks very much in advance! Love Madhuri

Done :) --DK

By Julie on Mar 1, 2010

Great find! A place to track down recipes for whatever flavor I am looking for! I've just recently started my low fat chicken recipes blog, but I would love to be included here! Thanks again! Great idea.

Have added your site to the blog roll under low fat cooking Julie :) --DK

By Aarti Sawale on Feb 25, 2010

Hi Chef, Thank you chef. well chips & dips arealways included in our lite bitings, rest i was thinking of bhajis that too of mung daal or chaana daal something new to have instead of non veg bitings. thy r becoming sort of boring this days. i have thought of one more starters made of Eggs so will try that. well sopus haven't thought of bcos no one has it.its only drinks for them. THank you for your suggestions would def post you if i have any questions. regards, aarti

By Aarti Sawale on Feb 24, 2010

Hi CHef, First of all i would like to know your name bcos i have read people mentioning you as DK. Another is i need some help from you for a dinner menu for starters .this is just a casual get together which we have whenever we want to meet all our friends which includes kids also. I'm asking only starters bcos main course is always non veg as all r pure non veggie. i want to experiment in starter for veg bcos it has more options.Otherwise our entire meal starts from non veg and ends at nonveg. Anyways would really like to know abt this and if possible some mocktails if you have tried ever. THank you for your time. Regards, aarti

Yes I am known as DK only among my readers and blogging friends :) You can call me the same. The starters are a lot. I have few here : to give you some idea. You can also go for dips and chips, Paneer tikkas, Bruschetta, spiced nuts, Hummus, salsa, mini samosas, pakora/bhajjias etc..I am not sure if you are thinking of soups here too. I have not yet ventured into mocktails but will think of few soon...I hope this helped. If you have any precise questions do let me know :) --DK

By Ranji on Feb 10, 2010

hi DK...amazing website..way to go:) ...this is my first hopping after a long time... I would love to join this long list of blogroll..Thank u in advance:)

Thanks Ranji :) I am glad you are back into the blogging world :) Have added your site under worldly epicureans :) --DK

By nags on Feb 3, 2010

Just realised am not in here! If you don't mind, I'd love to join the Worldly Epicureans :)

By padma on Jan 16, 2010

:-| hello sir, please send me muruku recipie

Hi Padma, chk this link for the recipe : --DK

By quiche recipe on Jan 16, 2010

Nice list... :wink:

By Radhika on Jan 11, 2010

Hey Dhiv, Can you please add me to your blogroll Blog Name: Food for 7 Stages of Life Link: Category: Worldly Epicureans Thanks in advance. :) RV

By Sonia Abrol on Dec 24, 2009

Hi! You have a great website, very inspiring! Could youplease add my blog to your Blogroll? When you get a chance do visit my blog, I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks Sonia

By Divya Vikram on Dec 15, 2009

Hey Dhiv, Could you add me to your blogroll?

I thought I had yours already!! Updated now :) -- DK

By Sri on Dec 10, 2009

Hi DK, great recipes, great blog!!If you don't mind, could you please include my blog too- It can be under Indian, Tamil or world recipes. Thanks!!

Hi Sri, thanks for the comment :) Have included your site under Indian - since I saw lots of yummy Indian based recipes -- DK

By Veda on Nov 18, 2009

Dear DIV, Can you add my blog to ur blog roll. i did like to see my blog in karnataka recipes! thanks so much and have a good day!

Hi Veda, Have added your blog to the list :) --DK

By palatable on Nov 17, 2009

Thanks a lot DK for addding me in your list. Will visit you again....

By palatable on Nov 14, 2009

Lovely site you have here. Do have a peek at Mainly concentrate on Spore, Malaysia, Indian and world cuisine. Have a happy weekend!

Thank you for the kind words :) I have added your site to my Worldly Epicureans list -- DK

By deepti on Nov 5, 2009

Thanks a lot for adding mine...The new Pumpkin soup looks great :wink: !!!!

By sanjeeta kk on Nov 5, 2009

Hi Dhivi, Thanks for the prompt response. Gives more encouragement to all foodies and new bloggers trying to reach to a wider platform. My site is more into healthy cooking, with articles on health and recipes. Healthy low-cal, low-fat cooking will be an apt category for my site. Thanks and best wishes for all your efforts. Keep in touch, take care. sanjeeta kk

By deepti on Nov 2, 2009

This is really a nice collection. I am a new blogger. Please have a look at mine when you get time. is more of a Kerala cuisine. Good luck for your work...!!!!!!

Dear Deepti, Welcome to this addictive world of food blogging :). Have added your blog to the list

By Cilantro on Nov 2, 2009

Never noticed the blogroll although I have visited your blog often ..could you please add my blog to the list too? Cilantro. Cateogory- Tamil recipes

Dear Cilantro, have added it to the list :) thanks

By Vidhya on Nov 1, 2009

I ur website looks so neat and ur explanation and photos stage by stage of cooking makes me to try...

Thanks Vidhya :)

By sowmya on Oct 21, 2009

Thanks for adding me !! :wink:

By sowmya on Oct 11, 2009

hi, i visit the wonderful blog of yours so often, but never noticed the blogroll..can you add me too? Creative saga cateogory- world recipes or tamil recipes

Dear Soumya - Just added your blog - I took the liberty to add it under "Indian cooking pundits" since I saw some amazing variety of Indian dishes overall in your site - But if you are specific for world/Tamil - do lemme know and I will do likewise. Thanks for pointing out your blog to all of us :) --DK

By Priya on Sep 20, 2009

Hey ur blog is superb..A Class.i cudn't find followers to add myself ..y??

Dear Priya, thank you for kind words :) . I haven't added followers widget here - will def inform you once I do :) Until then you can of course subscribe via mail or subscribe via reader to keep in touch. Appreciate your comment and once again thanks :)

By Siddhi Sheth on Sep 10, 2009

Hi could you add me to your blogroll? I am doing a project on International cuisine. I am trying to cook from food from 192 countries. I would be classified under World Epicureans. Thanks! -Siddhi

Have added your blog Siddhi - thanks for contacting me and letting me know of your blog :)

By Kalai on Jun 2, 2009

Dhivi, would you mind adding me to your blogroll? You know my blog is Samaithu Paarkalaam. Link: You could either classify it as Tamil recipes or world recipes, I guess. Thanks, girl!

By a2zvegetariancuisine on May 16, 2009

YOu have an excellent web site, check out our blog whenever you get a chance.