Osaman -Gujarati Dal

If you thought Osama bin laden managed to inspire me to make some dal, you couldnt have been more wrong. He has nothing to do with this, its just the name "Osaman: - which is nothing but a gujarati Style Dal. The sweet and sour combo blends so well to make it a healthy treat.

  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 1/2 cup Red Lentils ( masoor dal), washed and cleaned well
  • 1/4 cup toasted peanuts
  • 2 tbsp grated jaggery
  • 1 to 1-1/2 tbsp tamarind paste ( start with one, can increase as per taste)
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
  • 2-3 green chillies, sliced thinly (or as per taste)
  • salt to taste
  • To Temper
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • about 1/8th tsp asafoetida
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds (caraway seeds work well too)
  • 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds
  • few sprigs of curry leaves and cilantro
1. Place the Red lentils in a saucepan and cook it by bringing it to a boil in about 2 cups of water/vegetable stock.
2. Once boiled, bring the heat down to medium heat, it should have turned to yellow color.Add turmeric, salt, tamarind, peanuts and jaggery. Stir well to blend.
3. Temper the ingredients given in the temper section along with chillies and pour it down in the dal.

Ideal Accompaniments

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2 Member Reviews

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By Sunita on Oct 18, 2010

hi dk made this dal yesterday for lunch and its tasted very tasty yum yum yum yum very tamgy taste

Recipe Image

By Swapna on Jul 21, 2010


I love this dal.Its soo easy and tasted yummy...I made this when we had some friends came to our home.It was sooo good.I served with Jeera Rice.I didnt change anything in the recipe but i did crushed the peanut and added to the recipe.

I posted this recipe on my blog.



Thanks DK and keep up on your wonderful work.


By Neha on Oct 3, 2015

Hi, stumbled upon this post during my quest of searching for authentic osaman recipe :-) I cant refrain myself from commenting on the way you handle all comments and feedback. Your humility and honesty is refreshing and truly commendable and I am inspired to also follow your footsteps. Thanks

By sheela on Nov 28, 2014

the osaman tastes very nice even when one is suffering from cold & cough. it gives great relief to the throat

By Jannki on Oct 30, 2014

I would love to share it. I actually made it just last night. Turned out yummy and healthy. I will post it here to u today or tomorrow. It's very simple and healthy. Please also visits food website. Jaggirls.blogspot.com. It's my foodie website. Fairly new. You have a nice site.

By Purvi on Oct 30, 2014

This isnt authentic osaman - DK I am sorry but you do need to do a bit more research - Osaman is the gujarati equivalent of rasam and is usually prepared only with the dal stock....which is why it is usually eaten with lachko (the boiled dall minced) and bhaat (rice).....did not expect this from my favourite recipe site.....disappointed

Purvi, I take it as a compliment that something dated as far back as 2008 is visited and reviewed upon with the same expectation as one posted recently. Its one thing to do research and another to actually find the absolute correct info (esp. those days when there weren't any blogs or much info on the net) , which is why readers like you are helpful in providing details close to their authenticity and origin. Although, if I had to be honest, my learning curve was still at its nascent stage those days. Thank you for the info. I might repost it later with better quality. --DK

By Jannki on Oct 29, 2014

I have the orgjnal osaman recipe. This sounds more kerela style or south iDisk because u used Tamarand. Osaman is served with lachko dal ( toor Dahl ) and plain rice.

Would love to see your recipe, Jannki --DK

By Mrspetlover on Nov 20, 2013

This recipe is not of a true gujarati osaman daal . Though whatever type of daal one wants to call ithis recipe, it looks good & sounds wonderful. No offence meant to the chef.

No offence taken. Do you know the authentic version of Osaman Dal? If yes, would love to get a recipe from you. You can upload ur recipe at the site for all of us to try it as well. Here is the link: http://chefinyou.com/member-recipes/?recipe=new. Thanks --DK

By Dave on Jun 1, 2010

After adding the Tamarind paste it turned the water black. How did yours come out so nicely?

I think it depends on the paste. Was it really concentrated? For this recipe, the amount I mentioned really doesnt affect the recipe except add a slightly tangy taste. It did not change the color too. Was the taste of tamarind strong in the final outcome? If it is, then it could probably be the brand! --DK

By Fearless Kitchen on Dec 29, 2008

This looks great! It looks like a really comforting dish.

By manju on Dec 22, 2008

We will try this soon. We are having rice with dal or beans at least once a week for dinner, and this looks like a really tasty combination...we just moved to a place where I can find fresh curry leaves and I love the flavor! Thanks for the recipe.

By Madhuram on Dec 18, 2008

You wrote let the next daal you prepare be this one and I followed it. Yesterday I made this for dinner. We had some leftover chapathis and rice from lunch and I was too bored to cook something. I was browsing your recipe index for ideas and got to this page.

Attention everybody, those are reading this post go ahead and make this one and this is the only daal you would be making hereafter. It's so simple but is full of flavor.

I cooked the daal in vegetable stock. First I was skeptical about adding jaggery, but anyway I added but only 1 teaspoon. I was surprised that the jaggery did taste well in the daal. 1 teaspoon was enough for me and also you need not add additional salt if you are cooking with vegetable stock.

Thanks dear for this simple and very tasty recipe.

By karuna on Dec 17, 2008

this dal is my MIL fav. she taught me how to make it when she was here. but it was very diff. we use the green moong dal's water to make it and add curd and besan to it.
its an entire combo of mung, baath and osaman ie, green moong dal, rice and osaman.
urs is a nice variation too.

By Madhu on Dec 17, 2008

Little differnet from the regular dal we cook, with peanuts..sounds delish...

By Vanamala on Dec 17, 2008

Lovely recipe DK really i liked it.

By Gita's Kitchen on Dec 17, 2008

This is new to me, sounds delicious, a variation for me from the regular dhal :)

By Gita's Kitchen on Dec 17, 2008

This is new to me, sounds delicious, a variation for me from the regular dhal :)

By Alka on Dec 17, 2008

Lovely dal,though i never use any sort of sweet ingredient in spicy dals,but i love the flavor that Gujrati dals generally have.Also i am bit apprehensive of hing coz i had a very bad experience when i added hing to regular moong dal that we make and everyone just left it untouched :-(
So can i go without hing or does it actually enhances the flavour of this dal?

By Happy cook on Dec 17, 2008

That is what i though Osama was inspiring you when i read the title :-)
Dal looks yumm.
Love the addition of nuts .

By Kitchen Flavours on Dec 17, 2008

Wow looks gr8. Never heard of this before. You can send this to MLLA i think.

By Priya on Dec 17, 2008

Looks great Dk...Adding peanuts, tamarind n jaggery to the dal, needless to say how they will be tasty na!!!

By rekhas kitchen on Dec 17, 2008

mmmmm dal look so yummy DK comfort food

By Vcuisine on Dec 16, 2008

Dhal with a hint of tamarind and hing comes out tasty Divya. Nice to know the name. Viji

By laughing yogini on Dec 16, 2008

This dal looks so good and the photos are beautiful! Can't wait to try it. Love your site and can't wait to return and explore more of your yummy recipes.

By Curry Leaf on Dec 16, 2008

Lovely and healthy,DK.I think u are on an Indian spree.Cheers

By Steph on Dec 16, 2008

That sounds delicious. Great recipe.
Dal is one of my favorite things to make and it is always great to come across new recipes.