Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

Next time you reach out for that can of pumpkin puree in your market – “STOP”! Why waste money when you can make the real thing in 30-45 minutes at home without any major effort. Its simple and fresh tasting. The taste of your baked goods or any other recipe just becomes so much better by using homemade pumpkin puree.

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Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

I see in many online recipes where they insist that you cut the pumpkin in half and then bake it for 90 minutes or so until tender to make the puree. Or some other go on to describe how you can peel the skin of smaller pumpkins and puree it for the half the time! (Peel the pumpkins! heaven’s no!).

How to make Pumpkin Puree

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My method works very well for me wherein I complete the whole puree making process in less than those 90 minutes insisted by online articles. Instead of just halving the pumpkin, I chopped them down into few more pieces, more like quarters and baked them for about 30 minutes. In my 400F oven, it became melting tender in about 25 minutes! You can use any sized pumpkin – I used a 10 pounder Just wash and clean the outside of the pumpkin and wipe dry with paper towels.

Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

The only effort as far as I am concerned was chopping the Pumpkin into 2. That’s when you get the “muscled” guy by your side watching TV to help you ;) – But then I was able to cut it – so its not that hard!

Once done – scrap all the pumpkin fibers/membranes along with the seeds off. You can of course use the pumpkins seeds and roast them to make some delicious pepitas

Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

Now cut these halves into 2. Take a roasting pan and place the pieces upside down (cut side down) along with 1 cup of water. You can rub little canola oil on the surface of the pumpkins ( although its not necc.)

Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

Bake them in a preheated 400F oven for about 30 minutes or until tender. You can check for tenderness by piercing a fork to the flesh of the pumpkins. It will give in v easily.

Also you will find that the surface of the pumpkins turn deep dark orange.

Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

Cool them for few minutes until you can handle them.

Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

Now scoop out the flesh of the pumpkins. The flesh will come off very easily if baked completely.

Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

You can now either mash it using your hands or spoon , but if you want the consistency of a store bought canned pumpkin then use a processor

Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

to make a smooth puree.

Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

Now pour it down a sieve (or cheesecloth or coffee filter ) placed in a deep bowl

Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

Stir with a spoon until all the liquid is sieved completely

Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

and you get some rich thick Pumpkin Puree.

Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

With this on hand – imagine the number of dishes floating out of your kitchen and all smelling and tasting extra special :)

Easy Recipe to make fresh Pumpkin Puree at home

Carved a Halloween Pumpkin? Why don’t you send it to me? See Details here

I will showcase them as and when you send me an entry here for others to get inspired by your creation.

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81 Responses to “How to Make Pumpkin Puree”
  1. linda

    I grow my own pumpkins, they are called fairytale. It looks like a Cinderella pumpkin. I do my pumpkins in my large pressure cooker, then the cooked flesh goes into my food processor. Easy way to do it, always a lovely orange color. I need new ideas to use up some more.

  2. Thanks Admin – excellent clear instructions and helpful friendly individualized help! Best wishes!

  3. Connie

    Can this puree be canned? water bath method? will this make good pies? I am new at canning.

  4. Connie

    Can this puree be canned? In a water bath method? I am new at canning so will it make for good pies?

  5. Connie

    Can this recipe be canned? If so, can it be a water bath? Will it make for good pumpkin pies? I am new at canning?

  6. Connie

    Is this recipe able to be canned? If so can a water bath method work? Will this puree make good pumpkin pies? I am new at canning.

  7. Connie

    Is this recipe able to be canned? Can the puree be used to make pumpkin pies?

  8. :) I liked how you’ve decribed the method. Definitely going to try this out. By the way, can you cook(in the microwave) and puree the pumpkin instead of baking and still get the same consistency?

    I don’t use Microwave for cooking, hence have no idea personally Dhriti. But I have read that you certainly can – it takes much lesser time to cook. I think there are videos in youtube for it. –DK

  9. Himani

    :lol: I like this recipe and will make it this weekend.

  10. Shana

    I have at least 2 dozen pumpkins that I need to puree. i can’t wait to try this! I have frozen canned pumpkin puree before with good success. I primarily use the pumpkin for baking breads, and can’t tell the difference between the frozen and non-frozen canned puree.

  11. Sandy [a person, not the hurricane]

    Due to hurricane Sandy, we didn’t get to carve our Jack O’Lanterns so I was left with three large pumpkins. Decided to make puree today to freeze for holiday goodies. As it would happen, I’m also babysitting my 8 month old grandson today. When making the puree, it hit me that it looked a lot like baby food. Well . . . he loved it! He’s had a helping of pumpkin puree this afternoon and I know will be ready for pie come Thanksgiving! :wink:

    hahaha. Yes it is indeed like a nice thick baby food. And i had a good laugh at your “name” :) But on a serious note, hope all’s well at your end.–DK

  12. DeAnna Richardson

    I am going to make your puree with the leftover pumpkins from last night; however, I won’t be able to cook anything right now with it. Can I freeze it until a later date, say maybe to make pumpkin break for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

  13. Thak you so much for simplifying this process! it sounded so complicated. i have pull-apart pumpkin bread and pumpkin spiced-lattes on my to-do list and thanks to you, i can proceed with confidence! will def link this page on my blog when i post my recipes. thanks again. Hannah :mrgreen:

  14. Barkelby

    Microwaving does not kill nutrients. It actually may preserve them better than other cooking methods. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/17/health/17real.html?_r=0

  15. Thanks for a great recipe!
    I have a big pumpkin from my garden and didn’t know what o do with it. Now I’m baking to make a home-made puree by your recipe)) :wink:

  16. nancy

    HEY, Just wanted to share something funny. I have a 5 yr old grandson. He was given a pumpkin today and wanted me to cook it for him. So, into the kitchen we went. AFTER, i got the thing cut in half. he looks at me dead pan and says…”i didn’t know you were going to kill it!” :) I lost it. we have it in the oven now, yummm.

  17. Lisa

    So easy! Thanks! I just used a paring knife and peeled the outer skin off the pumpkins once they were cool enough to handle, but still warm. No need to scoop or scrape and there was less waste!

  18. Donna

    I made this and it worked well. To make the puree, I squeezed the cooked pumpkin through my potato ricer and got a nice smooth puree.

  19. Candy

    Yes, how do you store leftover? Can this be frozen?

  20. Sowmya

    Hi DK,

    A much wanted recipe for me as we do not get pumpkin puree in India.. How much puree do you get from a 10 pound pumpkin? Also how to store the left overs?


  21. christine chiasson

    now, the only thing about using the microwave is that it is not good for you to use it; it actually kills the nutrients. check out these pictures/this research: http://www.snopes.com/science/microwave/plants.asp .
    thanks for the recipe though! (the oven one!) i make going to make it after i am done cooking my squash! yahoo

  22. Purvi

    I also pressure cook the pumpkin (although you can only do smaller batches). The oven baked flavor might be different but if you have a smaller squash at hand, pressure cooking works equally well!

  23. Crystal

    In smaller batches it can be steamed in the microwave. i use a large pyrex bowl with 3-4 tablesoons of water in the bottom and cut the pumpkin up into 4″ pieces. Cover with plastic wrap. Cook until tender. Will be different for everyone depending on the thickness of the pumpkin pieces. Let sit an additional 5 minutes in microwave when done to cool. Process in blender with leftover juices until desired consistency. You don’t have to use all the leftover juices. I use this to make my son’s pumpkin puree baby food. He loves it :-P

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