How Janaki Made This - Mysore Pak (soft)

By Janaki Sekar | Posted on Nov 28, 2012

 One String consistency is always a challenge for me. I made it four times to get it fully right.. I loved the idea of mixing Olive oil as it made the sweet to be light while consumption, as I have always felt that full ghee would make me feel heavy. The wonderful pictorial representations helped me a lot and the doneness examples like "Moses parted the red sea " :). Thanks a lot . These days any dish I want to make, I am looking into your site for reference! :)

The original recipe from which this was made...

Mysore Pak (soft)

The word "Mysore Pak" does wonders to an Indian's palate (esp. a South Indian). Immediately as if a switch went on, there is an instant drool.  This has to be ...