curry leaves powder

Another family favorite next to Lentil powder ( Paruppu podi ) is Curry leaves Powder. There are many variations and this is mom's method.Curry leaves are synonymous with Indian cooking and is not to be confused with curry powder;-).This is such a basic recipe and can be made v easily. Its eaten with plain rice or as an accompaniment to main course.

  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • 4 cups Curry leaves, approx ( or two handfuls)
  • 1/2 cup Toor Dal (pigeon peas)
  • 1/2 cup urad dal(split black gram)
  • 3-4 dried red chillies ( or as per taste)
  • 1/8 tsp asafoetida
  • salt to taste

Dry roast the curry leaves in a skillet till the aroma hits you and the leaves look little shriveled up.


Place them in a blender and grind them well.


It does not matter if they are not fine at this point since we will be processing them again soon.


Place them in a blender and grind them well.


Cool them a bit and then add it along with the curry leaves in the processor and grind them until they become into fine powder. Store this in a air tight corner. They easily last for months.


Cool them a bit and then add it along with the curry leaves in the processor and grind them until they become into fine powder.

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By mommie&foodie on Feb 19, 2014

Hi, just wanted to ask DK. What would we use the curry powder for. i ask as u added lentils to it... :)

By Pravallik on Feb 2, 2012

Hi when should I use Hing

By Divya on Dec 29, 2011

:wink: Your website looks very impressive! The pictures makes it easy to follow. Great place to look for new recipes! Could you add more snacks to your web site. Omma podi was a good one.Thanks!

By sunita on Mar 30, 2011

hi dk i would like to make this powder can you pls tell me how do i use it in my recipe or which food can i use it thanks in advace

By parul on Mar 29, 2010

Hello DK, I want to try this but one question. sometime curry leaves give bitter taste. also with two dalls and 3-4 dried red chillies will the color come out green?

By viji on Nov 7, 2008

wow vey nice green colour u got in this podi looking yummy

By Red Chillies on Nov 5, 2008

Very nice recipe, DK. I love curry leaves and I get loads of these from back home.

By rekhas kitchen on Nov 5, 2008

my MIL use to make this it is just wow DKnice color too

By Bhawana on Nov 5, 2008

Again bookmarked this post. This is very useful for my mom and my MIL. they dont get fresh curry leaves. I think I will make this powder n give them now.

By Kalai on Nov 5, 2008

Delicious, Dhivi! And that color is just to die for! :)

By Uma on Nov 5, 2008

my fav. podi! looks so colorful and aromatic!

By Madhu on Nov 5, 2008

What a colour DK, Love the first pic.

By srikars kitchen on Nov 5, 2008

i have got something for u in my site. check it out & enjoy

By Roopa on Nov 5, 2008

hi DK, had fun reading amusing write up:) I too never tasted this before. They look like the Mocha tea powder used to make Mocha ice cream :)

By kamala on Nov 5, 2008

I love the nice aroma of curry leaves..Good one Dhivya

By Medhaa on Nov 5, 2008

Very Interesting, never had this before I love the color

By raaji on Nov 5, 2008

Thats really a funny incident.....i too loved the light color....

By soma on Nov 5, 2008

I made this recently, but i did any combination I wanted as i forgot what one of the aunties had told me... don't have to say that it did not taste anything like what she made, but it was edible:-). i will save yours. Thanks for sharing...

By Priya on Nov 5, 2008

Curry leaves powder looks delicious the colour..nice job Dk..

By ranji on Nov 5, 2008

wow DK..this one is new to me..never had or seen curry leaves pdr b4..looks good..i love curry leaves..i tend to add a lot more than required in curries..:)

By Curry Leaf on Nov 5, 2008

Lovely,I am not a big fan of this though.Cheers

By Divya Vikram on Nov 5, 2008

Am making this right away! Have some curry leaves in hannd.And that was a nice experience you had..

By Laavanya on Nov 5, 2008

I MW the leaves instead of roasting them these days.. simply love this and your picture.

By PJ on Nov 5, 2008

Same pinch!momz recipe is d same n i luv it..

By Divya Kudua on Nov 5, 2008

Curry leaves powder looks delicious DK..loved the story..;-)We make a similar one adding copra/dessicated coconut..I absolutely love this powder!!

By Lakshmi Venkatesh on Nov 5, 2008

Kariveppalai podi looks very nice. My mom makes it very often.

By Nags on Nov 5, 2008

last week there was a whole bunch of curry leaves and i decided to make chutney with it, though this one also came to mind :)

By jayasree on Nov 5, 2008

I love karuveppila podi. there's one in my blog too. Shall try ur version soon.