Watermelon Limeade

By DK on Jul 19, 2012
Summer Drink Recipes | Watermelon Juice Recipe
Continuing the story from my Pineapple, Carrot and Ginger Juice, this Watermelon Limeade was another of my go to drinks in place of water.  With the natural sweetness of  Watermelon and teeny tiny bit of unrefined and nutritious honey, this was not only refreshing (thanks also to that mint!) but very satisfactory. I could gulp this down in gallons especially during summer when my body needed more of the life giving elixir - water!
Summer Drink Recipes | Watermelon Juice Recipe
This helped me in so many ways than one. This served as a wonderful detox  along with providing abundant fluids to my system not to talk about the addition of fruits. Did you know about how I hardly ate fruits before? You should check out my Eggless Banana Cupcakes for that story. Can you appreciate how I have arrived leaving  all these frustrating habits behind? Well, I certainly do and that to me is the most important. Self realization, indeed!
Summer Drink Recipes | Watermelon Juice Recipe
This is very similar to Watermelon Aguas Fresca with limes taking over instead of lemons and playing a substantial role. This is a highly customizable recipe as it should be 'cos the flavors depend highly on your taste buds. Adjust the amount of lime juice depending on how much balance you are trying to achieve against the sweetness of watermelon. I have been blessed to enjoy very sweet watermelons and hence have v minimal (if at all) need to add any additional sweeter to it. And I tend to reach out for a more natural source than white sugar. Mint grows abundantly in our miniscule garden that  I put it to optimum use :)

my kitchen notes

Basic Information
Prep Time: Under 15 min
Cook Time: Under 15 min
Serves: 4 people
Yield: Makes around 1 litre
  • 3 lbs (abt 1.4 kgs) Watermelon
  • 3/4 cup Lime juice, or as needed , see Tips
  • Honey to taste
  • few sprigs of Mint
  • Ice Cubes, to serve
1. Lime Juice: The amount can range anywhere from 1/2 to 1 cup depending upon the sweetness of the watermelon and the amount of tang that you prefer. So start with say 1/2 cup and add more if required.
Chop the watermelon into chunks, cutting off skin and removing the seeds.
Summer Drink Recipes | Watermelon Juice Recipe
In batches, puree the  watermelon along with  lime juice
Summer Drink Recipes | Watermelon Juice Recipe
Strain it
Summer Drink Recipes | Watermelon Juice Recipe
Add ice cubes along with the mint in a pitcher.
Summer Drink Recipes | Watermelon Juice Recipe
Pour the juice.
Summer Drink Recipes | Watermelon Juice Recipe
Add in some honey to taste and stir to combine.
Summer Drink Recipes | Watermelon Juice Recipe
Serve chilled with additional sprigs of mint and ice. Summer Drink Recipes | Watermelon Juice Recipe
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8 Responses to “Watermelon Limeade”
  1. ashok misra

    :lol: Today i made the pure juice from a handle operated manual juicer and enjoyed the sweetness, color & few left over fibers. Shall innovate with putting some sweet lime, lime and extract the juice with few mint leaves, add honey and try it as i don’t know how to ginger juice in small quantity. Thanks!

  2. Sissi

    Thanks for the recipe! I didn’t want the pulp that was strained out to go to waste (it is still food after all) so I froze it in an ice cube tray. Hope I end up with sorbet tomorrow :)

  3. Susan

    I make something like this when my kids are sick with a cold – 1 small (personal size) watermelon – cut up, juice of 2 limes, 2-3 cups of frozen strawberries . Put all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. They always get well quickly and they love to drink it :)

    OMG! Sounds perfect. My dude loves all of them and together, even I am willing to brave the cold. Thanks for the tip…I am so making some right now…–DK

  4. Tamara

    Oh, my goodness! The combination of an ever-so-wonderful sweet watermelon and sour lime is something that must be close to nirvana!! I have not made this beverage, but I have made a watermelon-lime ‘salad’..or, maybe it was desert? One thing was certain: it was abslutely delicious! I am certain this beverage is all that and more. I look forward to making it soon! Thank you for such a great combination of flavors!

  5. :) what a coincident just made this drink yday and took pics haven’t posted yet but I love to add ginger too with this taste soooooooooo good by the way u take such beautiful pics.very tempting to see the drink

  6. Cynn

    :mrgreen: I made the Watermelon Lime Aid, sans Honey, with the addition of a handful of Kale (just because) and it was so refreshing and tasty.

  7. looking very tempting and cool juice and lovely pics and its very hot here and i can do with the jug full of juice….ha ha…. :wink:

  8. I can’t think of a better way to try and use up the rest of the watermelon in the fridge and limes on the counter. Your timing is impeccable, thank you!

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