For Replacing Eggs

Please refer this chart for Egg substitutes for Cakes (brownies, cookies and rest)

For Replacing Milk

Personally I would go with Almond milk or Coconut milk. But you can use equal amount of Soy milk or rice milk. Depending on the recipe, equal amounts of water or juice would work as well.

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By Rizzah on Nov 15, 2014

:wink: not so clear to me ... I AM THINKING for eggs substitute it needs liquids. So are you leaning towards vegetable oil? will any oil do? taste wise what to expect? I don't think you'll see this before I make a decision ... thanks in advance. Cheers.

By Julia on Sep 26, 2014

Hi, I noticed in your answer regarding milk substitutions you qualified your answer. You said, "depending on the type of cake" and then mentioned your preference for almond or coconut milks but said that soy or rice milk, water, or fruit juice could be used instead. I tackle all sorts of cake recipes from traditional layer cakes to those marvelous creations in the cooking magazines that leave me with learning experiences. Are there instances where only milk or cream will do? What about when one of the substitutes is superior to another? I love baking and so many friends are now vegan, they ask that I bake so they can partake. Thank you for your help. Julia PS. Do the rules hold true for cooked fillings, buttercreams, frosting, and glazes?

By Bev on May 19, 2014

I have a challenge of trying to cook for my family since I have egg and dairy allergies. This site is a big help to me.