Sprouted Moong Dal Dosa Recipe
As I mentioned in my last post, once I discovered the world of sprouts, I have never looked back since. But I do not like sprouts in salads that much nor do I enjoy them raw that much. Yes, I do try hard to consume them that way since they carry more nutrition punch but its not something I look forward to. Having said that, I find ways and means of adding them to my normal day to day meals without making the taste buds go 'naaah' at the sight of them in my dinner plate. Hiding it - is what I would refer this process to be :) Among the many variations that I try, this one is the most obvious one - yes - to make it into South Indian Crepes more commonly known as "dosas".
Sprouted Moong Dal Dosa Recipe
I used a normal Moong (yellow lentil) Dosa recipe and instead of using the split dried lentil, used these sprouted ones. It has minimal ingredients and it made an awesome combo with peanut cilantro chutney and carrot sambar. You can use par boiled rice and normal raw rice 50:50 or just use parboiled rice like I have. This is not a fussy recipe at all and is flexible to your taste and creativity. Nutritious and filling to say the least.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • Yields: Makes around 6 large dosas
  • 1 cup parboiled rice (or use 50:50 parboiled and raw (medium grained) rice)
  • 1/2 cup Sprouted Moong Beans (see how to sprout Moong beans)  (I sometimes add 1 cup too  for more nutrition)
  • 1 tsp Fenugreek seeds
  • 1 inch thinly sliced ginger
  • 2-3 green chillies, thinly sliced
  • 1 onion, chopped finely (optional)
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • few sprigs of curry leaves
  • few sprigs of cilantro (optional)
  • salt to taste
1. Soak the rice and fenugreek together in some water for at least 2 hours.Then grind it along with the sprouts, chilli, ginger and cumin seeds.
2. into a smooth paste. see those bubbles? They are thanks to the sprouts. Add salt to taste.
3. Heat a iron skillet or non stick pan and grease it lightly with oil. Pour a ladle of this mixture on to the pan.
4. Spread it in a circle - make it as thin as you like. Mine is a square pan hence the weird shape! Drizzle it lightly with vegetable oil along the sides.
5. Add the chopped onion, curry leaves and cilantro. The wet surface will help it to stick.
6. Turn to the other side after 2- 3 minutes of cooking.
Serve warm with accompaniment of your choice. It went very well with peanut cilantro chutney and sambar. Sprouted Moong Dal Dosa Recipe

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5 Member Reviews

By Aditi on Sep 19, 2012

By Chandrika on Nov 22, 2011


I'm expecting our second child, and wanted to try some thing different and healthy.. this dosa was just yummm..

My husband and me could not get enough of it.. love you blog..

thanks a ton  .. keep up the great work... am looking forward to trying more recipes..


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By Bhavana on Jan 28, 2017

Turned out to be a disaster for me- the dosa batter just stuck to my nonstick pan, and disintegrated when I tried to take it off. No clue what I did wrong :( I make regular dosas quite well... Quick Q though - do you need to use 1 cup parboiled rice, or cook 1 cup rice till it parboils (the final amount of rice will be 2.5+ cups in the latter case). Maybe that's the culprit.

Oh Oh :( - By parboiled rice, I meant Idli Rice/ Puzhungal arisi. Guess, I should add that on the side. --DK

By dipal on Mar 9, 2016

Hi The link to how to sprout mung beans is opening on an empty page on your website. can u please resend the link.

Sorry about that Dipal. Just fixed it. Thanks for the pointer. --DK

By rashmi on Sep 11, 2015

i would love to make this. and want many more .... <3

By arpitha on Jan 3, 2014

hi... Moong sprouts gets bitter when yo sprout it in presence of sunlight due to green pigment in it. Avoid sunlight n enjoy the sprouts :)

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By Lacey on Mar 3, 2012

Can you post the recipe for the peanut cilantro chutney and sambar? I noticed that they are not on your site :?:

By natalie on Oct 25, 2011

I loooove this site, photos, text, recipes, everything! Yeah, sprouting is healthy but I've noticed the bigger the "tails" or root of the sprout the more bitter. I just made dosas with sprouted mung beans that had the root just slightly janking out, hardly 2 days soaking. The batter was made with wheat flour and yoghurt + ground sprouted beans. The beans were really yummy and better than just soaked beans, like in ground dal patties, + better than super-sprouted mung beans. So if one has been turned off with sprouted beans, try sprouting them less.

By sarika jain on Aug 6, 2011

i wuld luv to have more recpies made of sprouts as i got 2 growin kids n this will help me to maintain their health....loads of luv

By mung beans recipes on May 18, 2011

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By Gracelin on Apr 26, 2011

I did it today .It came out well .I liked the cumin taste in it ..Thank you .Just wanted to share this .whn the tawa gets very hot I sprinkle water on it and then immediately spread the dosa batter as thin as possible ..This way avoiding oil .The dosa is crispy as usual .

By Sulochana on Feb 24, 2011

Gr8 recipe, can avoid rice too (those who do not want to have rice) instead can add Palak leaves ...Palak Moong Sprout dosa....

By Pari on Dec 23, 2010

Looks really nice and healthy ... will definately try this

By Cindy on Oct 8, 2010

Could cooked brown rice be substituted for the parboiled and regular raw rice?

By Cindy on Oct 8, 2010

Please excuse a newbie question: how do you grind the ingredients?

I have an Indian style food processor which I use to grind the ingredients. As for the next question you can surely try with brown rice. I havent personally tried it hence I am not sure about the taste factor

By Raji on Aug 18, 2010

Hi, One quick question, whenever i have ground sprouted moong beans, it has turned bitter and we could never eat it as dosa. Not sure, do we need to soak the sprouted moong before gridning.

I am not sure grinding it makes it bitter..Did u try tasting it on its own? was that bitter? Sometimes depending on the quality of the moong (i am assuming), the sprouts by themselves can be bitter. Usually moong sprouts are not bitter. May be sprouting it for long time makes it bitter....try minimal sprouts (just a little) and see if it has a bitter taste. I will update this space if I get more info on why it gets bitter

By DS on Jul 29, 2010

DK, I made this today! It came out very well. Thank you so much for the recipe. I added the chopped onions and cilantro in the batter and then made the dosa - I felt it tasted much better. Pl add many such new recipes and keep up the good work! -DS

By Maida Dosa | Recipes Collection on Jul 20, 2010

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By shyamala on Jun 14, 2010

I made the moong sprout dosa immediately after grinding. It was yum and tastes very different from the split moong daldosa. I am definitely going to make it more often. :-P

Thank you so much for sending me the feedback. Appreciate it. If you are interested, would love to showcase your experience for rest of the readers in the site. You can give this v same feedback or more if you like in this link - http://chefinyou.com/i-made-this/?recipeid=2945 Thanks :) --DK

By soumya on Jun 8, 2010

ohh such a healthy dosa...the main thing i like is it dosent need overnight soaking...thanks for the recipe.

By Priya on Jun 8, 2010

Wat a nutritious and protein packed dosa..lovely..

By Happy Cook on Jun 7, 2010

Looks so so good, i have not had this in ages , my sis make this a lot as her hubby is from Andhra.

By Suma on Jun 7, 2010

One of my fav dosas and with peanut chutney tastes double yumm!!

By saritha on Jun 7, 2010

but if we dont leave it to ferment for a while,will the dosas be soft :?:

These dosas belong to the class of quick method ones - this is v similar to Godhuma(wheat) dosa, Maida Dosa, Pesarattu and Adais which dont need fermenting. You can keep it for some time if you want to, although not really necc. :) --DK

By Apu on Jun 7, 2010

I made these last weekend. They come out really well!!

By swapna on Jun 7, 2010

Healthy and yummy dosas!!

By vanamala on Jun 7, 2010

Nice recipe

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