How Traudel Made This - Zucchini Potato Fritters

By Traudel Tipton | Posted on Sep 15, 2013


thank you for this so really really good recipe. I made this a few days ago just for me and put in some additional bacon bits. I loved it. The funny thing happened when my son who hates zucchini and carrots came into the kitchenand asked me : what's that and I answered Pancakes you can try one. Thank God he didn't ask what was inside. So he tried and said there were really good. I told him he could have the 4 or 5 leftovers and he ate them all. Score!

A few minutes later I asked him if he wanted to know what were the ingredients and he looked at me like: WHAT?

And I told him and he was like no way. But he ask me to make them again.(He is 16) So THANK YOU.

And next time I will take a picture.


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