What is Graham Flour | Graham flour Recipes What is Graham Flour? Graham flour is wheat flour that is less processed and unbleached.  This is done by grinding each components of wheat flour ( Bran, Germ and Endosperm) separately instead of together like in the regular wheat flour. The endosperm is ground fine while the germ and bran are ground coarsely. Then these ground flours are added back together to create a coarse flour. How does it taste? I think it has a distinct sweetness to it. It makes for a slightly dense end product which is also a shade brown than when made with regular wheat flour. I also think its more chewy. Health Watch Since it retains the wheat protein (germ + bran), its naturally more nutritious. It is high in dietary fiber and has 3.0 gms of protein in 1/4 cup flour. How to use in Cooking? It can be used to replace wheat flour. It works as a nutritious substitute in baking too. Honey compliments its flavor so you can use it as a sweetener in recipes where you use Graham flour. How to Buy and Store? Its usually available in health food stores. If not, you can order online. Refrigeration of this flour is necessary since it has an higher oil content and will go rancid than regular wheat flour. References
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