Indian Rava Ladoo
...who cares as long as its RAVA LADOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This had to be easily one of the fastest photos I have ever taken!! No - Not because I was satisfied at the very first one - but because I was hardly able to contain myself. I mean here you have a plate of absolutely delicious looking rawa laddu (semolina balls) all stacked up in front of you, with no one around to remind that you are trying to avoid anything which has the word "calorie" in it (unsuccessfully, I might add!), on top of which its aroma extending its virtual hands and pulling at your nasal cavities - and you tell me I have to sit and take photos?
Indian Rava Ladoo
You gotto be kidding me! Valli - I can see you making faces at me. It may be your recipe dearest Valli - but the torture of sitting in front of them without eating is mine - so dear all, excuse me if the photos don't seem to be doing justice to all the extolment that I am showering on these ravva ladoos - although I have to be brutally honest with ya, I care less. All I care now is that here I am eating these while you are fated to only watch them!!!! "Oh Yeah - You seem to talk too much! Even we can make these you know! " Oh yes you sure can, I agree. But then I am warning ya, you will behave like a starved glutton(!!!!) and you would talk the same way like me. At that moment I will surely say "I told you". :) Anyways, I rarely make Indian sweets - Most often I can rest assured that I will mess it up. Mainly cos I have no patience with them, the recipes are not scientific and precise enough for me to practice on my own, and I have patience...... Indian Rava Ladoo I thought I could easily make them having sat on the kitchen counter all those years when my mom made them. Turns out, you need to be more a "test"er than a "taste"r which is what I was. On top of it we both (The Husband and me) are not "sweet people"(!!), mm may be cute people but certainly not "sweet"! Valli patiently waited for me to give her sweets for all those mega melas she hosted and when nothing came out of it, she said enough is enough (she is trying to turn me into a new leaf!!!) and started the ICC - Indian Cooking Challenge where she asked us all to select different Indian sweets to take on. As a trial run when she asked me for a suggestion, I tried to take the most easiest one I could muster and Rava Ladoo were it. I don't even feel like writing any more - got to get back to my plate...but here is the recipe verbatim
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Yields: Makes around 10 medium-large sized balls
  • Rava / Semolina - 1 cup
  • Sugar - 1 cup
  • Ghee - 25 gms
  • Milk - 25 ml
  • Cardamom powder - a pinch
  • Cashew nuts - 10 whole nuts
  • Raisins - 10 nos
  • Grated fresh coconut - 25 gms
1. Heat 2 tsp of ghee in a kadai. Once the ghee is hot enough, simmer the flame and roast cashew nuts
2. and raisins.
3. Once the raisins balloon up, remove. Then roast the grated coconut.
4. Remove once done. Keep all these aside. Add the remaining ghee and roast the Rava till its well roasted and aroma starts coming out.
5. In a bowl, take all the roasted Rava, Nuts, Coconut and add the Cardamom powder. Then add the sugar. Mix well.
6. Then slowly add the warm milk into the bowl. Check if you are able to gather as balls.
7. When you find that milk added is enough to get you laddos, transfer it back to the kadai and cook in sim for 2 mins. Mix well and then cover it and let it rest for 2 mins. Notes : For some reason I found this step unnecessary for me since it formed into perfect balls for me at the get go and even without following this step it came out super yummy. Then immediately make balls or laddoos.
8. Notes: While roasting the Rava, make sure you have the flames in sim, else there is a chance of the rava getting over roasted. Its enough to add only the required amount of milk to get you form balls. Depending on the rava and the sugar at times we may not use all the 25 gms Since we add milk, its best to consume within 5 days of making them. If you store them in fridge, you can have them for a week. The other version followed is
The rava after being roasted can be powdered using a blender. Add sugar to this and make a powder. Add a little ghee to this mixture and make small balls out of this. Indian Rava Ladoo

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16 Member Reviews

By nathi on Sep 16, 2012

i like this laddu...its our festival sweet 

By Maysie on Jul 25, 2012

Very simple and delicious

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By Rajeswari on Oct 7, 2016

Can we use dry coconut powder instead of fresh one? How long can we store them 1) outside 2) in the refrigerator ? Can we deep freeze them and use after a long time.

If you use milk, it is better to consume it within 5 days. In a fridge, it keeps well for about 10 days. I read somewhere that you can freeze them and that it keeps well for months. You probably would have to serve them at room temperature.But I haven't tried freezing it hence personally not sure. --DK

By dashni on Jul 6, 2016

Sounds delish , must try I make a similar Rava- using almonds instead of cashews and raisins. Add sesame seeds and condensed milk , reducing sugar to 1/2 cup

Sounds interesting esp sesame seeds. Will try it. Thank you for the suggestion --DK

By Vaishally Binayak on Oct 16, 2015

These ladoos look simple and interesting; will surely try them out.

By Haju Aidroos on Dec 17, 2014

Wow!! lovely!!YUMMY!! must try them very soooon!!!

By S.DhanamLakhsmi on Jul 20, 2014

:) I like it most.

By fancyy on May 12, 2014

mmmmmmm for much tym rawa is need to b roasted?? :?: :?:

By Helen on Mar 10, 2014

Thanks a lot for the lovely receipe. I tried it and It came out great!

By mangala jayant on Dec 31, 2013

tasted very yummy but i just want to know can i make the same with sugar syrup instead of milk?

By Vasu on Dec 3, 2013

Hi DK, I tried it today and it was YUMMY!! Is it possible to make the balls without adding the milk? I just want to make something that lasts a little bit longer. Thanks!

By Raveena on Nov 2, 2013

I tried this today for Diwali and turned out great thanks

By shveta agrawal on Sep 14, 2013

Thanks 4 giving such a sweet recipe.i realy need of it.

By Sulochana Sharma on Aug 8, 2013

A good and easy recipe. The only difference is I do not fry coconut. (My MIL's recipe).. I find that by roasting coconut, laddus stay fresh longer. Thanks!

By MAMTHA on May 7, 2013


By mamtabalani on Dec 26, 2012

hmm. yummy

By kimek on Dec 26, 2012

looks really delicious. I must try to make them.

By Gian Prakash on Nov 12, 2012

1. Assumed 25 gms. ghee is 5 tsps ghee. Used only 1 tsp of ghee for frying cashewnut, raisins and coconut in the order as given in the recipe 2. Used desecated coconut instead of fresh grated coconut 3. Sugar along with green cardamom seeds, gave quick 10 sec. grinding in the dry grinder. 4. Thereafter followed the recipe as given by you and result was absolutely awesome. Never knew that sooji laddoos could be made so fast with such a good finger-licking outcome 5. First lot I made without putting it on sim for two minutes and allowed to rest for two minutes - in the sense as you mentioned. Made the second lot with this additional step and there is a different in taste. First variety cruncy and crisp and second variety softer. 6. Analysed the reason for this difference - for Upma, the sooji is roasted/fried for very short period of time and hence requires only 1.5 to 2 times the volume of water. Whereas when for Sheera (AKA Halwa) sooji is fried with Ghee for a longer period to release the aroma, just like for sooji laddoos, the water required is 3 times. Also for halwa, the sugar is added in the end. 7. Suggest use broken cashewnut for even distribution in the laddoos. 8. I find contributing my recipe through that link time consuming. Can I send by way of comment. Happy cooking and Happy Deepawali to DK and other followers of your blog

Its a little time consuming, but then given that you typed so much here, it would be great if you could copy paste it in that section. The reason I insist is that, many ppl will miss out on these valuable recipe tips and notes - those who are not visiting this recipe + not reading comments here. At least when you type out recipes in the member recipe section, if ppl are searching for the recipe, your link will also show and they can see it. But at the end of the day, its your hard work and you know what works best for you. I have to add, I appreciate all these recipe suggestions. Am noting them down separately and will try them as and when I can. Thank you once again.Appreciate it :) --DK

By kiran kamble on Nov 10, 2012

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: nice pic & supub iaduu

By VR on Nov 8, 2012

Nice website love to browse through it (especially when I am hungry :)). Anyways, in this receipe instead of milk and sugar how about a can of sweetend condensed milk? It will be easier to roll the rave into balls as well.

By Lynne on Sep 20, 2012

I grind my own wheat, can that be used if I make it a courser grind?

By Danuta on Sep 10, 2012

I love Ladoo's. I made some with gram flour, but this looks very interesting. I will try this recipes. Well I just love Indian food. Blessings from Poland Namaste :wink:

By jehani on Aug 30, 2012

my mom ate this before and now she made it this time it was very tasty

By dinesh on Aug 9, 2012

hello pls share some ladoo,

By sivakkala on Aug 9, 2012

:roll: what about all purpose flour

what about it? --DK

By pepitta on Aug 5, 2012

:wink: just love it yuuumy

By Shiji Subodh on Aug 4, 2012

:) :) :) I should try this recipe...coz i prefer home made snacks for my little one

By nivedita on Jul 11, 2012

what about the raisins :mrgreen:

By rahamath on Jun 28, 2012

:roll:i like to prepare kinds of laddoos.because my elder daughter is fond of laddoos.i like to prepare as soon as today.

By Anusha on Apr 13, 2012

:wink: I made them and rolled them in fresh grated coconut and named them coconut balls. Delicious !!!! Thank you !!!

By Grace on Mar 31, 2012

I tried making the ladoos turned out real good! My husband loved it as well! Thanks for sharing. :-D

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By veena kuwait on Jan 25, 2012

yummy ladoos, i made it they came out just like your's. Thanks for sharing this great recipe.

By ani on Jan 9, 2012

what do we do with the raisins? :?:

By chinnu on Dec 16, 2011

8-O :roll:

By sneha on Oct 24, 2011

which rava should I use?

By vidya on Oct 20, 2011

recepie looks very good and easy i will try for diwali this time. the only thing if i roast the the rava till the aroma will it be to dry to absorb the milk? please post the answer

By Rupa Lakshminarayan on Oct 13, 2011

how many tablespoons is 25gms of ghee

By keerthana on Sep 14, 2011

superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, really yummy i made it for my hubby :-D

By priyanka dixit on Aug 26, 2011


By Indira on Aug 21, 2011

It took me just 15 minutes start to finish. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

By maahi on Aug 20, 2011

i made it wid d same way :wink:

By maahi on Aug 20, 2011

i made it wid d same way...............

By Maria George on Jan 10, 2011

:wink: :) good one shilpa....

By SVS on Nov 3, 2010

So which Rava are we to buy ? Upma Rava / Thin / Coarse ?

By Preethi on Oct 29, 2010

Hi Priya...rava ladoo looks wonderful!!Planning to make these 4 Diwali. Can u pls tell me what kind of rava u used for these? The fine or coarse? Thanks

By Deeps on Oct 28, 2010

can i add the dessicated coconut powder to it?It's my first diwali after wedding so i wanted to make sure that it comes good :)

By Vidhya on Apr 23, 2010

looks so delicious .. yummy!!!!

By praveena on Jan 25, 2010

hi thanks alot for the rava ladoo recipe it helped me alot in telling a seminar on india and present this sweet to japanese people.any way india is great.thanks

By Mythri on Jan 12, 2010

HE HE HE Please dont 'turn into a new leaf' please, otherwise who will cook all these wonderful things with 'hands which pull into our nasal cavities'. I will never again enter my kitchen without thinking of your amazing writing. 'Anyways', I apologize if I am being 'brutally honest' with 'ya' it just reminds me of the way we made english - :-o Tinglish .

Oh yeah - English is a funny language! I have met ppl who hate English with all their hearts...But well oh well, the language is smiling since its one of the most widely spoken all over the world. That being said, lets enjoy it while it lasts ;) Thanks for the compliment Mythri --DK

By manisha sheth on Dec 10, 2009

i can't wait till i make this. ladoos looks yummmy

By Shyama Madhavan on Nov 10, 2009

This Rava Ladoo recipe turned out so excellent!!! Thanks. Your site is great.

By Neelam on Oct 5, 2009

Yumm, ladoos look great! Great photos!

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By Cashmira on Sep 30, 2009

Thanks DK.

By Cashmira on Sep 28, 2009

Hi, I had quick question- Is it okay if I use forzen coconut instead of the fresh coconut. ---Hi Cashmira, Yes you def. can use frozen coconut. Thaw it well before adding it to the recipe. Rava Ladoo still would taste yummy, although I have to say, nothing beats the fresh coconut tase :) -- DK

By Namratha on Jul 23, 2009

Very true, who cares how its spelled!!! Gosh I've so been carving Rava Ladoos these past few days, and this is the second post I've seen today with RL!!! They look perfect.

By Lalitha on Jul 7, 2009

Excellent do you make this with sugar syrup?

By జ్యోతి on Jul 5, 2009

Looks yummyyy...and really it tastes good too. We can even make laddus with semya or vermicelli... same way...

By renuka on Jul 2, 2009

Its just perfect and for me too trying Indian sweets is a challenge with all those measurements

By Laura Dwight on Jul 1, 2009

I wonder if these could be made with another grain if you can't eat wheat...such as millet? I am not sure about millet, but you can make a similar one using chickpea flour...will post that recipe soon :)

By TheThoughtfulTrain on Jul 1, 2009

Yummy!! Rava laddoo was the only sweet I would eat as a child. Got to make some pronto!! Thanks a bunch!

By Indian Rava Ladoo Recipe | How to make Coconut Rava Laddu … - Free Recipes on Jul 1, 2009

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By Medhaa on Jul 1, 2009

Doesn't look like your first time, they look perfect. Lovely Pictures They are not my first time..have made them before....:)

By Lakshmi on Jul 1, 2009

They look .......slurrp! can't resist drooling..

By Srivalli on Jul 1, 2009

my dearest dhivi these are really the most beautiful looking laddos and you always claim that you don't cook indian mithais...tat tat...they are just too yummy...thanks... and anu I am going to catch you for sure..:DD

By rekha on Jul 1, 2009

beautiful pic.s Dk laddoo looks so yummy

By Parita on Jul 1, 2009

ICC..nice one :) rava laddoos look fab!

By Arundathi on Jul 1, 2009

Valli will kill me but this is another one I didn't join! uh oh!

By suparna on Jun 30, 2009

Rava laddoos look very tempting, u've got them in uniform sizes and texture seems great!

By Priya on Jun 30, 2009

GOrgeous, snow balls looks amazing!!!cant take my eyes from the plate!

By Ashwini on Jun 30, 2009

Laddu or ladoo..who cares...this is our fav sweet. .Can't resist..yummm and perfect.

By varunavi on Jun 30, 2009

Looks great and nice clicks :) and agree with chitra that urs look perfect size and shape.Mine were small,the rava was very hot and i was not able to hold no for more time

By chitra on Jun 30, 2009 many rava ladoo posts...urs is lookin perfect!!Good:)

By Nags on Jun 30, 2009

easy stuff eh? the first stack is definitely delish :)

By Priya on Jun 30, 2009

I can almost see them crumble and melt into my mouth!! No wonder you couldn't sit behind the boring camera for this one. I'm not a sweet person either :D, but these look super tempting.

By prathibha on Jun 30, 2009

Wow clean and neat of the best I have seen for this challenge..

By Kalai on Jun 30, 2009

Yet another super rava ladoo post. I can only imagine the sheer torture you were under! I make these for my sister-in-law and the self-restraint is torture! :)